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  1. divinityofnumber said: I just don't want pictures from the show to be on tournament-legal AGoT cards. I watched a few episodes of the show, but then stopped. I don't want HBO's vision of the books to cloud and distort the beautiful imagery that I have created in my own imagination over the years. I don't want to see Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, I want to see my own Tyrion, or some of the beautiful card artwork (yes, I know some of the card artwork is bad, so think of my statements ceteris paribus). You don't want to see Emilia Clarke as Dany? Because I do. Over and over again.
  2. But really, Top Unicorn/Top Pony. Does either one sound MORE girly? I don't think it matters.
  3. I really like the idea of the "Elite 7" or what have you. When talking to Rings this weekend he mentioned to me he was "top pony" at a large event for L5R. Why FFG doesn't promote the top "house x" player baffles me. I had a bastard version of that at Da Wolf Pack's January tourney (details on next years forth coming in a couple months-cheap plug!) and I think it gives incentive to try different houses that might not be (real or imagined) as strong. I guess first, you would need prize support, then you could do this. Imagine if the top of each house was to get the next 2 or three chapter packs for free. What's that cost them $15 total per person. Heck it might get more than one person to run neutral house at GenCon.
  4. Wow, Staton. Im guessing that post is missing a couple letters. And Rings, don't worry a picture is forth coming. Maybe at some point we'll actually play a game….(or we can just keep drinking together)
  5. Bomb said: One thing that I think will be distinguished in triggering effects is declaring an "attacker/defender" versus declaring a "Naval attacker/defender". Declaring a "Naval attacker/defender" would be via the Naval mechanic and declaring an "attacker/defender" would be via the normal Challenge Framework action. This way, you cannot sneak the Naval enhancement onto an already declared character for the purposes of triggering effects that require you to declare them as a "Naval attacker/defender". I am simply deducing this based on the language used on the spoiled plot Naval Superiority, which seems to require you to win with a character that was a "Naval attacker". Edit: Also look at the new spoiled card and the language used in its ability. I think that helps what I'm saying above. This could be similar to the infantry/cavalry rules in L5R. In L5R first infantry folk get declared for a battle, then cavalry get declared. Here it coulbe be declare attackers, then defenders, then attacking naval, then defending naval. -Goshdarnstud
  6. After reading Ktom's nicely put post, I think collusion rules are best summed up by the famous Supreme Court definition of porn. "I know it when I see it" Maybe not very satisfying, but a fairly decent working model. Heck, if the Olympic Games can figure out when the best teams in the world are doing it and toss them from the Olympics, I'm sure it can work with Thrones. (~and of course we have a lot more at stake-cardboard with our name on it) -Goshdarnstud
  7. It has been coming out once a month for the past nine months. www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-Graphic-Novel-Volume/dp/044042321X/ref=sr_1_1
  8. ktom said: Serazu said: Nothing fancy. Maximum standing 3 times per phase and such. What the DT did to Robert expanded into all similar cards. And for precision's sake, it was another poster who suggested this, not the deck's creator. I totally disagree with such a blanket ruling. What would you do with a card like Bringers of Law? Or what would you do with the Vengeful keyword in Melee? Or Vigilant and extra challenges? Should the new Viper really be limited to standing 3 times, even if you have enough gold on him to pay for more? This is what I mean about using blanket rulings to solve card-specific problems. +infinity
  9. That makes sense since getting a bye is good. (Ok it's Friday morning and I don't want to be at work) -Goshdarnstud
  10. Yup that's right, 1 Martell and 2 Stark. Chi-town bucks the norm!
  11. SethB said: Maester_LUke said: I can assume that, even though your meta likely has the highest percentage of lawyers/law school students, that there is no court of appeal on that decision? Ahhh. I'm down in Champaign-Urbana but I won't be coming. Because I'm taking the Bar Exam at the end of July. Maybe see some of you at GenCon - for my first tournament ever? ~Crap…more lawyers.
  12. It's also about 5 miles north of O'Hare Airport. Though get too close to the airport and expect to pay a premium. There is a Metra Station about a block from the store as well.
  13. I figured I might want to give a bit of a tourney report, now granted I took notes, but I can’t find them so I may get some things flipped around. General tournament observations-(I only attended the joust) Having it in a hotel conference room: AWESOME! Why may you ask? More space to spread out, bring in all sorts of food and of course, beer. Lots and lots of beer. Kudos to Clu for selecting the location. 24 combatants competed in the joust. I do not have a house breakdown but from what I could tell there was a fairly even break down amongst the 6 houses. I ran Stark Knights. Similar to what Brett ran at the Moonboy, but I added Godswood, Feral Pack and Ser Dontos (FTW!). Took out the Flanks. Yes you read that right. Never really affected me. I think some tweaks are still needed, but the deck fit my play style wonderfully. The real strength of this deck is the intrigue icons. Round 1: Luke Reed (MAester Luke)-Stark-Kindly Man The number of times I’ve started against Luke is staggering. Well here we go again. I really like what he did with the Kindly man, either bringing in the Flank, House Umber Berserkers or The Viper’s Bannerman. None of which is a bad choice. The game was a truly back and forth affair. I was 0 for 10000 on Maester Luwin pulls so that didn’t help and being Stark Bear Island didn’t work (though the one time I could have I forgot) But I did get to trigger Meera Reed 3 times in one challenge phase blanking 6 characters. Luke finally won 15-13 just before time was called. Luckily I got to revisit this match-up later in the day. 0-1 Round 2: Lindsay Elliot Baratheon-Seal of the Crown This deck attempted to use TLS-Val combo along with Threat from the East. I say attempted because even though she flopped TLS and played Val on turn 1 I had the perfect foils. I flopped Knight of Harrenhall so when Threat was played I discarded my choice of cards. Then first turn I was able to No quarter TLS and either Bear Island Val or City of Soldiers her on Turn 2 (mind is blank). Seal of the Crown doesn’t effect “drawing” via Maester Luwin and Knight of Harrenhall allowed me to pick and choose what I wanted. This game wasn’t close and it may have been a shut out. 1-1 Round 3: Jacob Horn Martell Brotherhood Good to see a Brotherhood deck, warms my heart since my only other top 8 was using one last year. I was sweating most of this game, he was able to by the end of the first marshalling have a Flamming Sword Beric and Ghost of High Heart (I blame you Rings!) And maybe a Taste for Blood, if not turn 1 then turn 2. I had Meera and lots of kill effects right, so no worries. Year, Ghost kept the kill out of my hand first turn and then a 2nd turn Valar ended that idea. So now I’m in trouble. A deck that triggers off of Military challenges and is fueled by card advantage through 2 claims intrigue challenges can’t really do either. With Beric getting double renown and Taste for blood I have to be REALLY careful with my challenges. Thankfully 2 claim plots help a bunch. I was at least making positive progress on a power challenge win. I would only do other challenges if I had the opportunity to trigger other needed effects. (Such as No Quarter or Price of War). One big moment in the game came when he made an intrigue challenge for 8 and left a 1 Str standing, presumably to prevent an unopposed by me later. However , he forgot that I had a Catelyn in my hand and prevented Beric from claiming 2 for renown. If he would have attacked with all 9 he would have won that challenge and maybe the game. I ended up winning the next round with a 2 claim power challenge for a 15-10(ish) victory 2-1. Round 4: Ryan Smith-Burns Lanni Knights Oh crap, Knights v Knights. We joked that this was going to be a coin flip game and whomever had position by turn 2 would end up winning. Funny thing is that it didn’t really work that way. Most of the game we both drew 2 due to being tied. Luckily I was able to use Bear Island to keep her knight totally down and I know on at least one turn she only drew one card. But other than that we played that aspect pretty even. I did dominated board position with kill effects (just never drew my knights). I do not remember the score but it wasn’t a close score. 3-1 Round 5: But R Bumps (one Mr. Paully to everyone else) Lannister Kneel, no agenda Going in to this round I knew a victory put me through and 3-2 would be tight. Luke finished 2nd so that helped. As it turned out Paully was something like .08 points better on the tie-breaker to get in, so maybe I would have been alright. On to the match. For some reason I do not remember much about this match, I did manage to kill many of his characters off keeping the kneeling at bay. Most notably not allowing Castellan to remain around very long. The thing I remember most about this match is making wisecracks with Paully most of the time and just having a blast. 4-1 With my second top 8 in Iowa in as many appearances I’ve come to enjoy tournaments in this state. I finished 4th with my only loss being Luke who finished 2nd. Not a bad day. Quarterfinals: Josh Staton Bara Rush (go figure) Josh puked out a bunch of cards as Bara rush often does. He had King Cost Reducing Renly, Fat Bob Unopposed Mel and Blanking Margery and other chuds early. I was able get Bear Island out. I had a nice internal conversation with myself to calm down and let me deck do it’s thing. And the deck did. I was able to kill off Renly with a no quarter. Josh asked why I didn’t get rid of Mel thinking her to be the bigger threat. (Granted that made me think he was pissed I killed his cost reducer but….) I killed off Renly to prevent slow his roll. I knew if I could just keep power off his house and on his characters I would be able to kill them eventually so I would chump block where needed to prevent Mel’s effect from affecting me. (English majors did I do that correctly?) Plus in hindsight Mel isn’t protected by Power of Blood so I could kill her anytime. It ended not being much of an issue as by the third round I had murdered Mel, Fat Bob and Margery. He scooped. Semifinals: Jeremiah Duggan Greyjoy something. He claims raid, I felt more choke. If anyone recalls my Iowa report from last year Jeremiah and I had a 2 hour slog. Thankfully looking at our decks this wouldn’t be a repeat. I thought his deck was more choke because I was prevented from doing much of anything. I made 2 mistakes that cost me. Without them, I might have made it to the finals to lose to Tim. First was at one point I had all three Narrow Escapes in my hand so I felt ok using them whenever. I tried to bring back a refugee with one thinking I would then win Dominance and keep him on the board to start building some board presence. Well…..Jeremiah uses dice as gold counters. I personally dislike that practice since 90% of players use some tokens so it throws me off, a lot. It threw me off there that he had 3 gold left and therefore I was going to lose dominance oh and he got a Ice Fisherman back. That was a suck. The other one was more tactical (and might have been first in time) On his fear of winter turn I marshaled a zero cost gold producer to help break the choke, since it didn’t do anything this turn we both kind of forgot about it. I should have not played it since I had a Narrow Escape (or two) in hand. I played Narrow Escape to attempt to regain board position and after I did Jeremiah started thinking for a long time. He had a think hand that he needed and not that many characters. So the great debate was on. That’s until he realized that I had already played a card. Ugghhhhh……. After those two mistake it was all over for me. Luke wanted a 3-4 game as he also lost in the semis. I was more than happy to oblige. 3rd Place game: Luke Reed This game went WAY different than round 1. In fact by round Luke might have had only 1 card on the table. Kill and Price of War devastated him. This wasn’t even close. My deck fired on all cylinders. [insert cliché] Game. All in all a great day with great friends. Now granted I went 0 for the century in the L5R “side event” but I did make some good trades to help out my Kitsune/Naga and Battle Maiden deck. Deck MVP:Meera Reed. This was tough to call as No Quarter did wreck people as did Bear Island. But Meera’s stealth on the two challenges that were the most important to me was huge. Either helping Luwin get me draw or being the unique for No Quarter all day she did great things. Changes for the future. I might put the Flank back in, or I might leaver Ser Dontos in and add The Bastard of Bolton for his Tricon goodness. Adding the 2 cost reducer was great with Kyle Condom. I drew the reduced all but 1 or 2 games and only had one in my deck, it made replaying Kyle quite simple. Unsung hero: Jory Cassel. With Knights of the Red Fork pretty much unplayable after setup and a bunch of dupes that could become dead cards they were fuel for the Jory fire. If Kyle wasn’t out, or a 2 claim hit, this was nice and easy. If you made it this long in the report you must be procrastinating as much as I am. -Goshdarnstud
  14. Great write up and great deck, one question though. What's a land? -Goshdarnstud
  15. widowmaker93 said: ktom said: Da Wolf Pack said: It would be fine and dandy until Thatcher chooses strip poker….. ~ And of that note, I'll be booking my plane ticket to Tennessee now…. Oh gosh, Ktom, I'm so sorry. Did you not hear that our regional just got cancelled? Yeah, it was about 10 minutes after you put this post up. lol j/k everyone. Please come to TN. And by please come to TN he means, pretend you are going to TN to make him feel better but come to Illinois instead. That's real nice of you to say that BTW. -Goshdarnstud
  16. WWDrakey said: I remember there was a TO somewhere in the States, who used to penalize both players for an illegal game state? In a way, I think he was onto something. I know Clu uses this in Iowa, and because of that I used for our event in January. And he is on something….er onto something. It forces everyone to play correctly (or at least attempt to)
  17. tofubones said: ktom said: Da Wolf Pack said: And by "anything else people want to play" he means that Adam will be pleading with people to play L5R. Implying that you won't be? Somehow I do not think there will be much pleading. I think you'll have to make sure that if those two are paired that they actually plat AGoT during their match. There's a new idea, each round of the regional play the card game of your choice. It would be fine and dandy until Thatcher chooses strip poker…..
  18. And by "anything else people want to play" he means that Adam will be pleading with people to play L5R. And in addition to Play Mays, there will also be play mats as prizes.
  19. Kennon said: I've played through times in the game where Targ burn was top dog (Ice & Fire era) and I personally find it to be much less fun than Hyperkneel as top dog. So says the championship level player with Jaime as his avatar -Goshdarnstud
  20. With this new "community wizard" function on the boards I thought it would be a great idea to get more visibility for our Chicago area group. So I requested to have our meta formalized and searchable and what not. It was accepted and it changes the user name to the meta name. Sort of. Because if you notice on the main forum page it will still say last message by "goshdarnstud" and if you search for "goshdarnstud" you'll find all my old messages, but with the display name of "Da Wolf Pack" Moreover, I couldn't create a second forum account with my old screen name as that is somehow still attached to this one, but yet doesn't display. It would be nice if I could choose which handle to post under, depending on why I was posting. (If there is a way to do this that someone knows, let me know). So for now I'll just sign all my posts. *sigh* -Goshdarnstud
  21. Kennon said: Oh come on, we all know he's going to pick my deck. Everyone else might as well stop trying. Wait, you think he's going to pick a Lanni deck from someone who doesn't actually play Lanni in tourneys? That's weird. -Goshdarnstud (since my name was changed once I metamorphed into a gaming group)
  22. Bomb said: rings said: I put my $$ on the printers/shippers combo. ~That combo is broken and needs to have an errata or a FAQ entry for clarification. Silly play testers. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
  23. Kennon said: I believe Maege was the group design a card at last year's LCG days, so it would make sense for it to be her. You are correct. I was in the group that designed Maege.
  24. My first regional was with the aforementioned Ktom at the Chicago regional two years ago and I did lose....a lot. Though I did manage to get a win against a guy who was just handed a deck and taught to play right before the regional started so I guess there's that. Some simple tips, find the tallest guy at the regional and concede all matches to him. I like keep a couple notes so I know what I did well (usually a short list) and what went horribly horribly wrong (the rest of the page) because as Ktom said a week later you can barely remember how many matches you played as opposed to what actually happened in them. That's not for everyone but I generally enjoy doing it; it helps me learn. Finally, be prepared to intoduce yourself twice, once by name, and once by screen name.
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