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  1. I enjoyed having the extra art and physical book for both Warhammer 40,000 Conquest LCG and Arkham Horror LCG. I seldom play in any large tournaments. Table games and store fun OP kits are where it is at for me. If something isn't clear in the book, I then look online and see if there is an update to the rules reference. If they did a very good job at the clarification between rules writing and play test questions, I would not expect much if any clarifications needed. I can live with it the way that it appears to be. I am just expressing my disappointment. They have stated that the majority of the sales of LCG games go to in home coffee table players. Are they expecting that trend to continue? If so, why not print it? Not printing it is something you do if you expect the majority of end users to change to ultra competitive tournament players. Oh, and thanks for the fiveringsdb link. That's great. I'd love to see FFG do something like that with card images as part of descriptions. HTML>PDF Although having it offline is quite nice too. Edited for a spelling goof.
  2. Has it been officially confirmed by FFG that the Rules Reference is not included in the Retail Version of the game? I could not find this addressed anywhere in these forums. I also ask because it was not included in my lone core box from GenCon. If it is not going to be included in any of the final release day core sets, this is a major disapointment. Sure, it can be printed off, but I have come to enjoy the ease of rule clarification through their reference books. The Learn to Play Guide is difficult to look up answers to situational questions.
  3. It just leaves me feeling so disheartened. This was my number 1 spot on my wish list. Just like so many, this was the only reason that I wanted to spend the money to go to the con. Hanging out with my fellow clan members representing, and being a show of force at the release party. $115 internet bill for amazing speed and nothing. Just staggering that there are so many who took spots maybe 3 seconds before I pressed submit. I really don't know if I even want to checkout with the one other event that still hasn't sold out an hour after event registration opening.
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