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  1. Although my group has tried to maintain 2 sessions per month, really we've averaged about 0.5 per month at best due to schedule mishaps. My campaign has been completely of my own design, and has the characters unraveling a conspiracy surrounding a fanatic cult of Sigmar (!) in Nuln. We've gotten in 4 sessions of this game, and so far one character has been driven insane. Overall, the game has been a huge hit. One of the players who I was concerned may not jive with the game has really fallen in love with the game. Unfortunately, I'm about to move soon, so I'm going to have to wrap up this campaign and then focus on recruiting a new group closer to my new home. But yes, overall my (somewhat) limited experience with 3e has been great.
  2. I totally agree. One of my players is more used to heroic games, so Warhammer has so far been a bit of a shock, but he says he is enjoying himself. There is a great aura of tension that has been slowly creeping in the game, as my players have thus far been completely unable to heal their critical wounds ... basically creating a death spiral. I'm almost weary to really allow them a good amount of time to rest up in a Shallyan temple, as the pervading atmosphere of dread has been refreshing. If previous sessions are any indication, however, I doubt it was take long to get it back ... lol.
  3. Jericho said: Nice. That's what I was hoping to hear. But there seems to be a slight problem if you use Rally steps as written, no ? Almost no PCs will ever move out of an Act with residual Stress or fatigue ? (How the heck can a Harpy cause 5 Fatigue and 4 Stress ? Where did you get Harpy stats anyways.?) True, the players usually don't have lingering stress and fatigue between encounters. This has worked out fine for us, though. Sometimes I do award fatigue or stress that does not go away until story conditions are filled (usually a full night of rest) so ... I used the stats for a Daemon Fury for the harpies. Strafing Talon Strike is the power that wrecked the PC. I think it was actually 5 fatigue and 3 stress. The player has the Oppressive Fear insanity (1 or more wounds taken = 1 fatigue), Short of Breath critical (1 fatigue for using an active defense), and had 3 critical wounds total for the 2 success line of that attack. The attack also caused 5 wounds +1 critical as I recall. Harsh.
  4. Fatigue and Stress have had a pretty profound impact on the characters in my game. One character picked up an insanity due to stress, and during last night's session a particularly vicious attack from a harpy dealt 1 critical, 5 wounds, 5 fatigue, and 4 stress in one fell swoop. I've found my players actually take Fatigue and Stress into account with their own roleplay, which is fantastic. Having a physical representation of "Your character has been pushed to the edge and the world is starting to go black" has really helped with the mood of the game and getting my players to see just how dire some situations have been.
  5. Usually it falls to me (the GM) to narrate the results in my group. On occasion one of my players will give it a go (often quite well) and I almost always award a fortune point to the party sheet for this to try to encourage them to get more involved with it. Oddly enough, they seem to really enjoy throwing out wicked suggestions for Chaos Stars, going so far as our courier player suggesting that the mechanical effects of his scar critical wound become permanent after he rolled double Chaos Stars and no successes on his Resilience roll to try to heal it.
  6. I'm also thinking next week. My FLGS said their FFG products come in on Thursdays. Hopefully they will have it then.
  7. I've been running things much the same as folks on the thread have said. While I don't have any priest players in my game currently, one of my players did run a priest during our demo session. After the demo, he came to me and asked about priest healing, and if it could just be spammed outside of combat until everyone is full healed. He was asking me this because he agreed that it just didn't seem to fit with the lore of Warhammer. We both decided to not allow such spells to be used in that manner. Stress and Fatigue haven't really had a large effect on my game yet, although last session one of my characters should have been at risk to gain an insanity, but in the heat of running the game I missed it. Critical wounds, however, have been lingering since the first session, and at least one of my players is certainly fearing for his character's life with each passing moment in the game. Neither of my players have been able to heal their criticals, which is getting very interesting.
  8. Here are some pictures of how I store my WFRP3 stuff. It all fits in the core box quite nicely, though I don't have much room to grow in that regard. javascript:void(0);/*1269708929915*/ I've made mini tuck boxes for the smaller cards, 1 box for each type. I made the boxes as deep as possible so that they will have room for future cards. All of my cards are in sleeves. javascript:void(0);/*1269709015345*/ javascript:void(0);/*1269709037401*/ All the tokens are stored in small plastic containers I found on sale at an office supply store. They fit perfectly. javascript:void(0);/*1269709090801*/ I have all of my standard board game size cards (actions) in sleeves, and they are in a binder. My career cards, party sheets, and nemesis org. sheets are in 4x5 protective photo sleeves, kept in the bottom of the box. Standups are in baggies, separated based on whether they are monsters or players. All of my dice are in the Adventurer's Toolkit box, which fits perfectly down in the bottom of the box. The GM Screen fits perfectly on top of everything. The tuck boxes were made by this: javascript:void(0);/*1269709368002*/
  9. I have 2 players in my group. I had my fingers crossed that they would play concepts related to the Church of Sigmar in some way, as this is one of my favorite parts of the lore and it would be easier for me to create stories around. By some twist of fate, my players both decided on their own to be characters affiliated with the Church. One is a messenger that carries important documents and items between churches. Another is a zealot who aspires to be a witch hunter. I'm actually taking inspiration from Dark Heresy, and starting my players off as acolytes of a powerful Witch Hunter. He will largely be removed from the story (as the focus should always be the PCs), but he can be used to provide some direction if they need it. The zealot will already be working under the witch hunter at the start of the game, and they will meet the messenger when he delivers a letter (first plot seed) to the high priest of the Church of Sigmar in Ubersreik (whom the WH / Zealot PC just so happen to be meeting with at the time). Semi-traditional, but I think it will work just fine for the game I'm running and shouldn't suspend belief at all like the traditional "You meet at a tavern..." often does.
  10. I actually bought 7 packs of dice with gift cards and birthday money (from an online retailer with a significant discount). I just didn't really see the value of buying a second coreset, especially considering I would have then wanted to put all those copy cards in sleeves as well! Seven packs of dice along with what is included in the coreset is more than enough for me to give each of my players a full set for themselves and still have a substantial amount left for myself as GM. Actually, my Adventurer's Toolkit box is solely full of dice now.
  11. Just speaking from my view at my FLGS in Orlando, Florida, it would certainly appear that WFRP3 is doing well. When I was last there a little over a month ago they barely had any product for the game on their shelves (in fact it was just tucked away on a counter near the register far from the other rpgs). Now, they have a whole shelf full of WFRP3 products and DHRT, complete with a huge Warhammer banner. I can only assume that means the products are selling quite well in the area, especially considering said shelf is right in the front of the store, and is usually almost always full of the new D&D supplement instead.
  12. Went to my FLGS last night and picked it up! I was quite surprised by their stock of WFRP3 products. When I was there about a month ago they only had 1 core set, 1 adventurer's toolkit, and 2 packs of dice just sitting up near the register far away from the other roleplaying games. Now they have a complete shelf of WFRP3 products (including a hefty stock of the GM Toolkit!), complete with a large Warhammer banner and everything. I'm thinking that may indicate good sales from the product in this area. But yes, I have it finally!
  13. American board game and mini american board game. Essentially, green and yellow.
  14. It's true that they could establish the idea of a "standard party" and provide some encounter building tools from there, but I just see it as a bit counterproductive. One of my gripes with D&D4e, for example, is that both my players and I feel that we aren't able to play it properly unless each role is filled. This probably isn't the case I do realize, but having the idea of a "standard party" can serve to lead people to want to have a standard party, regardless of what they may have rolled to begin with. Not to mention the random character creation system could cause issues here too. This is an area where WFRP has always been vague, so in retrospect I don't necessarily see it as a shortcoming in this system. Really, IMO, 4e is the only game that has ever managed to make encounter design balanced, easy, and right. It is still possible that we may see WFRP3 try to move towards this (after all, we've yet to get a monster supplement, nor see if it's in the GM toolkit), but personally I hope they do not. That being said, given how fresh and interesting I think a lot of the ideas in WFRP3 are, their take on this could prove interesting. Time will tell.
  15. I'll agree as well that I like the episodic nature of releases that FFG are planning. When I'm really pumped about a game it's very exciting to have releases to look forward to. WFRP3 has the potential to maintain my interest with each new release, whereas if new releases consisted solely of supplement books, I am very much less inclined to purchase a book on a topic that I don't see as immediately useful to me. If each new WFRP3 release contains more bits and cards to expand the base game, I'm more likely to buy them. I think they have made a smart decision for the financial longevity of the game line, and personally I have no problem with throwing my expendable income at a game that I like.
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