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  1. i loved the game. though it could have used 2 sets... the "everyone is the same" set and the "min-max" set because i find it silly every character has a special move to make it differ from others... but makes it identical statswise. i guess its more of a reminder than anything else. if you guys ever finds a link to a tested and balanced homemade pack of values, i'd love to try them.
  2. assuming i have the whole collection of expantions from the 1st ed... what's new in the 2nd ed worth buying it? i mean... i have bought like 6 quite pricey boxes and they get a new one out that's incompatible with all my stuff... is it fun? is it fixed?
  3. seems nice with figurines from descent and the other related games... which games is it reminiscent of? what game have similar mechanics? what game is superior in this or that rules? thanks
  4. the game's fun, the mechanics are enjoyable, the figurines are... tinier than tiny (sometime i confuse the chaos minions and the chaos cultists). i HATE the plastic little bowl shaped fortresses... i mean... if you don't make them big enough to contain all the units we have to put in, AT LEAST MAKE THEM FLAT lol am i just misinformed .... i never quite figured out how we're supposed to bring back imperial infantry/tanks/titans back from the dead but i'm pretty sure i've read somewhere in the rules they can come back... all in all, very enjoyable game, but material in general should've been made a tad bigger and/or sturdier for the silly little plastic cups
  5. thanks, the game (tho both parties failed) seemed slightly less one sided
  6. if the game group is less than 5 , should the investigator control more than 1 investigator? i tried with my girlfriend 1 V 1 and it seems pretty darn impossible to win for the investigator
  7. judob0y


    oooh, that makes an awful lot of sense, now. Arigato
  8. Oy! forgot to mention Horus Heresy too, should i get that one?
  9. I really loved Starcraft Board game and Dust Tactics, and i was looking for something a little different, so i started looking around and warhammer boardgames caught my eyes. Was wondering how the feel of this game compared to other i know of. Also, would you recommend this one or SpaceHulk first? Thanks
  10. judob0y


    Err... there's probably something i'm missing. Aren't the walkers like... 4 points? How can you play a 250-ish points game? there must be like soldiers all over the place o.O
  11. Whats the big difference between range 1 and range C ?
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