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  1. I think a lot of people would want to see a Warhammer 40k LCG. I know I would. I even have my fantasy Core Set (Imperium, Chaos, Eldar, Ork) and expansion (Tyranids vs. Tau) in mind . A Lord of the Rings LCG would also be highly welcome. What properties would you guys like to see?
  2. I'm extremely psyched for this, as I am other FFG Warhammer products. This type of hyrbidish game looks to be just the thing for my gaming group. Hell, right now we are four regulars and this thing is balanced towards one DM and three players. Its like they read my mind and gave me everything I could hav hoped for in an RPG Plus, I love gaming bling and production values, which this has in spades it looks like!
  3. Lucas Blackwolf said: So, what are everyone's first impressions on the game? I'll just start by saying I hope this game does better than the WarCry did. The concept is entirely different and carries a strong pedigree thenks to the design team, the art design is fresh (a C/LCG where more than half of the card is designated for the art!!!) and it's a LCG, so I think it has a brighter future. At the same time I hope it doesn't spell pulling the plug on the CoC in the long term, but there's nothing that can be done here, only sells can "decide". Does anyone else think this should have an option of a multiplayer game? Fluffwise I think having more kingdoms bickering for power would be cool, especially if the game flows as fast as it claims. Things might be more complicated though, will have to see when the rules are out. For now, I'm quite excited. If the Game of Thrones card game and the listed contents for the Warhammer LCG are any indication, there should be robust multiplayer support (game board, 4 decks by card count, etc. ). I'm a huge Warhammer nut, so between this, Chaos in the Old World, and Rogue Trader (plus my new Fantasy armies!) I'm having a total Wargasm this year. Thanks FFG, you owe me new pants Gorgeous art so far, by the way.
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