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  1. Not really something "heard" but another interesting situation in my game went as follows.. Normally i'm a pretty fair GM. I fudge things here and there, but thus far I have yet to kill anything other than disposable NPCs and very rarely do my players have to burn a fate point. Now, my players has more or less begun recklessly checking rooms in this spaceship, and i wanted to put a little scare into them. So I set a nervous guardsmen up with a Heavy Stubber in overwatch position at a doorway. I was just going to have him open fire and spook them a little. However, I decided to roll, for the sake of realism. I rolled extremely well, and decided, what the hell, let's see what damage he does.... At full health, with storm trooper carapace and a toughness bonus of 4, the guardsmen was shredded to bits. Or at least he would have been without some fate burning. First his arm was blown off (fatepoint) then he nearly died of blood loss (fate point) and the only reason he survived was that the psyker was doing some seriously great rolls with his biomancy. After that, they took to peeking into every room before walking in. They also remembered that there was such thing as overwatch and started using it against the creatures on the ship...
  2. Hello again. I've posted here before, but I figure i'd update. I'm still looking for anyone who wants to play or GM in, or near Waterford, Mi. Right now there are only 3 of us, and although i've been running the games with only 2 players, i'd much rather have more. Thanks for your time!
  3. Well, I can understand a few of the things. Obviously if you have a low fellowship, you don't get along with people and lack social skills, so it would be hard to pretend to be another person compared to someone with a lot of charm and what not. As for hacking, I didn't know it required agility, though I suppose it makes some sense. It would honestly be a dual test to me, intelligence and speed. Depending on the complexity of what you are hacking, you may only have seconds to change a vital piece of code before you are caught or the data changes. As for the BS test, that is less logical, but you can stretch it to fit the truth. Since your basic BS skill is simply how good you are at using the weapon, the bonus comes not in the actual ability to shoot or improvement on aiming, but instead the sheer amount of rounds flying at the enemy. Since aiming is a seperate action altogether you can suppose that your characters are just firing at the hip, so it makes sense that more bullets equals more ability to hit something. What doesn't make sense is being unable to use semi-auto fire with aim in a single turn.
  4. Oh, I am the game-master actually. I was just curious as to whether or not anyone was having it do "shocking" damage or not, since it doesn't specify that it does. I am currently just treating as if it does and anyone hit with it has to roll the toughness check or be stunned. Though I am not sure if I want to continue doing so.
  5. A very simple question that a quick search did not answer.. Biolightning is lightning yes? Thus.. shouldn't it deal "shocking" damage? Causing the person to roll toughness to see if they are stunned? It doesn't say so.. but.. it doesn't make any sense for it not to.
  6. Our games are usually pretty random and funny, but occasionally something stands out. Something that is sort of an inside joke between a friend of mine is an event that happened not too long ago. So the characters are trapped on this Destroyer. Originally they thought the ship was hijacked, though now they seem to think an insane heretek has taken over the ship. There are various types of slapdash mechanical abominations. So, the scene. There are two characters, our ex-skitari guardsmen and our void-born psyker. Gunner (the guardsmen) is unloading full auto blasts from his pistol at two Cyborg Squigs. The psyker originally started out attempting to shoot the squigs, thinking them easy prey, but quickly realized they were actually very dangerous. So he unleashes his bio-lightening at one, getting overbleed. He uses both bolts to fry the creature into a crispy mess. After the inital celebration I chuckled and said aloud. Ha, very nice, too bad it only had 1 Hp left. His jaw dropped, then he began trying to convince me that he could split the bolt and attack the other one now. I told him he was mistaken, it wasn't chain lightening, his turn is over. But he persisted to argue until finally I wound up shouting "IT ISN'T INTELLIGENT LIGHTENING!" So now anytime someone is being stubborn over something dumb, my friend and I go "It isn't intelligent lightning!" - My second event took place on the same ship, with the same two characters. Eventually, after clearing the 2nd deck and about half of the 3rd, they stumble across a strange alien weapon. What they didn't know was that it was a Hrud Fussil. Which turned out to be a warp weapon. Not more than a couple of minutes later they come across another abomination. A bizzare hybrid of flesh and machine. It was a decapitated torso with combat shotguns for arms, a head floating in a jar in it's stomach with his lower half being a mechanical spider. After their inital shock, the guardsmen pulls out the fussil and fires, actually managing to hit it despite the huuuge penalties he had. The warp corruption of the weapon causes a small disgusting tumor to grow out of his neck. He decides living is more important than worrying about the tumor, and fires the weapon on his next turn, which causes even more warp corruption. This time he winds up mutating horribly, growing massive and unsightly muscles. I (having very little concept of measurements) state that this causes him to grow 3 meters in height. Immediately they both started laughing and told me that he'd grow straight through the roof and so I changed it to about half a meter. Regardless, this causes quite a long break where we all began laughing at the notion of someone firing a gun and growing so huge he smashes through the roof. He also missed the monster. We now call him "the Hulk"
  7. It sort of happened to my group in the last game I ran. We are a very small group to begin with, and one of the players was missing, so I decided I was going to run a mini-scenario. A simple 4 hour investigation taking place in a small 1920's-ish settlement, a case of people going missing and a woman going insane out of the blue. The only cavet was that they only had 3 days to find out before their pilot left them. However, when they first landed, they got horrible drive rolls on the "p.o.s." truck that was left for them and it kept stalling out. This wound up with a little side quest of searching for a new vehicle. (Which turned out to be in even worse condition.) Then, out of every single place they could have explored, they went to the only one where they HAD to be dressed nicely. (Not wearing bloody bedraggled clothing..) So they wound up going from tailor to tailor, until they found suits that would fit without having to wait several days for them to be altered. Then a simple slip of the tongue wound up with them deciding they didn't have the right kind of money on the planet. So one character decided to rob the suit shop, while the other went grave robbing. This, coupled with a struggle in the sanitarium due to some failed stealth, a shootout with the local arbites, and pissing off the local ad mech cult, wound up with them being hunted by the entire city. My 4 hour mini-scenario turned into a 14 hour monster.
  8. Ken Waterford, Mi Always looking for new players to join up, somehow we always seem to be short. Also going to start up Rogue Trader someday soon.
  9. Okay, spoiler alert for you who haven't played illumination or Edge of Darkness. (Some things I modified though..) So I was Gming a game with 2 of my friends. Originally we started with Edge of Darkness and 4 players, but by the beginning of the second scenario Illumination, we were down to two. I couldn't find anyone else to join, and no one wanted to stop playing so we simply played with 2 characters. Oddly enough, they plowed through illumination without much trouble. On Edge of Darkness, the 4 characters arrived at the train station and when they get off, another man gets on. Immediately one of the 2 guardsmen we had "Maze" went back on the train and began harrassing the man because he looked "suspicious." Eventually I had to have the train start leaving the station before he finally left the man alone and got off. He then immediately proceeded to an alley where he saw a couple of people watching them and begins questioning them about the Murder of Saul. (This was supposed to be a secret investigation, no one even knew it was a murder besides the baddies and acolytes.) Later, because of his disregard for secrecy, he is arrested in the middle of the street while eating a fried rat on a stick. When asked to drop the rat, he drops it on the ground, then picks it back up and begins eating it again. When they start to arrest him he pulls out his vox and begins radioing everyone that he was being arrested. (Giving away that he wasn't the only one.) So the characters have to stage a rescue and a big shootout occurs. Later, when Maze was free again, he winds up telling some random npcs about how the 4 of the killed a bunch of enforcers and wondered if they knew about any White Worm things inside people. V_V Also, while doing Edge of Darkness, the characters were heading up the stairs of the Habstack where Saul lived when they ran into two homeless dregs. One dreg was standing near the stairs, and the other was laying on the ground near the top stair. The two dregs tried to keep them from going up the stairs, simply stating that they didn't want to go up there, that it was bad up there, etc. However, the guardsmen "Gunner" decided to step over the one on the ground and keep going. This upset the dreg and I rolled a grapple, I rolled a 1. Suddenly the homeless man was latched onto the guardsmen's legs and would not let go. Even to this day he still complains about the "Ninja Homeless Man." In the end, they fail the capture the churgeon, blow up the alms house, wind up releasing the plague, discover that the enforcers were actually acolytes from a different inquisitor, that their inquisitor/interrogator was a fake and are arrested and taken to a penal colony. They now really really hate Interrogator Sand. Illumination At one point in the game, a group of about 7 voicers were heading to attack the characters. One of them attempts to lob a firebomb at them, which would have been devastating because the characters were poorly equipped. However, I have a home rule that goes if you "miss" with a grenade you roll a strength check to see if you still manage to throw it about the same range as your targets. Well, the voicer failed miserably with an 86 and wound up throwing the firebomb directly at his feet, which exploded setting the entire group and a duskdog who was attacking them on fire. Killed all but the duskdog. So the characters figure things out by the time the battle with the daemon occurs. They realize they have to take out the creatures eyes to kill it. However, apparently they failed their Common Sense checks because they couldn't figure out how to take out its eyes. For some reason the only way that came to mind was plucking it's eyes from it's head with their knives! (They did eventually realize called shots would work.. but it took a while and some gentle prods from the GM. They managed to kill Skae without losing a single fate point.)
  10. Hello, my friends and I run a tabletop game of Dark Heresy and i'm looking for players nearby. Currently we have 2 campaigns going, one is just starting with fresh characters and the Maggots in the Meat (?) scenario. The other has a rank 3 Psyker and a Rank 3 Guardsmen and is on hold at the moment. If you are looking for a game, we would love to have you. We play generally Tuesday or Saturday night around 7pm till about 12 or 1am. Thanks. May your wretched corpse god devour your soul.
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