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  1. For a Xaldin deck, an ideal situation would be that player having 6 spears on him; meaning an attack value of 17. ~ Now, let's say I play Winnie the Pooh (L&D) which renders a player's attack card to 0, does this count total attack value of player and equipments? This has something that has been puzzled me in awhile, I wanted to ask earlier but it was pure laziness that got me to post now. Thanks for your help. ZeroGrace.
  2. Something that has puzzled me for quite some time... (but i am silly sometimes so i might not understand what you guys mean with things therefore i apologize) People within this forum has been mentioning that Kingdom Key Equipment is good with say a combo from being sora lvl 1 against an ansem level 10 i believe is what you guys were saying... but the card states " Only Player / light Cards can use this card. if you equip this and win a challenge, subtract your Player Card lvl from your opponents player card lvl. Subtract that difference from your opponents HP. if the difference is in the negative than subtract 0. " -Darkwing Duck (note i'm not accusing you of anything for i myself haven't seen set 4 yet cause i'm from... *cough* canada *cough*) wouldn't that mean that Sora being level 1 subtracted by Ansem whose level 10 equal to (-)9? so damage difference would still be just one when winning challanges... again i apologize but i'm not quite understand everyone having such a low level player with kingdom key, like i'm going WHA?!?!?! so clarifications would be great Thanks, Keith
  3. um... sorry for spamming, but after looking through the forum once again, I found "Sluppie's" post and it answered the question... I'm sorry, I guess it's just so hard with the text, again no offense to the makers and translators, but I refer to this site a lot "the comprehensive rules" and the actual rulebook itself and it's just kinda' annoying trying to bring up how people play here and how people play at the tournaments held here. Sure I try to say things, but I can't do much when they go, "Errr... I don't think so" I guess the next thing to do is print out all of this to show it to their faces. Again, sorry for spamming, thanks for everyone's help, though it wasn't directly directed at me. Happy KH-ing. Keith
  4. Call me noob or whatever, but Beast's effect reads: "Furious Bellow: If you discard this card from your Friend Area, choose and discard one Dark/Heartless Card in play of level 4 or below." *Considering I have a Beast Level 3 (L&D), +8 / 0*... I took this as, you may discard Beast and at the same time, discard a Dark/Heartless in the field level 4 or below. But playing a tournament today at my distributor's place, I was told that Beast would need to be discarded through challenge or battle. This would mean being able to use his +8 support value and his effect of discarding a Dark/Heartless in play. I'm sorry and no offense to the players that I play with, but this seems a tad bit "broken" to me. Though after being told that, I did start to think and re-read Beast's effect. Now, I personally believe that you may only discard a card from friend area when the words "You may discard this card from your Friend Area..." is displayed in the card's text, so this would apply to cards like "Merlin" and "Ariel" but not with "Piglet" because it states "If this card is discarded from your Friend Area". Now, Beast's text doesn't have the same text as "Merlin" and "Ariel" so I began to think, "What else can you do?". I don't mean disrespect to the translators of this card... don't get the wrong idea. I fell in love with this KH Card Game and I love Fantasy Flight. But I would really like it if I got a bit of help from this. And yes, I did search through the Rules Section, unfortunately, I'm still clueless. I still believe that you need to discard Beast, but as soon as someone tells me how to actually use it, I'll be super happy. Thanks, Keith
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