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  1. Do up a flow chart for each drug in your game (pleasure, medical, military; note each group can have legal and illegal drugs). What this is a how the drugs get made and where they go. Such as: Part A comes from Farmer Bob ----> who sells it to Tom ----> Tom sells it to Markets 1, 2, & 3 ---> Corp A buys from Market 1 & 3 Mixes it with B to produce Drug X which is then sold to Military. This provides you with a lot of information to think about: Who is Farmer Bob and where does he live? Who is Tom and who are his contacts at markets 1, 2, & 3? Corp A - just what business are they in? How well connected are they? Military - Nuff said So, now you have a lot of stuff to think about, lets add some details and plot. Corp B wants to make a new drug called Z that requires part A, the good news is that it is available at Market 2. The bad news, Market 2 is not enough to meet demands, so they go to Market 1 too, now you have a price war between Corp A & B. Markets 1, 2, & 3 are happy but Corp A & B find their cost going up, both Drug X & Z cost more. Tom is sort of happy but only as long as he can meet demands of the markets. Corp B to lower cost, they decide they want control the markets. How? They send some guys out to see Tom and offer him a deal, sell to them and not markets 1, 2, & 3! Whis would get a couple of people angry at Tom. Even worse would be that Corp A now goes to farmer Bob and buys him out and makes a Corp farm, jumping over Tom & Markets 1, 2, & 3! Now you have the need of a blackmarket!
  2. RoBro said: I just ran an adventure that required the acolytes to fight Eldar Dire Avangers, they knew that eldar weapons were very rare so they looted them off the bodies and plan to sell them. Now would the inquisition want these or are they aloud to sell them? What, your players don't have faith in the weapons of the empire? Just be ready with the line; they are trophies!
  3. Crimsonsphinx said: Having run two campaigns in Dark Heresy, what is concerning is that despite having the Inquisitors Handbook and its collections of guns, and providing weapons for use, my parties have all pretty much bought the same weapons. Armaggedon Autoguns with manstoppers Normal Autoguns with manstoppers Orthlac mk 4 pistols with manstoppers Does anyone else have this happen in their games? Do you do anything to encourage them to use different weapons? I realise better weapons exist, but they are mostly prohibitively expensive. tie weapons to character birth location, someone born in a hive would have a different selection of weapons than a void dweller, just select a few weapons for each group and lower the cost a bit. Later the players will look at other weapons.
  4. some of my random events Body Someone important Mutant Wanted Person of Interest Animal Special (Orc or such) Ruins Ship Village Unknown Origin Traveller Locals Adventures Mutants Someone important Weather Condintion Server lighting storm - lighting strikes Server rain storm - flooding Strange - fireball storm, warp storm, things out of the norm Location Thick forest - travel time increased Swamp Death trap - gas lake (posion gas escapes from a lake killing everything around it -- based on true events) or tangle vines or quicksand Bad Lands
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