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  1. I would allow the counter attack even on a miss. It doesn't say 'after an attack damages you' or 'after an attack successfully hits you', just that it 'affects' you. Granted, a miss won't really do anything, and they probably could have used a better word like 'target', but thematically and mechanically it makes more sense to allow counter attack on a miss.
  2. I was curious about this as well, but after some reading am very certain that potions do not require equipping, and can be used immediately after acquiring. "Each hero can carry any number of Shop Item, Class, and Search cards he chooses. However, the number of these cards that a hero may equip is limited. Hero players indicate which items are not equipped by flipping them facedown or placing them under their Hero sheet. Any Shop Item or Class cards (such as starting equipment) can only be used while a hero has that card equipped." The bolded part implies that while Shop Items and Class cards can only be used while equipped, Search cards can be used while un-equipped, thus giving no reason to equip them. Also, unequipped search items (which would be flipped down) would be very confusing anyways, as they are also flipped down when used.
  3. Wow, seems like a lot of people are getting "+1 Heart" and "recover 1 Heart" mixed up. To be clear, anyone within 3 spaces of Avric essentially adds the "Surge: Recover 1 Heart" quality to their attack. If they roll a Surge, they can spend it to recover 1 Heart. If they aren't within 3 spaces of Avric, they don't get this ability. Also, a lesser known bit, don't forget that 1 Surge per attack can always be spent to recover 1 Fatigue too
  4. Definitely buy at least two extra sets. Maybe more.
  5. New Heroes, Monsters, Familiars. All here. Thanks to any2cards for helping me start this before my own kit came in yesterday http://karuikage.net/boardgames/descent2/Descent2ETracker.xlsx http://karuikage.net/boardgames/descent2/Descent2ETracker.xls
  6. That is up for debate actually. While making thematic sense, there is nothing in Fire Breath that says the line has to be straight. It even says 'path' as opposed to line, and specifically says 'in any direction'.
  7. You, sir, are a god among men. Updating my sheet now!
  8. Not really. I have been making an excel spreadsheet to use for playing this over Forums on BGG, but am still missing some of the new heroes. My own FLGS is being slow in getting it in I don't actually expect you to put all those up though, unless you are feeling particularly generous
  9. wootersl said: Karui_Kage said: The Shadow Rune influences 'your' attacks. The Shadow Rune can only be used by Baron Zachareth. The Overlord is Baron Zachareth. Your attacks are Baron Zachareth's attacks. Makes sense to me Right. That's not what his complaint is though. He's saying. Baron Zachareth has the Shadow Rune attached, so the other monsters the OL control get the bonus also. That's not the case. Only the Baron would be able to use the Shadow Rune. My point was mostly a comedic one. I was implying that by saying 'your' attacks, you being the Overlord/Baron Zachareth, it was indeed saying that 'your' attacks are just the Baron's attacks. "You" are not a Cave Spider, Dragon, "you" are the Baron.
  10. I would like to know about… Andira Runehand, Aurim, Brother Gherinn, Ispher, Jonas the Kind, Sahla, Challara, Lyssa, Master Thorn, Truthseer Kel, Zyla, Grey Ker, Kirga, Lindel, Red Scorpion, Silhouette, Tatianna, Tetherys, Vyrah the Falconer, Corbin, Eliam, Krutzbeck, Mordrog, Nara the Fang, Sir Valadir, Steelhorns, Tahlia, and Trenloe the Strong.
  11. The Shadow Rune influences 'your' attacks. The Shadow Rune can only be used by Baron Zachareth. The Overlord is Baron Zachareth. Your attacks are Baron Zachareth's attacks. Makes sense to me
  12. We just played this, and yes, per the rules, the Guards only activate if a hero or monster is on the same tile as they are. So sniping a Guard from outside their tile without them activating, while silly, is completely allowed by the rules.
  13. A Movement action is specifically defined in the book as being able to move up to your speed, and the only interruptable action. Leap gives you the ability to move and do other stuff, but is not in and of itself a Movement action. This is the same reason why Syndrael's Feat is not interruptable as well.
  14. You may want to make a small addendum to the 'pick three, choose 1' rule with the new Classes. As each Party can only have one of each 'class', I might recommend something like the following: A: Draw 3, pick 1. If there are more than 2 Heroes and the initial Draw does not allow a possible combination (all Warriors), then one player may re-draw. B (my preference): Sort each Hero into four piles based on Archetypes. Each player chooses one Archetype and draws 3, keeping 1.
  15. Thanks for all the input about these conversions any2cards! I was wondering if you could help me out with my worksheet for forum gameplay. I've made up an excel sheet to keep track of cards and such for the game, but did not have the Heros filled out yet for use with the Conversion kit (my FLGS is taking its sweet time in getting the kit). Any chance you could email me to assist with this? If not, no worries at all, I should (hopefully) get the kit later this week. If you can, email me at karuikage@karuikage.net . Thanks in advance!
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