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  1. Yup, reasons like this is why Duskwitch rarely survives a turn.
  2. I strongly disagree. The point of sealed auction is to test peoples ability to judge a deck from a card list before playing it. Imagine bidding like 5 chains on a deck that struggles to win with 0 because you only saw the houses? You'd feel miserable the entire event, I know at least myself (and based on their play style and bid style from the last auction event, likely the others in my area) wouldn't actively try to bid for any deck unless they deemed theirs utter crap and even then, since you don't know what you're getting you could just be handicapping a deck that needs the handicap in their favor.
  3. We've run it at our local store but there's a better way to run it: You start with a random player who gets to nominate a deck to bid on. Then you go around till someone wins the deck, if the player who started it won it, you go clockwise from there. Otherwise that player picks another deck to start bidding on. Forcing certain decks up for auction by random chance doesn't make for an interesting auction because of stuff like what happened to you, where a bad deck comes up early and no one bids on it. Where as if you got to pick your deck, the bids always happen. Most of our decks went for 5-6 chains (no one really wanted to push into that 7) one went for 3 and obviously the last one for 0. Also, with 4 people the bids won't get too heavy anyways. Either way auction while taking a bit longer of a set up will always be better than pure sealed, since you remove a bit of the random chance element.
  4. It doesn't say it readies, thus it doesn't ready them. It just allows you to fight with two creatures from outside your active house basically.
  5. Infact, Punching something dead is how one of my decks deals with Evasive quite often
  6. Yes, when the skirmish creature is declared attacking it suffers no damage from the opposing creature. No, when it's attacked it still takes damage. Evasive is the opposite of skirmish, and thus protects it from one attack a turn while 'defending'. Neither protect from damages from other sources.
  7. niarBaD

    The app?

    To be fair, in their latest video they said they "Hoped" to have it launch on launch day. They could have a setback (if they do hopefully they'll notify us of the delay).
  8. I think it depends on how she's being purged. The Dis artifact 'Annihilation Ritual' states that when a creature goes to the discard, it's purged. Thus, in that situation Bad Penny would never hit the discard (as the destroyed effect moves her to hand instead) and would never be purged. I know there are other cards that deal damage and purge a creature if it gets killed by it, in that situation she'd be purged instead of going to hand.
  9. No. A large purpose of this is the lack of deckbuilding. You and your friends can in the comfort of your homes, but there won't be sanctioned events with it.
  10. RIP. Mine went great, It's the first time I actually played (I refused to break down and play on TTS or anything like that). Had an insane amount of fun, love my deck. Though I have to say I got the most plain name possible I think: Commander Lopez.
  11. From my reading, I don't think a house rule is needed. Their design is so that different groups can play it how they want. If you have a hyper-competitive group, you don't have to force them to play together. They just make it harder on each individual, if you have a group that really likes to work together it's designed so you can. Just because the game doesnt say "If one dies, you all lose" doesn't mean you can't play it like a full coop in the first place. It's more of a player choice than a game design thing.
  12. I disagree, I think a well balanced 4p game is good. Games tend to get really long when you start adding 5+ player counts without at least parts of the game being simultaneous. Throw in a coop where you're all trying to optimize individual turns? Could really drag on.
  13. There's a huge difference between MTG Arena and Keyforge. Namely one is built for online play and the other isn't. Keyforge is not a game that needs to sponsor streamers, as it's not really a game that will get streamed.
  14. PaxUnplugged released their schedule today (Nov 30th-Dec 2nd) and they have learning and 8 man tourney pods on schedule for Keyforge. Definitely mid-to-late November.
  15. Same here, I plan on getting the starter + 2 more decks, see if it takes hold with my friends or if I can find a store that wants to run a KeyForge night. Could easily entice me to buy more.
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