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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. That allays my concerns. We meet weekly, but nobody's a power gamer, so I expect they'll spread their points.
  2. Good to know, thanks! Actually, the systems I prefer tend to go for skill-by-skill increases, much like Genesys. They just have more room to advance each skill. They usually don't have talents in the same fashion, so since I haven't seen complaints about PCs topping out as a problem, I was thinking it had to be because of the availability of talents. I have no problem with Talents, I just wanted to make sure they were enough of a draw that players would want to spend XP there, which sounds like is the case. Good to know, thanks for the responses!
  3. I'm new to Genesys and I like what I'm seeing so far. One concern has come up, though. You only have an attribute range of up to 5, same for skills. 20 XP per session is recommended, and it only costs 5 times the next still level (sometimes +5). It seems like you could be topping out your skills pretty rapidly. The only other thing I'm aware of to spend XP on would be Talents. Are the Talents sufficient to dilute skill advancement?How does this work in actual play? I tend to run long-term campaigns, and this worries me a bit.
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