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  1. Hm, I can't seem to edit the above post to include "unless you are two weapon wielding 2 semiauto 2 or less pistols."
  2. Cifer said: I like Babaroth, the downloadable Khorne Beserker but Frenzy may be better as a RP device than an in combat one. Could you explain that? +10 WS, S, T and WP doesn't sound shabby to me, especially since there's no restriction on parrying. I'm having reservations concerning two weapon wielder as well (compared to swift attack and semi/fullauto). While a character with a monstrous WS might find Swift Attack better, Babaroth has better chances with TWW from what little I've seen from the rules. When he's in a stand-up fight, the only thing he can get for his second half action is Aim or perhaps a Feint (*). On the other hand side, an enemy that has only one reaction flat-out can't parry both hits from TWW while he needs only additional DoS on his Dodge or Parry to negate the hits from a Swift Attack. Further, TWW has a much better chance to hit at least once, which may be all that's needed when you're a seven feet tall hulking berserker in powered armour doing somewhere around 1D10+16 Tearing points of damage per attack. Still, I'd assume you can combine Swift Attack and TWW in the full rules as you previously could. Guess we'll have to wait and see. (*) though his 'Feint' would probably be more along the lines of "Hack the enemy weapon to bits before you do the same to the enemy". A question concerning frenzy, does he get to do 1d10 + 15 while in frenzy or is the +10 cap still in effect for stat bonuses (I'm certain he gets the 1DR for his T bonus increasing)? Is there a +10 cap for stat bonuses now? That would be a new thing, as lots of monsters had higher Toughness bonuses than 10 before. I did a long post with math that apparently took to long and was lost to the ether. Basically what the math ended up boiling down to is Apples to Apples, Swift Attack will always be a better choice than two weapon wielder if you must choose between them and Frenzy takes about 5 rounds to catch up for the bonuses (which aren't really that significant) it gives. Also Asrodel is better than Babaroth over all and should probably jack his chainaxe as he'll do better with it. I thought I remembered from 2+years ago that the unnatural attributes + other bonuses for PC's capped out at +10 (that may be a mix up with WFRP first edition though as I don't have my DH books here at work).
  3. Just a couple notes: Swift attack says half action, not full action in my copy of the book (a post up thread said full), it appears to be an awesome talent. I like Babaroth, the downloadable Khorne Beserker but Frenzy may be better as a RP device than an in combat one. I'm having reservations concerning two weapon wielder as well (compared to swift attack and semi/fullauto). A question concerning frenzy, does he get to do 1d10 + 15 while in frenzy or is the +10 cap still in effect for stat bonuses (I'm certain he gets the 1DR for his T bonus increasing)? The carrion hunters have a sort of horde mechanic put on them only for attacking CSM where if 3 of them can attack 1 CSM they do so with a +20 bonus and double damage. I've been away from 40K games for awhile as I was awaiting Deathwatch and then my finances tanked but this might draw me back.
  4. World Eater. Then a human Khornate worshiper who seeks to be a larger than life 'hero'.
  5. All terrain and vacuum survival and operations are trained. Scout training includes shotguns, all bolt weapons, close combat, needle sniper rifles, not sure on flame weapons. Tactical marines are crosstrained to use Lascannon, plasma weapons, chainswords, missle launchers and flamers. They are also taught to pilot landspeeders, bikes, rhinos, whirlwind and thunder hawks incase of assignment to devastater, vehicular, or assault roles. Ship board combat is also taught (when on strike cruisers and Fortress Monasterys. Drop operations and teleport ops are also trained. Besides the effects of their implants, All full marines have essentially an eidetic memory.
  6. I would say Command would be possessed by every Brother Sargent and above. Extensive survival, weaponry and martial skills are common. A variety of drive skills (land speeder, tracked vehicles and the like). Part of their training is hypno induction almost equivalent to Matrix style skill downloads.
  7. Oh, OK. 3 clips per gun I can live with. I'm planning to see if I can run these for some friends. Jonathan
  8. All Battle Brothers spend time in their chapters equivalent of the 10th company as Scouts so the relevant concealment and stealth skills should be present. Jonathan
  9. In Final Sanction the Elite Deathwatch Killteam responding to a request for aid from an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos drops into battle with 60 Heavy Bolter Rounds, 56 Bolt Pistol rounds and 28 Kraken Bolter rounds? Seriously? So best thing the Non Assault Battle Brothers should do, barring emergencies is attack hordes with their Combat Knives to save ammo? I think I've found the only thing I don't like about the scenarios. Jonathan
  10. Julian Amici is a highly trained mercenary with some enhancement provided by a Heretek in my game, he leads 4 men (Killsquad trooper quality with guard armor and decent las weaponry [minerva-aegis and Mark IV], with mono melee weapons). He and his men hire out as bodyguards, assassins and armed couriers. They will typically work together as a well oiled fireteam. Julian Amici WS 45 BS 45 S 42 T 40 AG 50 INT 35 PER 35 WP 40 FEL 35 Skills: Dodge +10, Awareness, Charm, Barter, Command, Intimidate, Chem use +10, common lore (imperium, war, underworld) Talents: All relevant Weapons Training (Las, melee up to chain), Sidestep, Swift attack, furious Assault, mighty shot, crushing blow, quick draw, rapid reload, peer (underworld and military). equipment: Guard Flak armor, D'laku Hellgun, Fury laspistol, chainsword, 6 chargepacks (3 for each weapon), Injector rig with 2 ghostfire pollen extract, slam, 3 stimm and 3 detox. 200 thrones. My group just broke 2K xp, is this to hard for them, just right? a little weak? (The Assassin uses a hunting rifle with Red dot sight and 41 BS as his typical attack but he's the most tricked out offensively).
  11. Ok, had the full group tonight. 1st event: Local Prostitutes come by to pay their "rent", Kate shortchanges the party 3 thrones "seems very sincere". Next session, Kate will be roughed up by Sons of Silence gangers encroaching on the old Sicari Sanguine territory. 2nd event: Old customer of Dr. Muscle comes by, drops off a delivery for him that turns out to be 3000 doses of Ghostfire Pollen Extract. Party argues amongst self as to what to do, turns to =][= to settle arguement, he orders them to turn in to Administratum. Jaghatai learns probable source of extract is the Escobar Cartel. Party discusses options as well as how much they wish to try to get from =][= for "startup expenses". =][= is willing to give up to 10000thrones as good job award.
  12. Didn't have a regular session this week but did handle the assassin's side trip (two assassinations). One went relatively well, during the other, crappy dice rolls ended up with the target finally dieing when his aircar crashed into a Hive hab block and exploded (I arbitrarily ruled 100 fatalities and countless injured). I'm thinking of having one of Dr. Muscles old customers showing up (maybe a Killsquad trooper with the injector implant (holds 10 doses of up to 4 drugs, ghostfire, slam, slaught and stimm maybe?).
  13. I have to disagree, he's seen it in the hands of every rich noble's bodyguard who can get one. Folks, military gear is common in the imperium. Seeing a guy in armor and carrying anything from a lasweapon to military grade firepower (meaning heavy bolter/stubber/grenade launchers) is not only not going to do more than lift a couple eyebrows ("I wonder how he affords that?") it will rarely draw the attention of the enforcers (he must have shown his permits on landing, right?). I mean come on, down hive thugs in Necromunda have bolters (you can argue about the quality of them, but they are there) how can people think that they aren't available to the much richer middle/uphivers? On Scintilla, PTU says you can walk around with a bodyguard's license and any basic, pistol or Melee weapon and the cops won't even say "boo!" Where does the idea that you need pistols and concealable armor to operate covertly come from?
  14. Ok, near as we can figure out, I must have seen the part where regular knives have a thrown range of 3m on the chart and that snuck into my head and went sideways (probably influenced by my knowledge of the Tueller test and having participated in a variety of simulated combat events). Again, I apologize.
  15. I apparantly owe an apology as I cannot find the reference in either the main book or the erratta that pertains. My bad. Seeing as we've been playing that way since my friend started his game I'm gonna have to see if he remembers why I thought that.
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