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  1. GW are messing up as they always do, they are now trying to twist fantasy in to a mix of 40k and fantasy... Sigma Marines... or should i say Mark One Thunder Warriors
  2. When d100 is and always has been the default system it's little wonder that most people will come to grips with it more quickly than something new. As for conjuring an enemy and number crunching in your head. I've no need to do so. I simply grab the relevant creature card (from my indexed cards) and hey presto there's my enemy. As for the table clutter. Yes this is an acknowledged criticism. While most of us fans of the game can understand the reasoning behind the cards (ie eliminating the need for constant rules and looking things up on reference tables) it has to be said that you need a heck of a lot of table real estate to play the game. WFRP First Edition was a mix of all dice. Where the rest are D10/100 based.
  3. It took me around 10 minutes to explane the d100 system to my players. I could conjure a enemy and number crunch him in my head no problem, that is next to impossible i 3rd Edition. The table is flooded with cards, tokens and other clutter. I am a old school game master and I run my games in the way most older rpg'ers do. We have a map, a character sheet and a few dices, thats it (and a **** ton of beers & snacks ofc). I like games like Vampire The Masqurade & wherewolf, I like D&D 3.0 (to a degree) and I love Dark Heresy (the game system not the setting). There is nothing in 3rd edition I like besides the cardboard dungeon stuff, but I make my own now so rly there aint anything in 3rd editon I like.
  4. First this is not a rant or a "f you FFG". I respect FFG and have played hundreds if not thousands of hours with there systems (d100 ftw) and I have loved almost every minute of it. Dark Heresy, Deathwatch & Only War, bloody good games not perfect but good. And thats the reason why i feel so sad every time I look at the 3rd edition... what the heck happened? If we look at back at WFRP 1ed we had our flail wielding assassins so saying "the good old days was better" would be a lie. WFRP have evolved allot over the years and it became better with every book that came out. The first editon was good, second edition was great and third edition was horrific bad! Why? why was that, the reason (in this nerds mind) is that if something aint broken dont fix it! They took a good system, used it in there other series (40k) and then invented a board game rpg that was so complicated even a ANIMA player wins. The d100 system was not perfect but with a refined hand it can be made much MUCH better, look at Dark Heresy 2nd Edition (no I aint going to start about the other problems the game have but the core system is in place and its good). If they had made WFRP 3rd Edition a evolved version then It WOULD have been a much MUCH better game. How can we fix "the WFRP mess" then? - d100 system - Simple system that focus on game speed and not how many dice you can role each turn (look at the one ring rpg, its a great system) - MAPS big laminated maps I can fap on without ruining them of the world and its lands. Info on the land, each place have a story and we want the tools to tell them without using 10 hours on inventing everything our selves. - Sours Books about factions, races exc. They did have some in 2nd edition but not in the depth we need (D&D looking at you with a big thump up!) - Balance in the system, even for high levels. (So we dont run in to that "you meet a enemy that have a hard time hitting you and have a gazilion wounds problem) These are but some of the bigger issues but there are TONS of ways to improve and make the game more fun. Character creation software for out computers, and tools for the gm to make monster & campange lists and what not. I am still holding my little candle in the air hoping for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game 4th Edition! PS: More skaven! *Squeek!*
  5. Awsome sheet but could you make a version with a white bagground?
  6. Instead of having to rolle on the crit tabel would it not be cool having a deck of diffrent wound types with ranks on them instead of the "stupid" roll a 1d10 1-6 ok 7-10 ouch I find it kinda dull personaly.
  7. As the title sayes I have been browsing the interwebz for a Quick refereance sheet like for Dark heresy & Deathwatch but I cant find it anywhere :S Anyone who can help me out?
  8. 1. Big book of: gunz and equipment 2. Big book of: Vehicles, Ships and All that 3. Big book of: Space, planet info, travel exc. Random planet generator & finaly: 4. character creation & management software
  9. My gm is running a campaign in a big hive city. We where are part of the local PDF, to begin with we just rand around and acted as Police/swat units. Strange cult activity in the underhive force us down in the dark where we encounter crazy cultists and find old chaos shrine. We realize we have no ieader what to do so we call for help. Some time passes where we fight off cultists and mutants until finaly a delegation of inquisitors arive. My squad is send down with the Inquisitor and his henchment. We shote and fight like crazy and finaly we are at the temple. My platoon have to defend around the temple while the inquisitor "fix" the problem. It all goes well we fight all the baddies off and then we realize the temple have corupted the inquisitor and his warband. Our platoon is decimated and my squad leg it to the surface. After a bloddy fun get-away (car chases and the use of explosives to "make a way up" results in us bringing down the upperhive on the chaos temple \o/ . We return as heros and the next few monts goes in peace. But then all hell breaks lose, the center of the upper hive suddenly crash down in to the underhive, taking the city council with them and most of the army command. Aparently we may have used a bit to many tons of explosives.. wops... my bad.. We now fight like hell as chaos mutants and demons rise from the deep. We manage to send out a distresscall and a Space marine force respond. We fight side by side with the astarties pushing the hordes back one step at a time. The marines take command of the upperhive and we put a iron ring around the "pit". As we are resposnable for the insident we are given the choiche of death by boltgun or go down and find out what the heck happened. We go down and find that the Inquisitor have gone deeper in the hive than anyone ever did. In the deepest end of the hive we find a old tombe of some sorts. We have used weeks down in the dark hiding from all the enemies infesting the system. The old tombe is a necron complex and the inquisitor have broken in, killed its guadrians and infected the necron tombe with chaos powers. We not stand at the head of the gates of evil! 5 guardsmen! We find xeno weapons in the tombe and out tech geek figures out how to activate them. Now pacing some serious firepower we go in and find the inquisitor trying to corupt the main core of the complex. After a few lucky crits we bring him down... for now.. I strap the core in explosives and we run like hell. When we come back to the surface we find the upperhive devastated, most of the marines are dead. We left as the sole reason for the death in the city and we came back heros. We where still the main reason why all this happened so we are ordered off planet. A inquisitor lord takes us abord his ship... and thats where we ended the latest session
  10. I hope they stop and make a d100 system like 2edition of WFRP.. Much easyere to make content and players from Dark Heresy exc can easely switch over to the fantasy setting sins the system is the same...
  11. Ohhh! Stiny! Thanks for the help m8, I have scanned the rulebook but I cant find the range info anywhere so cheers
  12. so if I role 4 Hears and he rols 2 Shield I shote 2 quars or do i still shote 4 squars and then deal 2 damage?
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