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  1. Well that's weird, because the official rules sticky says that Traverse Town Level 3 will yield a +1 POW to all of your Dark Friends. Cameron
  2. A question came up in a game, and we just wanted to clarify a few things. We both run Dark Aggro decks for fun, and we know that lots of Dark players like Deep Jungle level 3, since when you get challenged when sitting on it, the attacking player's Friend and Magic/Friend cards are worthless. Do the Dark cards you have as Friends still have their support value? Also, since Minnie clears all Dark cards from all worlds, does she wipe out all of the Dark friends that a Dark player has in play? Cameron
  3. Who or what is Panic? Also, what about standbys like Gargoyle? Gargoyle + Phil is pretty evil too. I've also been a fan of Captain Hook as it shuts down Peter Pan. Cameron
  4. Hmm, so even huge hitpoint cards like Hydra, or Friend denial cards like Hades or Maleficent (non-Dragon) should be avoided? Also, the Olympia equipment card makes it really attractive to run Olympus Coliseums so you can have that tasty +6. Monstro would counter act this. Suggestions? I ask because Valor Form Sora is really the way to go, IMO, compared to Riku + 3x Soul Eater. Cameron
  5. My friend said I should use it like a Wild Card and put a sticker on it w/ the card I want it to be. The other guys there agreed it wouldn't hurt anything so long as I had something on it saying what it was BEFORE I drew it in a game. Cameron
  6. Hey folks, I have a WR deck, a Dark Aggro deck and my original deck which is a Riku Aggro deck, but designed against WR decks. I've been thinking of shifting it over to more of a Control deck, but I haven't much experience w/ these. Any tips? Are Control decks better as JoaT, WR or Aggro? Also regarding Aggro decks, my Riku Aggro deck has a good number of Dark cards in order to stall people on their worlds so I can beat them down. Obviously, these Dark cards are mostly dead draws against a pure Aggro deck. Is there any way to avoid this, or is it just a matter of Rock/Paper/Scissors? Cameron
  7. While Kingdom Hearts is mostly devoid of deck-breaking cards, certain ones like Stealth Sneak really do limit your options for truly viable deck builds. Fun decks played with friends is fine, but really competitive decks are limited. Take Lock, Shock and Barrel. Great theme, great synergy, but they only stick around if you use them in battles, which would mean they'd have to be used in a Dark WR deck...which are still super-gimped, even worse than Dark Aggro decks. Cameron
  8. So, I bought a box of Break of Dawn, and one of my boosters had a card that stood out from all the others. The back had the regular Kingdom Hearts blue logo, but the front was all white with a large black "X". I counted the booster pack, and I got 9 cards and this one. Anyone hear of this happening before? Cameron
  9. Along the same vein, does that mean that if I have 3 of the old Shadows, can I add in as many of the new Shadows as I want? Or do all of them have to be the new ones? Cameron
  10. My guess would be that you discard a level 3 Friend. Cameron
  11. Sounds good, I'll see if my regular Kingdom Hearts buddy can make it next Thursday at 6pm also! Just to confirm, you mean the 30th, right? Cameron
  12. Looks like I just missed you guys last night. Just a suggestion, but if you started your tournaments at 6pm you'd be able to get more people to show up. Many of us work, so 3pm is not a job-friendly time to start a tournament. Even if you were just targeting the high school crowd, most high schools get off at 3, so the earliest folks could arrive would be 3:30 or later. Cameron
  13. So is there a way to build a viable Duck Bros deck with the release of Set IV? Cameron
  14. I've got a ton of the Duck Brothers, and was wondering if anyone ever built a viable deck using them? I built one, and it annoyed the heck out of my friend's WR deck, but in the end I didn't have enough to slow his World Racing down to win myself. Cameron P.S. What does QFT stand for?
  15. What about comboing Abu with Pinocchio? Cameron
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