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  1. tr0llman said: Do revealed cylon players play their skill cards face up in a vote where investigative commitee? Yes.
  2. pg. 7 of the Pegasus rules: Destroying Civilian Ships When a player is instructed to “draw a civilian ship to destroy” (such as by Helena Cain’s Blind Jump ability or by the “Misjump” Destination Card), draw a random civilian ship token from the tokens not currently on the board and destroy it. If all remaining civilian ships are currently on the board, the current player may choose any civilian ship on the board to destroy.
  3. Orctavius said: If Cylons are immune to the negative effects of crisis cards, are the affected by in ways that would be negitive for humans, but positive for Cylons such as cards that would put Treachery cards into people's hands? Are players currently in the brig sent to detention or to their racial headquarters? Is Cain's power to exicute people by skill challanges passed by 10 to put someone in the brig affected by skill check modifyer''s such as Tigh's power? Cylons can pretty much pick and choose which effects on a Crisis apply to them. So whatever the Cylon player thinks is a "positive" happens to him. You mean when you first get to New Caprica? You go to either Resistance Headquarters or Occupation Authority irregardless of being in the Brig. She doesn't affect the actual dificulty number, just adds an extra pass effect basically. So things like Tigh or Declare Emergency don't affect this, you always have to actually get 10+ to get Cain's effect.
  4. Daver said: Yeah, we definitely won't be playing 7-8 player games for a while... 5 is optimal Except for Pegasus games with a Cylon Leader where 4 or 6 is best. Oh my
  5. Zack said: But things likely aren't going wrong at that point. An admiral trying to pull off this move would be helping the humans the whole way through. You have no reason to execute them, aside from metagame requirements, which is a disappointing departure from the base game. This is Battlesatar Galactica. By default, nothing is going right. When you reach New Caprica you are being crushed under the boot heel of the Cylons and just struggling to survive. It makes sense people would be demanding blood.
  6. TomH said: There's a lot of talk in this thread about metagaming and optimal plays - whatever happened to playing boardgames for some rip-roaring fun ? Why can't strategizing and playing the metagame be fun?
  7. Sinis said: I mean, imagine a situation in which you are sailing on a ship, and one person aboard is planning on running it against a reef. The solution? Clearly to kill the captain, and then appoint the next person who shows up from somewhere to be the captain. That way, everyone will be safe. I guess I just find that a bit weird. Well, everything is going wrong and no one knows who else to blame. Therefore you blame it on whoever was leading this doomed expedition and mutiny.
  8. Sinis said: Turric4n said: this really is not a awfull problem, its a viable strategy a cylon can use to win. in fact the first time we played pegasus and i was admiral (cain) i tried this. however the timing was not good (my turn brought galactica back, 5 player game) and they saved to many civilian ships. executive orders can help here a lot. as i said, its not a problem with game mechanics. its a problem of your view of an unfair or lame move. I don't really have a problem with it being a tactical move or it being 'lame' or 'unfair'. The problem I have with it is that it makes for a silly game. I mean, if you're in a four player game, and the admiral is a cylon, and he simply 'plays as human' the whole game, the end of the game basically comes to a coin flip: either the admiral's turn comes up at the right time for the cylons, or it comes up late enough that enough *random* ships have launched to spare the humans defeat. The cylon admiral has an incentive to lay as low as possible if winning the game is their top priority (which there is nothing wrong with). Doesn't that sound like a lousy game? I would rather the game be more interesting. I want to stress that I do not think it's 'unfair' or 'lame', it is a usable strategic option. I just think that usable strategic option significantly damages the fun factor of the game. I don't really think it is that much of a coin flip situation. If you put off executing the Admiral till the last possible second, then yah it's going to come down to turn rotation. If you more agressively hunt down Cylons before New Caprica and before Galactica returns, then it is a non-issue. As I said before, most of the time it is to the benefit of Cylons to reveal before New Caprica, so if you get there and you still don't know who is a Cylon, you're going to execute the Admiral pretty quick. This pretty much makes the strategy of waiting till the final jump if you are a Cylon Admiral a waste of time, so Cylon Admirals are probably not going to try this strategy more than once or twice in any playgroup and instead reveal earlier. And all of this assumes that you get a Cylon + Admiral combination. It's more likely you are going to have a human Admiral than a Cylon one in any given game.
  9. My read on this, is that the following will happen if you let the metagame play itself out: Cylons will discover that unless they are Admiral, letting the game get to New Caprica will often mean a win for the humans, and if you don't reveal before New Caprica your options for hurting the humans will be very limited (and their reveal ability will often be negated). So Cylons will usually start revealing before New Caprica. Since Cylons almost always reveal before New Caprica, the humans will excute the Admiral by default if not all Cylons have revealed themselves yet. Since Cylon Admirals will know that they are likely to be executed before they get a chance to kill the humans with the final jump, they will start looking for more efficient ways to kill the humans well before New Caprica (like picking all 1s for Destination). The humans will likely notice an Admiral who is more blatantly sabatoging things early in the game and will execute him, but the damage will already have been done by that point. As such, you will almost always have all the Cylons revealed by New Caprica one way or another, and having to execute the Admiral "just to be sure" will happen only every now and then.
  10. I'm waiting for someone to do a 15 player (or even 17 player!) game. I think it will be hilarious because there will probably be a few players who only get one or even no turns. I'm playing a 10 player PBF game on BGG and so far I have only taken 2 turns and Galactica is already at distance 6 and about to jump. I think I will probably only have taken 3 turns by the end of the game. Huge BSG games are a great example of the "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" principle.
  11. Kingmaker said: Oops, an additional question. The hotshot ability that allows you to use the strength of a card in lew of a dice roll. Can you use this in combination with strategic planning or calculation? Per the latest FAQ: no you can not. Since Kat is not actually rolling a die, it is not considered a die roll.
  12. Kingmaker said: I'm curious how New Crapica crisises act in regards to cylon fleet activation. Basically I'm wondering if there are any NC crisis that put ships in a position to attack the Galactica, as when I played last time it seemed there wasn't and essentially the fleet gets a free ride once it's off the ground. I may have missed something. We also made an error and didn't realize that an infiltrating leader would still be infiltrating on Galactica. There are no New Caprica Crisis cards which will add ships so no extra ships will be added after Galactica returns that way. However, did you remember to set up the starting Cylon ships for when Galactica returns? (Like on pg. 17) There are a handfull of ways for extra Cylon ships to get on the board. First ships can get launched from the basestars. Also, if a Cylon had been hoarding a Super Crisis with a Cylon Attack, they could make it on the board that way. Finally Cavil can use Primacy to get extra ships on the board.
  13. Trump said: It's like the frakkin' players who would redline a dial on purpose to affect the sympathizer. Just so I don't come across as too much of a screaming jerk here: I actually don't even think this strategy is as great as people think. Usually by the time you hit the Sleeper Phase at least one dial will be in the red on its own without you helping it along. If you push too hard for a red dial then you're probably just doing the Cylon's work for him. However, if you are having to choose between something like discarding cards or losing food with a Food Shortage, then trying to fix which side the Sympathizer will be on is probably something worth considering. Purposefully tanking check after check from turn one just to have one less Cylon on the other hand seems like a recipe for disaster. So I am not 100% in love with the strategy and do not think it is as effective as people think. However, I've played with multiple groups of people who had played this game without me introducing them to it first, and all of them independently had decided to use the Sympathizer Strategy in games with a Sympathizer. If you avoid "those" kind of players, then you are probably going to have to avoid about 99% of people who play this game. I also think that the weird blowing up your ships strategy is probably not going to prove to be as game breaking as people think after many plays. But anyway, my reason for calling you a jerk in my first post: People who play games, play games for many different reasons. You apparently enjoy the game for it's thematic elements, but don't care as much about trying to find interesting ways to "beat the game" especially if they seem unthematic. Fine, that's cool, you don't have to personally push for that strategy in games you play. Other players however may actually get enjoyment out of trying interesting strategies or trying to find the most "effective" way to play, that is cool too. However to shun people because they enjoy gaming for slightly different reasons than you pretty much is what makes you a jerk. Personally I have met both kinds of gamers and I have no real problem with either playstyle. However, when people start acting like their playstyle is "superior" then I say they have really lost sight of why they are involved in this hobby. The purpose of gaming is to play games. If you feel it is your duty to dictate to people what are the "pure" motivations for wanting to play a game, then the gaming hobby would probably be better off without you.
  14. That seems like just about everything went wrong for you at once. But yah, that is the way it would seem to work unless there is an errata released that says otherwise. But as the poster above said, Zarek can make getting out of Detention much easier if he uses Friends in Low Places.
  15. Daver said: Just got my Pegasus, so I got a lot of questions... - What happens on NC when we execute a REVEALED Cylon? He loses all skill cards and then resets on Occupation Authority? That's all? Yes. Death is mostly an annoyance to the Cylon. Yes. Yes. He would also stop Infiltrating and be unable to start infiltrating again till Galactica returns. No. As per pg 14 of the Pegasus rules, he would go straight to the Ressurection Ship. This seems to be an exception to what you would see other times in the rules about where players go. Most of the time determining whether you go to Brig/Sickbay or Detention/Medical Center seems to be based solely on whether or not you are on New Caprica, not whether Galactica is back. As of now? No. I have not seen it actually used in a game yet, but it sounds dificult to set up, prone to backfiring, and probably does not always give as great an advantage as people think. Time will tell.
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