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  1. Hi, I have installed the Steam App version in many PCs ... but in the latest one I have issued this strange behavior: the images on the mirror are missing (see the image uploaded) ... what Can i do to solve? I just uninstalled and re-installed the game many times deleting all the folders of the game leaved by STEAM but nothing...it is a GPU issue? I have a Windows Eeepc 1001PX Asus Netbook, with a Intel Atom N450 dual core 1.66GHz, 1Gb RAM and Intel Graphic media accelerator 3150. The strange thing is that only the images on the scenario selection are missing, the game start and run correctly with all intro videos, ingame images...all...so is there something I can try? Thanks.
  2. Signed. It is really important for a game to be freely customizable by community...a scenario editor is a must have for this game!!!
  3. omega2 said: Hello, You can find all battle map (DOW's official adventure and fan's adventure made with DOW editor) on my new server in pdf version. Many thanks from me too...you are GREAT!!!
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