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  1. I figured as much. I mean having a strength bonus of 40 is a little excessive for any creature, but I suppose that's what cyclone missiles and nukes are for eh? Cheers
  2. If you're not sure on the threat v's acolyte ability then do some homework by rolling yourself before the game begins. Just strait out rolls. Easy. If there is a psyker in the party then my tip is to make 'Seal Wounds' a priority.
  3. So, does a creature with the unnatural strength trait quadrupal that ability? All comments would be appreciated
  4. Hi peoples of Terra I'm curious as to how many psyker powers may be used in a combat round? I cannot recall if I have seen it or not. HELP!
  5. Hello 'Mankind'! 1st post ':)' I have been gaming for over 25 years & looked forward to a 40K roleplay with substance. Well, I'm impressed! I like the 1 liners at the bottom of some of the pages and the presentation - colours/graphics/40K hardcore! - of the FFG books is outstanding. I'm just a little curious how others out there feel about the effort put forward by FFG? I am not affiliated in any way to that mob, in fact, I'd be furthest away from them when it comes down to it! I am very happy with their delivery of material - including the links they've supplied! - for this most awesome of environments. I abhore miniatures & tactical squad based games, prefering the instillation of terror via roleplaying & up close & personal investigation/combat. cheers!
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