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  1. I like this idea! I think I will change my request : Is it possible to have some kind of text or indicator on the cards that are linked, so that players know that they are linked without having to memorize it beforehand? Maybe use aurebesh signs or some phrase such as "Linked with..." A bit of downside to this is that players then have to look through the "reserve" card pile to get the complete information, but it is probably better than the alternative (to squeeze too much info on a single card). It also solves the issue with having shield, force and charge tokens and damage cards from two ships on the same card.
  2. Astonishing work! Maybe too much to ask for, but is it possible for you to add an option to include the x2 ship builds on the same card? I would like to use these cards as a drafting variant.
  3. Fixed! You seem to be familiar with the code. Want to help out with some backlog items?
  4. Thanks x 2! It's fixed now (not so hard squashing bugs when the recipe is provided as well )
  5. OK, I have also tried it on cards from old versions but it works for me (I seem to say that a lot ). If you have an old card still, would you mind upload it somewhere so I can take a look on it and see why it did not work?
  6. Thanks! What do you mean by "they won't just port over"? What error do you get? It should be backwards compatible, otherwise I made a mistake.
  7. Sorry to hear it! I am almost certain you have some old leftover font on your computer somewhere, otherwise how can it know which glyphs are old and which are new? Maybe see if you find something on the internet regarding duplicate fonts or using software to find the rogue font (like fontDoctor). I had a simular issue when developing the first edition plug-in on Linux. Never found a solution though -- I know too little about font registration etc. I will try to involve the strange eons dev comunity and see if they know how to make two versions of the same font coexist. It won't solve your problem though. Thanks! Yes I noticed that too. They are now added to the backlog. I guess we can get a head start implementing these before the actual release. They are both suitable for first time contributions, if anyone wants to give it a try! Not started yet on Upgrade cards unfortunately, though I expect it to take considerably less time then Pilot cards.
  8. https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing2/blob/master/Xwing2.seext?raw=true New version with the option to display upgrade bar and point cost directly on the pilot card. I had to remove the lower "panel" to make room without complicating things too much. I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Yeah, that sounds strange. I don't get this behavior on my machine. If you just click "open plug-in folder" without selecting anything first. Do you see the Xwing2.seext file there?
  10. Thanks! Fixed auzituck issue. Yes I have thought about custom action icons. It in the backlog already (https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing2/projects/1?fullscreen=true), but it will take a good while before I will start implementing this. Any one interested can give it a go, though. Thanks! Points and upgrade slots is also an item in the backlog. See above.
  11. I'm sorry, I'm out of ideas. I am certain some old registry in windows or strange eons is already loaded with an old x-wing font. I don't know where or why though.
  12. It is not my highest priority for now, since I want to do dials and upgrade cards first. But, it is open source on github so anyone can contribute, and full art should be quite straightforward. I can give guidance to anyone who is interested implementing it.
  13. Yes, the old x-wing plug-in is interfering! It is confirmed. I will try to release a patch for the old plug-in that has renamed fonts so that both versions can coexist. Workaround until this fix is made: uninstall old x-wing plug-in.
  14. Do you run on Windows? Is any version of the X-wing font installed on your computer? If so, it might interfere with the font in strange eons. Test to remove the font from your system, or install the latest version. A computer restart might also be needed. Another possibility is that the old x-wing 1st edition plug-in is interfering. Maybe the font is only register once since they have the same name etc. I will investigate some more. Please share your findings as well, even if they are negative.
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