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  1. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Working on the pilot cards and ship templates currently. Dials not started.
  2. How are medium (and large) ships aligning the 1 straight when performing barrel rolls from decloaking? Long edge or narrow edge? I assume it's with the long edge (see "barrel roll" in the rules reference ), but I have a feeling the devs intended that you should use the narrow edge (since small ships use the 2 template instead).
  3. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Oh that would be wonderful! I'll pm you. No worries, the second edition plug-in is a completely separate plug-in so they will live happily side by side. It is not first prio, but I plan to add ways to integrate card points and upgrade bar into the cards. You could always use the ability text fields for that in the mean time (that is, when I'm done with the first version).
  4. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    OK, fixed now (both 3 reverse right bank bug and scrolling issue). Thanks for reporting! Use the above link to download new version
  5. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    OK, I finally updated everything for first edition plug-in. Support for wave 14 and reverse maneuvers... x-wing.seext
  6. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Ok I will look into it. Maybe the file was not built properly. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Looks like we missed to update the changelog. Support for wave 12 and 13 should be there regardless.
  8. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Thanks a lot! Sorry say, I cannot commit to any date. Some weeks I get a ton done -- others almost nothing. Though the encouragement gets me more motivated for sure! I have a patreon (/hinny) but I would not ask anything for making this project as I don't own any rights at all. You probably don't have the latest version then. Kalhamaar added wave 12 and 13 a while ago. Latest version is found here: https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing-plug-in/blob/master/X-wing.seext?raw=true Nice to hear that you want to help out. It is much appreciated! Please have a look here first on how to contribute: https://github.com/Hinny/strange-eons-xwing-plug-in/wiki/Helping-out-with-the-X‐wing-Plug‐in. If you still have questions please pm me.
  9. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    I have started working on a second edition plug-in. It's a lot to do and I don't have super much spare time but it is mostly devoted to this now. My interest for x-wing has rekindled with second edition Yeah, there are some things I wont be able to do before the release, but there is a lot of things I can do before so I am not in need of any scans as of now. Thanks for the mental support though! I know reverse maneuvers are missing and wave 14. Is there anything else? I don't have the motivation to do any more first edition work, but if it is only those I believe almost anyone can do it. Visit the github page and start contribute It is mostly scans of the backsides of the pilot cards I am missing right now, but thanks a lot for sharing this.
  10. Hinnyboy

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    By doubling the hull points and toning down or capping the shield regen I think the huge ships will feel more like huge ships. It bothered me that you essentially had to commit all ships to bring down a huge ship in a single round, otherwise it would just regen back to full shields again the next turn. To me if feels much more thematic that huge ships slowly get more and more damaged during the course of the battle (losing one system or capability after the other) instead of being a much more an on/off state as the current implementation (exaggerating a bit here for emphasis...) One of the design philosophies of X-wing 2ed seams to be that the game progresses towards the end state and infinite regen and impenetrable defences is of the past. I hope this philosophy is carried over to epic play as well.
  11. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    The upgrades now have alternative art feature, developed by kalhamaar at github. There is a branch for pilot card alt arts that contains some changes but it has not been worked on for a while. I am not actively developing this plug-in at the moment (spare time goes to other projects) but I can see what I can do next week, I think I can devote some time then. There are some information if you hover your mouse over the information diamonds below the text field (see red "circles" in the figure below)
  12. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    I replied your PM now
  13. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Hi sf1raptor, Sorry I have missed to add this It is added to the top of the backlog. Can't say when this will be added though since time is a bit of a concern for me right now.
  14. Hinnyboy

    X-wing plug-in for Strange Eons

    Hi all, Sorry for the lack of updates. I have not updated the plug-in much for a while but it is available on github (LINK) and there have been contributions from other members. This includes support for new waves and Conditions cards. Check out the Wiki (LINK) for details on how to download the plug-in etc. And if you feel up for it, you can even start to contribute yourself.
  15. Hinnyboy

    T-47 scale

    Why would the snowspeeder be "a bit out of scale" or "a touch out of scale" when FFG could make them precisely in scale? It would be extremely stupid of FFG to make them 95% in scale with the troopers or similar -- its not that much plastic and we are a bunch of really easily offended nerds here so it would be suicidal of them to mess with the scales if they really doesn't need to (AT-AT?). So give FFG the benefit of the doubt and assume it is precisely in scale.