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  1. That would be interesting and would give some benefit to making lasting friends. However there is the problem (perhaps with my gaming group) that the votes might get taken personally. The tie breaking mechanism in place (planets, etc). worked well. It also makes the game finished, as opposed to another 20 minutes of prolonged negotation (ie. arguing) about who won. But a good tool to spice things up.
  2. We play with the Imperial II and instead of age of empires, we just also play that when the Imperial II card is played, turn over an objective card as well. You do have to remember that that happens (last game we went two turns before we remembered) but it works that way as well. However if the Imperial Card was not chosen then you wold be left with the situation where that turn no objective would be turned over.
  3. Generally we use a mix. SE's Tech and Trade cards and Imperium II.
  4. I am interested. How to I input my information? Dan Luker Boise, Idaho
  5. I agree, on the 1 hour per person rule for experienced players, and while the 5-6 player games have been fun (and epic) I actually really enjoy the 4 player game. I find it moves much quicker than any other amount of players and there is a lot of action. We just played this last weekened and had 1 new player who had never played before and after a slightly longer set up (including rule explanation) we were done in 4.5 hours.
  6. A shoot. Well thats what I get for being magnanimous. I probably would have one the next turn.
  7. Last night I had signall jamming played on me and all my command counters were on my race sheet, none in my reinforcements. Has anyone weighed in on what happens to the signal Jamming AC in that situation. As I thought the effect would still be good I simply took a "bonus" token and used it as an extra command counter to activate that system for that Round. But by the wording of the card, it should have come from my reinfocements, were there were no more.
  8. What does everyone do when they run out of time for the game they are playing and have to leave it. Do you try and play in a place where it wont be disturbed and simply leafe it up? Or do you have some method to record the current status of the game so that you can setup the game at a later date in its current state (ie. in the 4th turn). I ended up spending about an hour recording everything in a short hand that worked all right but I was wondering what others did. (Or if they do it at all and simply chalk that game up as done).
  9. Thank you that just cleared up a lot of hardfeelings around the table.
  10. I just bought TI3 and I am in love with it. I have one question which comes up every time I am playing, and I thought I saw the rule book stating one thing but can't find it, and I have seen examples on the web stating the other so: QUESTION: When entering a two planet system can you drop ground forces on both planets in the system on that same activation, or do you have wait until next round (or use the warfare strategy card) and reactivate the system to drop on to the 2nd planet. And how does that work with a contested system, can you invade two enemy controlled planets, or only one at a time. Thanks for you help.
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