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  1. T-47 scale

    Why would the snowspeeder be "a bit out of scale" or "a touch out of scale" when FFG could make them precisely in scale? It would be extremely stupid of FFG to make them 95% in scale with the troopers or similar -- its not that much plastic and we are a bunch of really easily offended nerds here so it would be suicidal of them to mess with the scales if they really doesn't need to (AT-AT?). So give FFG the benefit of the doubt and assume it is precisely in scale.
  2. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Sorry, no unfortunately not. You can see here what I am working on and the order of the backlog: https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing-plug-in/projects/1 I asked armoredgear7 about permission to do something like this and he said it was OK. He will not give me access to the original templates so this is going to be a big effort for me creating all the necessary graphics for this only using the published pdfs. If anyone would like to help out with creating blank images of all the cards, I can get this done much faster than I otherwise can (and I promise to move it up in the backlog as well...).
  3. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Yes, it is in my backlog already.
  4. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    A new version available here https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing-plug-in/blob/master/X-wing.seext I have added support for wave 10 and 11 ships (except wave 11 ship icons).
  5. [new] Odanan's Custom cards

    These are awesome! I know you haven't asked for feedback, but since this is a forum I will give it to you anyway Some minor things that came to mind while reading this stuff: In my opinion, the ps 2 A-wing should not have an elite slot. Test pilot title will give it one anyway for free. Also, it feels kind of wrong with a ps 0 pilot. Better to choose ps 2 and ps 5 (20 points) or something like that Ahsoka Tano already have an pilot ability (TIE Fighter). It would be more fitting if you use this ability for the A-wing also instead.
  6. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    I would suggest you ask Chris (the author of strange eons) about this (http://cgjennings.ca/eons/). I am just the author of the x-wing plug-in and I have no knowledge about this issue.
  7. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Thanks! Yeah, this is intentional to keep the tool simple and to force you to adhere to the official (and unwritten) design choices. Although I understand the standpoint of wanting to be able to change everything it was not the intent with this tool. You have photo-shop for that. I will probably not change this. I would suggest you to create a title card to add rules text to your generic pilots. I don't understand your problem. What is not working?
  8. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Yes, this will be added when wave 10 support is added (whenever I have time for that).
  9. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Thanks! I have some ideas in the pip-line for custom upgrade icons. It would basically be a way to convert a black-and-white symbol to a proper upgrade icon and to the 3D-feel gold symbols found in the back of upgrade cards in one go. I know the steps necessary in the open source image manipulation program GIMP to make this look great, but I haven't yet had the time to learn how to automate the process in javascript. Regarding custom pilot card backsides, see this post.
  10. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    I am very interested in your help! It will most certainly speed up development of this plug-in. For me, it is the graphics that takes the longest time. And don't worry about the plug-in, I'll take care of that (unless you would like to learn, of course, in which case I'll try to teach you).
  11. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Thanks for the praise! There might be support for creating custom factions somewhere long down the road (I actually have in in my backlog). Unfortunately don't expect to see this feature next year. However it is possible to add new factions if you know basic programming and have the necessary blank template images. Another option is to supply me with blank templates and I can create a customised version just for your need. If the templates is of high enough quality and if others are interested I might even add your faction in the "official" version (with your permission of course).
  12. TIE Striker preview is up

    You are maybe not the first one to come up with this idea on this forum... (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/233491-ept-ida-concente-all-firepower/#entry2479620)
  13. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Dual upgrade cards functionality added:X-wing.seext Where do you put this file? I have it in the main Strange Eons folder and it appears to do nothing there. .install4j bin Extended Art Upgrade Templates jre The only other plugin I can find is the library in the Bin folder. I'll give that a try. Nope, that didn't work. I saw there is a plugin tab in the preferences, but that was no help. While you have strange eons installed, just double click the seext file and it will unpack itself in the appropriate way. That's what I have been doing, at least.
  14. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Great work! Thank you for your contribution Mattes! I have merged it to master now.
  15. X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Dual upgrade cards functionality added: X-wing.seext