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  1. Talked w/ Mark Larson on Twitter; said he was going to demo this at Gencon, so chances are very high that aliens will be invading
  2. Hi all, Just got my copy Friday and LOVE IT!! simply put I am so happy that the two Devs came together and made this game awesome! But… something that I did not understand : There are no 20c markers and because of this, the 10c markers went out fast. At one point we used the 1c/5c markers for 10c/50c for First Contact credits. I think the 1c/5c markers are for the classic game, but none the less, we were short in a 3-player game 10c. What can we do to get either more 10c markers or see/ask/beg for Fantasy Flight to make a 20c marker and ship it out Thoughts? thank you
  3. LordZoma said: Fantasy Flight outdid themselves with this fantastic re imagining of Merchant of Venus. I noticed that the Shuttle racial technology allows you to pick up and drop off passengers during your set speed movement. This is crucial since you can be at a system that has a passenger appear in it before you move. Normally you'd need to stay there to pick them up, but with the shuttle you can set speed, assign a die to the shuttle, pick up the passenger, and then move away. Yes - you can use it at the start OR the end of movement…. I did well with the shuttle and status chamber combo and was able to drop off/pick up most of the passengers in our game..
  4. * When you offload cargo on another planet that does not buy it, the cargo stays on that planet until someone buys it at its production cost: Standard Rules, page 25: " Offloading At any time during a player’s Transaction phase, if he is located on a surface city or spaceport, he may offload any number of goods, racial technologies, or passengers. To do so, he simply removes the desired tokens from his cargo holds and places them in the market of his current system. The offloaded goods, racial technology, or passenger tokens immediately become available for purchase or pickup at that system. Normally, a market’s available goods, technologies, and passenger tokens would be those originating from that system’s culture. However, offloading (and some card effects) make it possible for markets to contain goods, technologies, and passengers that originated in other systems. Offloading does not count as an action, and players do not receive credits for offloading tokens." * SHUTTLE: The shuttle allows you to transport unlimited passengers to and from your ship, but only at the start or end of your movement- not during the trip. P32 , standard rules: The current player can use the Shuttle only during the Set Speed and End Movement steps of his Movement phase.
  5. I would think that if you were not present to be charged at the assemble, then how can you give the money to the treasurer?? goto a movie - pay $10 - then leave ?? Common sense has it for me - like what was said before, you choose to comply with the law that has one baron act as a treasurer when the meetings are started. If you choose to not comply with the law that entitles a baron to do something, then you are going against the vote of the assembly and thus, take a walk. my 0.02
  6. Hello I purchased a new copy of Warrior Knights this weekend; we finally played a 6-player game yesterday and found that the GREEN Baron has 2 of the star obles and missing the Triangle noble marker. What do I need to do to get one Triangle Green noble? the local store does not have another copy of the game.. -Joe
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