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  1. Added. Thanks, Ineti! And it looks like WEG did a Corporate Sector supplement. Should that be added, too?
  2. Okay, that's two votes for Dark Times. However, based on the product description, it doesn't feel like a good fit for what I was hoping this list would be. If it almost fits, or kinda fits, it should go on a more comprehensive list. Right now, I'm looking for stuff that is solidly EotE wheelhouse. Having said that, I have not read it, and will have to defer to those of you that have. Would it be a better fit for a similar list for one of the upcoming games? Or does it need to be on this one? Jegergryte and HappyDaze, thanks!
  3. Thanks, jegergryte, I.J. and bsmith23. This is coming along very well, I think.
  4. Yes, I was trying to keep this within the scope of Edge of the Empire. That does up the number of difficulty dice, I know.
  5. The game designer of a classic RPG included in its end material a list of recommended reading for potential referees. That list became, and remains, a favorite feature of that game. I think it would be interesting to assemble something similar here. Not a comprehensive list of all Star Wars IP, but a representative listing for those like myself who have only been exposed to the six feature films and the occasional video game. I would think this representative list would focus only on products that elucidate events, topics and themes addressed in Edge of the Empire; and would also include the best EotE pertinent sourcebooks and adventures from previous incarnations of the Star Wars RPG. Would anyone care to argue about make some recommendations for such a list? I can collate responses here in this entry. Novels/Collections/Anthologies Shadow Games (Michael Reaves/Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff - recommended by Jegergryte Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina - recommended by Jegergryte Tales from Jabba's Palace - recommended by Jegergryte Tales of the Bounty Hunters - recommended by Jegergryte The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy (K.W. Jeter) - recommended by Jegergryte Scoundrels (Timothy Zahn) - recommended by bsmith23 Han Solo trilogy (Brian Daley) - recommended by Ineti Han Solo trilogy (A.C. Crispin) - recommended by Mr0ver1ook Lando Calrissian trilogy (L. Neil Smith) - recommended by Ineti Graphic Novels/Comics The Bounty Hunters - recommended by Jegregryte Star Wars Tales (selected) - recommended by Jegregyte Television Video Games Other RPG Books/Adventures "A Much Larger Galaxy..." (WotC) converted to EotE by Donovan Morningfire "Tatooine Manhunt" (WEG) - recommended by Callidon "Riders of the Maelstrom" (WEG) - recommended by Callidon "Scavenger Hunt" (WEG) - recommended by Callidon "Murder in the Undercity" (WEG) - recommended by Callidon "No Disintegrations" (WEG) - recommended by Hishgraphics "Heavy Lifting" from Instant Adventures (WEG) - recommended by Doctor What "Family Problems" from Instant Adventures (WEG) - recommended by Doctor What "Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters (WEG) - recommended by Hishgraphics "Platt's Starport Guide" (WEG) - recommended by I.J. Thompson "Platt's Smugglers Guide" (WEG) - guess by Ebon Meerkat "Scum and Villainy" (WotC) - rcommended by Jegergryte "GG 8: Scouts" (WEG) - recommended by Jegergryte "GG 9: Fragments from the Rim" (WEG) - recommended by Jegergryte "GG 10: Bounty Hunters" (WEG) - recommended by Jegergryte "GG 11: Criminal Organizations" (WEG) - recommended by Jegergryte "Wretched Hives of Scum and Villainy" (WEG) - recommended by strongarm85 "Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook" - recommended by Ineti Other Books "Millenium Falcon Owner's Workshop" (Haynes) - recommended by HappyDaze EotE Inspiration from Outside the Star Wars Expanded Universe Sons of Anarchy (TV) - recommended by ErikB Dukes of Hazzard (TV) - recommended by ErikB Heat (film) - recommended by ErikB Kane and Lynch franchise (videogame) - recommended by ErikB Firefly (TV) Thunder Road (film) - recommended by Ebon Meerkat Breaking Bad (TV) - recommended by Ineti Black Lagoon (anime/manga) - recommended by Mr0ver1ook
  6. The very first thing that came to mind when I was setting up the play area for my eager....ummm...reluctant nieces and nephews is that I am going to lose pieces -- action cards, dice, career cards, talent cards, bases, stance indicators, progress bar pieces, stress tokens.... I am organizationally challenged. I am the guy who, at the next gaming session, people say, "Dude, is this one of your dice?" And it always is. "Hey, is this your mini?" Again, it always is. Or I make a sheepish phone call, "Did I leave my laptop charger at the store?" "Yes, and your player's handbook. Oh, and your character sheet was under the pizza box." Keeping up with the pieces is going to be a nightmare for me. That was my very first major observation. I ziplocked all the different decks and pieces, but God, my family, and my friends know that one day I'm going to be searching, in vain, for the Roadwarden talent card. I'm sure it's wherever my missing Scrabble tiles are. Second impression. Once you get the dice mechanic to the point where you can figure it out pretty quickly, we had a lot of fun with it. One player even began to do some probability analysis on conservative vs. reckless dice. We cheered for the comet and booed for the Chaos star. The dice are cool. Until I lose them. Third. The stance track is cool. Experienced, and I mean us old guys by that, really were impressed with that when they realized that NPC's could manipulate it against your will. Fourth. The "party decides when they go" initiative system caused awkward silences and slowed down game play. I would house rule this to a more traditional system where you go on the initiative you generated. One (experienced) player made the comment that it was an attempted reinvention of the wheel. Fifth. The pieces and parts (that I'm going to lose) are gorgeous. Everyone commented on the artwork. Sixth. Whew. It took a LONG time for me to set up. I felt like I was setting up Arkham Horror. Clean up was a little quicker because the players helped. Seventh. Price point. Everybody flinched. Nobody signed the preorder sheet. Eighth. The abstract range increments and lack of battle mat got appreciation in the form of head nods and short comments like, "nice." Ninth. The hard core WFRP 2e players said. "That was fun. But I wish they had called it. Warhammer Fantasy Adventures, because it doesn't seem like a successor/upgrade to 2e. They have effectively started their own edition wars by calling it 3e." Summary: Would the even participants play it? Yes, if they didn't have to pay for it.
  7. When a character commits to a story, does he or she remain committed until the story is resolved? Or can you pull them back when you refresh and commit to another story next time?
  8. I enjoyed the game, and I'm definitely doing the league. Well run event. The store owner even put the instructional videos up on his large screen.
  9. Bring it on. I would love to have you guys. I am taking submissions through Thursday night.
  10. "Oh, gawr, sir, it was AWFUL. They just kept on comin' at us. They had no armor, no weapons. We was mowin' 'em down as fast as they came through the door. Women and children, some of them. And they was smilin'! Every one had a grin on their emperor forsaken faces like they knew somethin' we didn't. But the worst was...I'm gonna be sick...their eyes. Oh, for all that is good and holy, their eyes! THEIR EYES!" Inquisitor Ictus, Ordo Heriticus, calls would-be acolytes to apply for a mission that will test their mettle AND their sanity. A plague of depravity and darkness spreads its inky black buboes across the Calixis sector. Everywhere they burst, an issue of mutants and madmen spews forth, overwhelming the forces of the Empire. The latest torrent was released on the backwater planet, Illwind VIII. Your new destination. Accepting four to six players. Character concepts/backgrounds only, at this point. More information in the game threads at rpol.net. Dark Heresy: The Brass Throne Rises!
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