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  1. Hey y'all, We just hit 150 downloads on the first two episodes of the game. THANK YOU. We had no idea that folks would get so excited about this. I know 150 may seem like a small number, but as a bunch of streamers just learning the podcast thing we had very low expectations for little podcasting experiment, and every success is worth celebrating. Episodes 3 and 4 are in the can, featuring improved sound quality, drastically decreased background noise and a full soundtrack. We're also in the process of setting up a website for the game to more easily access the episodes without having to flip through our whole library while also setting up on stitcher to give more options to mobile users. Again, much love ❤️ Throck
  2. Hey y'all! I'm Throck! I run a 5e actual play podcast of L5R, our first two episodes are now live and I hope you'll check them out! I've been playing L5R since '97 and am super hyped about the new version we've got. The hope is to run through the beginners box, then the follow up adventure and then through a number of my favorite modules over the years. So join us, if you will, for the tale of 4 young samurai navigating the daily, and deadly, struggles of a life in Rokugan. Ep 1: Itunes Google Podbean Ep 2: iTunes (may take some time to filter in as it was just published) Google Podbean
  3. I'm going to be redoing my other Neb B as a medical frigate (mostly all white/light grey) and re-do the Correllians a bit. I just really don't like the way the Nebs look out of the box so I decided to get creative, though it's inspired off of a Star Wars comic pic I found through google images, so its not HUGELY deviant, just a little deviant. Just like me. For the medical frigate I'm trying to figure out if I want to sacrifice an X-Wing or two to put on the bottom docked to it. And yeah, I saw your tutorial! It's what made me think about the re-repaint as they look great!
  4. RIGHT!? It's team Howlrunner. But after looking at some more Tie Fighter pics I'm thinking about repainting the lot of them much lighter. I think it only took about 2 hours for all 12 stands.
  5. Funny to see you here Steve! ~Throck
  6. Seeing that tie makes me want to go re-repaint my Ties! They're really much brighter colored than I remember and the wing livery looks ace.
  7. And my first Neb B, a darker take on the Rebellion
  8. Xwings, the red "beaks" are to help identify the hero squadron.
  9. I never really got around to doing it for Xwing but I figured the scale here really lends itself to some awesome repaints. Here's my first three sets. Tie fighters (12 in all, 3 shown here)
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