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  1. There are several ways to read this card. The way it seems to be worded seems more than slightly overpowered - does Khorne gain 2 VP: - Any time he kills something in a region with a bloodletter - Once per region if something died and there is a bloodletter - Any number of times but only in one region of Khorne's choice ? It seems to be the first option by the card, but that can easily have Khorne gain twenty-odd points in a turn, especially in a five-player game where there are just more models on the board. Anyone got any thoughts? Or ways to stop Khorne once he has this upgrade?
  2. All gods can get dial advancement tokens per phase, per region. It's just that only Khorne and Nurgle really have opportunities to use this...
  3. Also, I'll add that the Skaven PC rules in Shadow of the Horned Rat are particularly good - I've run an entertaining campaign off of them
  4. Kushiel said: How did the Bloodthirster and four cultists (ie, five figures) dominate the Empire, which has Resistance 5, on turn one? Reread carefully - he only talks about domination on turn two, admittedly as part of the same paragraph. Or in short, he didn't
  5. Glad I could help - in the end Khorne's first turn strategy should probably depend a little on the cards in his hand, but that's a matter of learn which cards are useful for what srategy
  6. Personally I wish they'd stop with putting out more adventures and release more expansions to complete things like advanced careers, actions and so on properly. So that we'd have a complete game at last. Putting out more and more adventure packs is just sending me the message that it isn't a system for telling your own story, but for telling the stories that FFG want you to tell
  7. OK, Khorne is pretty hard to win with in an experienced group. However, consider the following: 1) Take the cultist upgrade first. This lets you spread out little attack dice everywhere without committing as much. 2) In the early game Slaanesh often doesn't have much mobility, nor does Nurgle, if they want to get a dial tick. Wait in the places they want to use. Summon a cultist first turn in either Bretonnia or the Empire to give yourself flexibility and try to hit the regions with nobles 3) Summoning the Bloodthirster somewhere is not stupid because you can move it with The Blood God's Call later. This pays dividends later. In fact I have seen Bloodthirster in the Empire as a succcessful, if expensive, first turn strategy
  8. Well, assuming that the prayer had no obvious signs of pseudo-magic about it (glowing, floating etc) then as far as anyone is concerned he won fair and square. OK, so he had Sigmar on his side - as a priest he really should! According to his own morals, I would have thought he'd be OK - it doesn't violate the tenets of Sigmar, and it upholds the reputation of the priesthood
  9. Well, there aren't any swear words, and there isn't any room on the cards for flavour text, so nothing disgusting there. The board looks like it's on flayed human skin, but most of the flavour is mechanical or in the names of cards. So unless your wife is very easily offended, I doubt she'd be offended. On the other hand, it does play up to the Warhammer feel very well, so I can see those who don't know it not enjoying the game as much.
  10. Congzilla said: I have the same problem with people saying this is a board game as I do people saying D&D 4e is "non-roleplaying". D&D 4e offers just as much roleplaying ability as any other version of D&D, any version of WFRP, or Pathfinder. These are all just rules system for resolving actions, roleplaying comes from the players not the system. I hear this a lot. And it is rubbish. The system has a huge effect on roleplaying, because it governs what actions are possible, what are in the expected rulesets, the tone of the system (realistic/not), chances of death, expected roles of the characters (in D&D you are the heroes, in WFRP you might be but it's mostly by accident) Yes, good roleplaying can overcome limitations and drawbacks from a system. But to say that it doesn't have an effect is nonsense.
  11. Ken on Cape said: Thanks everyone. I know the stance dice are better. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. I just got the game last week. Still getting used to rules. Technically the stance dice aren't automatically better - they do have a higher success rate, but they come at the cost or exertion/delays being rolled. Which is why it may not be all that wise to be 4-deep in a stance, particularly reckless...
  12. scimon said: So after my entire party of 4 got killed exploring the outskirts of Stromdorf (I shall say no more lest I spoil but I'm currently rewriting a chunk of the campaign to start afresh with a new party in the aftermath) I took some time to get some ideas together for character design. To try and help my players get there heads around what the stats and such like meant. One of the issues we had was a character with 2 WP and another with 2 TO. I've written a little script that gives you the statistical likelihood of success given any given dice pool and I'll be putting a version online soon. I also wanted to revisit character creation and see if there was anyway I could steer my players away from being thicker than the average peasant. It was at this point I read a line I failed to notice before, I live that I thought I should publicly admit to failing to read. ‘Next, increase each of the starting career’s Primary Characteristics by one‘ < scrolling="no" height="0" frameborder="0" width="0" style="position: absolute; z-index: 10000;" src="javascript:void(0)">> Now many of you will be laughing at me at this point and that's good, I deserve it. I've run three demo games for people including character generation and failed to notice that line each time. Then I started this campaign, and failed again. Some of you may be checking your rulebooks now, quick while the rest are laughing, it's on page 28. For you I hope my foolishness has been a warning and maybe a help. Now to return to working out how a more competent party will deal with the debris left by the Keystone PC's. I did exactly the same thing. And yes, it does mean characters come down with a major case of sucking. And shortly thereafter death. This was one of those things that should have been a little clearer,,,
  13. ... All the cards say 'if you place two or more corruption tokens in a region with ...'. So clearly placing four tokens in a region is two or more, and thus is one dial advancement token, in the same way that Khorne gets only one token if he kills 5 figures in a region
  14. It usually takes us about an hour and a half. It'll probably take up to an hour longer than that on your first time, just due to everyone reading all their cards and abilities and in general moving slowly
  15. ... considering how unbalancing it is if they gave Slaanesh 6 extra power, I think it's a safe assumption they meant 3 total. Besides which, the wording is pretty clear
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