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  1. So in short does the FAQ which was published after Danse Macabre was released apply to the ending? leading to the following two questions after the ending was revealed. With the Ending Danse Macabre in effect: 1. Can the Grim Reaper be sent back to the person on the crown of command if a 5 is rolled on the Grim Reaper chart? 2. Can the person on the Crown of command send the Grim Reaper to another character in the inner region ? Danse Macabre (2008): Whenever a character rolls on the Grim Reapers Chart, he must subtract one from the result (to a minimum of 1). If a character is on the Crown of Command and no other characters are present, he must send the Grim reaper to vist any Character in any Region. If a character is on the Crown of Command and there is another character present, at the beginning of his turn he must attach the other character instead of sending the Grim Reaper to visit Exerpt from offical FAQ on November 28 2011: Q5: If a character rolls a “5” for the Grim Reaper, can he teleport to a different Region? A: Yes. The Grim Reaper can cross Regions when teleporting. However, the Grim Reaper may never teleport to the Inner Region. Grim Reaper (2008) When the Grim Reaper lands on your character, you must roll 1 die: 'It is time.' Lose all lives, you are killed. 'I'm here for that one.' One of your Followers, determined at random, must be discarded. If you have no Followers, you lose 1 life instead. 'Dice with me!' Roll 2 dice for yourself and 2 dice for the Grim Reaper. If the Grim Reaper's result is higher, you lose 1 life. Otherwise, there is no effect. 'A game of chess?' Miss your next turn. 'There has been a mistake!' The Grim Reaper teleports to the character of your choice, who must immediately roll 1 die on this chart. 'I have plans for you.' You may choose to gain either 1 Strength, Craft, life, gold, Spell, or fate, or teleport to any other space in this Region as your next move. Original Grim Reaper rules (2008) The Grim Reaper will not cross the Portal of Power, as he is already present in the Inner Region.
  2. So Last night we had drawn the alternate ending of Battle Royale. The character who made it to the crown of command was a Werewolf. Out of randomness one of the other charicters playing actually had a Talisman (A rare event in my playing group) and similar stats and it was Night time. So they started to fight and the Werewolf wins the first round. This brought about the question of do we follow the rules of being a werewolf and the loser rolls on the werewolf chart or do we assume that the battle royale rule of taking one life superceeds the loser having to roll on the werewolf chart. We tried playing with the warewolf ability superceeding the Battle Royale rule of one life. This ended up in both players calling the game a draw as neither of them was able to take all of the other charicters lives before they rolled a 6 on the werewolf chart and healed their life or repleninshed thier fate to full. Title: Battle Royale Type: Standard Ending Ending Rules All characters that do not have a Talisman, except for the character who first entered the Crown of Command, lose the game. All characters that have a Talisman are immediately placed on the Crown of Command. The character who first entered the Crown of Command must choose a character to attack. The winner of the attack must force the loser to lose a life; he cannot choose to take an object or gold instead. The winner of the attack then chooses any other character to attack (the loser cannot be chosen unless he is the only other character remaining). If the attack is a stand-off, the same characters fight again. Characters must continue attacking each other in this manner until only one character remains. The last character remaining wins the game! When a character attacks, he may choose to fight in battle or psychic combat. He may not choose when he is attacked by another character. Character: Werewolf (NPC) Special Abilities Whenever a character rolls a 1 for his move, he must roll 1 die and move the Werewolf that number of spaces at the end of his turn. If it is Night, the Werewolf must end its movement in the first space that it enters with a character. Werewolf Chart: When the Werewolf lands on your character, you must roll 1 die (add 1 to your score if you are a Lycanthrope): You become a Lycanthrope (take a Lycanthrope Card). Lose 1 life then immediately roll again on this chart. One of your Followers, determined at random, is killed. If you have no Followers, you lose 1 life instead. The Werewolf attacks you with a Strength of 8. The Werewolf teleports to another character of your choice, who must immediately roll 1 die on this chart. + You may either heal all of your lives, replenish all of your fate, discard any Adventure Card from the board, or teleport to any other space in this Region as your next move.
  3. Ahh yes it would not be a problem if she forces you into a shop except for the fact that you must then do somthing in that shop. So if she misdirects you into the magic emporium and you have 1 gold you must then purchase a scroll unless another charicter is in the square. From the Rulebook: If a character enters a shop, he must either encounter the shop or a character in that space. If a character encounters the shop, he must follow the instructions on the space, such as purchasing a card or performing an action. Characters cannot enter a shop and “do nothing.” This also begs the question of what if a charicter has 0 gold can the barmaid or misdirection still send them into a shop even though they are not able to buy anything in the shop? In which case thier only option is to "do nothing" even though in the rules that is forbidden.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. i missed the discuession in the Taxation Thread.
  5. Question about the following: Go to magic shop in city. Buy scroll for one gold. Alchemist magic object for three gold. Repeat until you have all the gold and two rings and two spell books. Limit of thirty gold normally, but with city revealed ending its infinite gold. Either way, just send the alchemist to magic shop and its heal all life, fate, spells, full gold, gain spell at start of turn, plus two craft and strength, and attack in psychic combat. Totally dominant. Is thier any rules or eratta that would stop the above from happening?
  6. I was also wondering how the Barmaids ability worked in the city. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Talisman/The%20City/TM10-character-tavernmaid.jpg
  7. Thank You Talismanamsilat. Been playing this game a long time and new rules questions always seem to pop up.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if players can use fate when resolving an alternate ending. Are these endings considered cards/board spaces or are the physical cards just a representation of a game mechanic and thus fate could not be used on them? This came up when we revealed the Hand of Doom ending and the player on the crown of command rolled a 1. According to the rule book fate can only be used when: 1. Rolling a die for his character’s movement. 2. Rolling a die to determine his character’s attack roll. 3. Rolling a die due to the instructions on a card or board space. Thanks.
  9. Thanks and its amazing how many rules questions you can have even after playing for years and wow that makes those staffs even stronger than I realized… If the hidden ending turns out to be a boss battle. As for the wand we ended up playing that way (only Craft objects and followers count) once i read his card (Psionic wand).
  10. hi, I was playing a game last night my friend had a Wyvern staff with a 6 strength dragon enslaved. The Wvevern staff states that this bonus lasts until the end of turn. So he Went to the Crown of Command and faced the alternate ending version of the Eagle King and used the staff. My question is does the 6 strength bonus from the Wvern staff last through all 4 lives of the Eagle king or just the first one? Title: Wyvern Staff Draconic Lord: Cadorus Card Type: Magic Object You may enslave 1 Dragon you encounter instead of attacking it in battle (place it on this card). You may discard the Staff and the enslaved Dragon to add its Strength to yours until the end of the turn. Encounter Number: 5 Title: Eagle King Strength: 12, Craft: 12, Life: 4 Ending Rules A character on the Crown of Command must choose whether to attack the Eagle King using Strength or Craft. Each time he defeats the Eagle King, he must remove one of the Eagle King’s lives and immediately attack him again. If a character has a stand-off or is defeated, his turn ends and he must immediately move to the Crags. If a character removes the Eagle King’s last life, he wins the game! If there are no characters on the Crown of Command, the Eagle King heals all his lives. Also when using items like the Psionic Wand and fighting a battle using your craft can you use objects and followers that contribute to Strength? Or would you be using objects and followers that contribute to craft. Title: Psionic Wand Card Type: Magic Object, Sub Type: Weapon You may use your Craft instead of your Strength during battle. Encounter Number: 5
  11. Are you able to cast non-combat spells on the Crown of Command? The question came up because in my last game two players were on the crown of command and one of them could regenerate spells and they would cast a spell prior to combat (cards that are cast at the start of your turn before/during your move phase, etc.) to draw a new spell. The main rule in question is that in the rule book it says that players on the crown of command can only encounter each other. Now if they can only encounter each other that would lead me to belive that the only spells that could be cast would be spells able to be cast in an encounter.
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