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  1. Well, as stated in the rule pdf you first sell your old ship full refund. Pay 5 pts + ship cost of the other ship. So if you change to a ship listed as the same cost as your current you will only be paying 5 pts for the switch. As to why you would want to switch to another ship, I guess it is a matter of taste really.
  2. No unfortunately, I have not had time or energy to do anything of the sort lately. Hopefully I can find time to do something soon. Thank you so much for the feedback! I will make adjustments to the missions you mentioned. I will consider using your suggestion.
  3. Thanks! Yes exactly, use the official point list pdf.
  4. New version out now: https://github.com/Hinny/HotAC-2nd-edition/releases/tag/v0.3 Mainly polish and much needed proofreading. Massive thanks to Timothy Walsh for a great job proofreading!
  5. Yes! Typos and mission feedback is most welcome! I have already prepared some play-test questions and created a google form (link) . I think that is easiest, otherwise feel free to drop a line here or anywhere else. Getting help with the defender and/or phantom automation/imperial pilot cards etc. would be absolutely stellar. Time is short and there is a lot of work ahead, so getting help would be great. Just tell me what you are working on so I don't work on the same. For this first draft I used google's set of office tools (mainly Google Drawings). Here is a link to some templates (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pyc3MTssrGIFHM9TsN5qpUHTtgXd4Mnp). Try and clone them and start playing around. Tell me if it is working or not and if you need additional input. For the Rebel ship cards I used my plug-in for Strange Eons (https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing2). Tell me if you need help setting it up. In the future I want to create Strange Eons support for the other cards as well to get better quality graphic designs and to make it easier to work with as well. An additional bonus is that Strange Eons files can be saved and version controlled in the github repo for easier version history etc.
  6. I don't know who started it but Josh was part of it. In FB I only see real names so I don't know if @Biff was part of it. I first vented this idea there and got some feedback etc. I hope I have not stepped on anyone's toes. If so I am really sorry. Anyway, I hope that the work is evaluated by its content and not by who has worked on it. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  7. I agree that every one can and should do as they like, but there is also merit to standardize things (that may prove too difficult though) so that add-ons etc from different creators can be used together with minimal effort. At least, that was my idea.
  8. Depends on what you mean I am part of two fb groups dealing with HotAC. One group was created a year ago with the ambition of converting HotAC to 2nd ed. But that one lost steering half a year ago. That made me start this journey as i felt the circulating playtest documents were not leading anywhere, just a bunch of unconnected dots in my opinion. This is a complete retake on HotAC with the design goals of streamlining using as much of existing X-wing Second Edition rules and concepts as possible (like wing formations from epic battles, instead of the old formation rules etc.). I wanted to touch on every parts so that every piece fits together without any extra work from the users/players. I guess others have to decide if I am competing with their work. The ambition is to have a solid foundation for the next phase, in which expansion creators and modders create new mission story arcs, new enemy ships more detailed automations, new etc.
  9. Yes they got some extra love. They get the same pivoting guns as the RZ-2 (more time on target and Tactical retreats etc.). They also start with extra talent (in addition to mod and missiles). Hopefully this in combination with the number of charges on missiles will make the a-wing sting a little more.
  10. I have converted Heroes of the Aturi Cluster to X-wing Second Edition. Please take a look here and tell me what you think: https://github.com/Hinny/HotAC-2nd-edition
  11. Wasn't there supposed to be a epic tournament side event during X-wing worlds? Any coverage or info regarding this?
  12. I like this idea! I think I will change my request : Is it possible to have some kind of text or indicator on the cards that are linked, so that players know that they are linked without having to memorize it beforehand? Maybe use aurebesh signs or some phrase such as "Linked with..." A bit of downside to this is that players then have to look through the "reserve" card pile to get the complete information, but it is probably better than the alternative (to squeeze too much info on a single card). It also solves the issue with having shield, force and charge tokens and damage cards from two ships on the same card.
  13. Astonishing work! Maybe too much to ask for, but is it possible for you to add an option to include the x2 ship builds on the same card? I would like to use these cards as a drafting variant.
  14. Fixed! You seem to be familiar with the code. Want to help out with some backlog items?
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