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  1. The next expansion was revealed at Spiel. It is called Labyrinth of Ruin. Cover-art at link below… http://de.trictrac.net/medias/images/1359712994.Ok11a77.jpg
  2. This listing looks has complete sets of monsters for Journeys in the Dark(2 sets), Altar of Despair, Well of Darkness. This would be a way to use the conversion kit without having to spend a fortune on 1E games and expansions. www.ebay.com/itm/Descent-Journeys-in-Dark-Game-Pieces-LOT-168-Well-of-Darkness-Altar-of-Despair Journeys in the Dark (2 complete sets of monster figs) R 6 Beastmen W 12 Beastmen R 2 Giant W 2 Giant R 4 Razorwing W 8 Razorwing R 12 skeleton W 6 skeleton R 2 Ogre W 4 Ogre R 4 Hellhound W 8 Hellhound R 2 Manticore W 4 Manticore R 8 sorcerer W 4 sorcerer R 2 Dragon W 2 Dragon R 2 Naga W 4 Naga R 6 Bane Spider W 12 Bane Spider R 2 Demon W 2 Demon Well of Darkness (1 complete set of monster figs) R 6 Kobold W 12 Kobold R 2 Ferrox W 4 Ferrox R 1 Golem W 2 Golem Altar of Despair (1 complete set of monster figs) R 2 Blood Ape W 4 Blood Ape R 1 Troll W 2 Troll R 1 Chaos Beast W 2 Chaos Beast R 2 Dark Priest W 4 Dark Priest R 1 Deep Elf W 2 Deep Elf
  3. We are now at 8 months and no previews! It seems FFG played a "Gust of Winds" Overlord card on us! That is why our torches have been blown out and we are crawling through the dark for any information!
  4. Today, marks seven months since Descent 2nd Edition's announcement with no website previews! Time to sick the a few hell hounds on the marketing folks?
  5. I saw a pack of hairy creatures rushing towards the FFG Offices today. They said..."It's time for another Beastman Beating"! Even they are dying for 2.0 info!
  6. I like this! This will be the first expansion I have purchases since the Reaper. I like how it keeps it simple and only adds one minor change!
  7. With no new info this week, I guess you could say this campaign is still stuck at the Copper level!
  8. Interestingly, Blizzard now says that Diablo 3 is slated for 2nd quarter 2012. It looks like both Descent & Diablo will hit around the same time!
  9. If you read the description for the game now, it says nothing about co-op anymore. My guess is they are ditching the co-op design.
  10. Hurdoc said: the game is being retooled as a competitive LCG? That would be AWESOME! Or at least if competitive design was being put in place alongside co-op (though I have no idea how it would be done). I think that might very well be what is happening with Star Wars.
  11. Another week with no web-site preview! We did get the GTM preview as posted in the other thread though. Still says "At the Printer" which is a good sign yes?
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