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  1. Finally after years of content slicing, we reached a point were a FFG game comes with not enough content to play it propperly. Dont believe me? Well, if you own a copy of DOOM I strongly suggest to open it and have a look at the Cyber Demon Invader-card and Event-cards granting additional attack dice. Let me explain why FFG/Asmodee has gone to far with pressing every last Dollar out of us this time. The game uses, much like Imperial Assault for instance, cards for the Demons. On those, there is a collor code in the lower right corner, telling you which and how many dice to use when attacking. The game comes with 4 red and two black dice and with the latter, the problems are on. If a Demon (not only the Cyber) uses two black dice for its attack and an Event-card or Argent power, or even both, grant additional black dice, you end up having not enough dice to make your roll. Your only chance is to track the result of the two black dice somehow manually and reroll them untill you reach the amount needed for the attack. One ends up a lot of times doing so and I can't shake the feeling that this is intended, to push us into the infamous and soon to be released DOOM Dice-pack. But not this time. I will not longer bow to such methods and I appeal to all of you to stay strong as well. Only when we, the customers say no, they may eventually stop slicing content down to far. This is no rant! I love the game. It is a fast paced tactical action Miniaturegame which is fun to play. But having not enough dice to make a roll at once is bad catering for customers and should not be rewarded! Get creative. Make your own custom dice or use a D10/D20 to track damage. Regardless, stay away from the DOOM Dice-pack!
  2. Cheers man! You inspired me with your idea. See my goal is to have a good expirience and to be honest I'm not a player who gets his kicks by seeing the Rebel Players loosing all the time. I think I'll go with those two: Exceeding the limit​Round limit can be exceeded but comes at a cost of increasing Threat. Take the mission "Aftermath" for example. It has a round limit of 6. If Rebel Players cannot manage to reach their objective in 6 rounds, they can decide to go on. In that case the Imperial Player does follow the steps in status phase of the actual round with one exception. When he gains threat he does not only gain the Threat-level ensured by the Campaign-sheet, he gets the missions Threat-level plus the missions Threat-level als Threat points for deploy. For the following status phase this Threat becommees the new basis for calculating Threat. When he gains Threat again, he simply adds the campaigns Threat-level to that base. Example: Aftermath has a Threat-level of 2. If the Rebel Players wish to go for round 7 at the end of round 6, the Imperial Player would gain Threat-level 2 + Threat-level 2 (the bonus for round 7) which addds up to a Threat of 4. This Threat (of 4) is now the new base for calculating Threat in the Status Phase of round 7 (if the Rebel Players want to go for round 8). Lets assume Rebels want to. Status phase round 7, gain Threat step: Threat-level (from round 6) = 4 + Threat-level from Campaign-sheet = 2 adds up to 6 Threat in total for deployment at the end of round 7. Again this Threat (of 6) would becomme the base for calculating Threat in the next Status Phase end of round 8. This way Rebel Players have the oppurtunity to exceed the forseen round limit but the longer this goes on, the more the Imperial Player will be able to field troops to stop them. This will allow players to exceed but will not give them enough time to rest as much as they want and start from the beginning without the Imperial Player haven a chance to interfere. In addition keep in mind that Threat-level increases over the course of a campaing. Playing with 5 Rebel Heroes.This is a bit edgy because this rule will need you as Imperial Player to monitor the progress of your Rebel Players but should work well enough. When playing with a 5th Rebel Hero, look for the Deployment Costs on his Deploy Card. Divide that costs in half (round down) and spread those points as even as possible over all rounds of the mission, assigning each round at least one point. Repeat this procedure as long as you have points left and always start from round 1. Those points are additional Threat you receive in the Status Phase as a bouns to compensate for the 5th Hero. If playing in combination with "Exceeding the limit"-rule ​this additional Threat does not count towards any calcultaion for additional Threat! In missions which do not have a round limit, divide the costs for the Hero in half (round down) and receive all of them during the mission set up as an additional deployment, following the normal rules for this. You cannot save or carry over any points if you choose not to deploy any additional group or figure. You can spend all of those points in addition to any mission effects and other Threat-points but if you have points left, they will not carry over. Still you'll have to monitor your Rebel Players progress and power creep. Since the campaign seem to be in imperial favour at the end, you should not encounter any disadvantages whis this rule. Gaining only half the Threat-cost for a hero seems to be unfair but this rule is made to give Rebel Players an advantage. If you fell like having no chance against their power in later missions, simply go with 2/3 of the points rounded up or all of them. But keep in mind that everything in this game is balnced out to Threat-points and having to many of them as a Imperial Player can easily destroy a Rebels dream of victory Dont forget those rules are house rules and not official. There is no guarantee that they will work and balance things out. Feel free to try them out and experiment with them. If you do, some feedback would be highly appreciated, since this is our desperate hour here Like a wise man said before: Remember that this is YOUR game and so you can make adjustments if you think those adjustments would improve the game expirience. May the Force be with you.
  3. Did you play any other Mission yet? If so, did you feel your approach is good? Do you as imperial player have a chance to win at all? Im thinking about bringing in a 5th rebell player and start with Threat at half of his deployment costs. So rebells will have a slight advantage in the mission. I had the impression that every deployment card in the game is balanced out by its deployment cost but I'm not sure if this is not too much.
  4. Thanks for all your replies, ceep it comming It seems to me that Aftermath is indeed a obstacle to overcomme when first playing the game. Played it with my wife yesterday and she had Mak and Gaarkhan and did catch victory by dicing off in the last round too. Again we did everything right with sarting rewards and rules and stuff, so we got all that bases coverd. In addition she's not a casual player and used to games like this. Still she wasnt able to turn tides towards her favour. A game should always give players a fair chance to win especially if victory is not easy to accomplish. Dicing off at a mission objective to claim it will always feel dull if it is the last throw a team has. Yes dices are in the game for random chance like in RPGs and tons of other games and I like them. Sometimes they can be ******* and I like that too but in my case rebells did six rolls with 3 dices. Every one of them has a good chance to surge out but it simply didn't happen. That was a rather dull situation, even for me. I'm thinking about getting an additional Hero into the game to ease the missions. I'm totally aware that this might throw the blancing right out of the window but if no ones is having fun at the table it seems a good option to me. Please keep further reports and comments comming. I like to hear about your solutions. How you folks are dealing with difficulty etc. I'm sure that someone @FFG is reading this stuff too, even if they dont reply. So it may not hurt for the balancing of the nex campaign-set too
  5. Hi folks Started first round IA yesterday with 5 players. I took my time to explain all the rules while the tutorial mission. After everybody was familiar with the rules we did set up a campaign as described in RRG. My rebell player did choose to play Jyn, Mak, Fenn and Gideon. All of them are ranged characters. Despite the indication of one rebell player that the Wookie is pretty strong they stayed with theyre characters. I dont think that there is anything wrong with it but this would be my first question. Does anyone of you play with a rebell group without melee characters? If so did you observe any balancing issues? We played the introdutory mission first. My rebells did closely miss their goal in round six. It was down to the wire, at least from my perspective. I had the impression that my rebells strugeled with the spontaneous events in that Mission. I managed to wound all of them and fulfill my goal, supported by "Show of Force" which I used as often as possible (once per round). Fair enough my players where somehow underwhelmed by the end of the mission. I granted everybody his reward and we proceeded with post mission clean up and upgrade. After that I took the "Under Siege" mission and placed it as active main mission. I shuffeled the side mission deck and placed "Spice Job" and "Sorry for the mess" active. My rebells decided to go for the Spice Job mission. We did set up the board and I read the mission introduction and goals aloud. Right after the beginning my players complained that they are not able to succeed because of the five rounds time limit. I said that they should at least try. After that we played along and my players failed to accomplish their goal by claiming all Spice-tokens. For claiming the last token the did roll six times to get a surge symbol but failed in the end. Again the atmosphere was depressed and my player started complaining about the balancing and the round limit. Retrospectiveley the played well. They used their abilities, items and synergies and pushed towards the missions goals. I did not make it easy for them because they're expirienced players but everything was within the rules. Did anyone encounter similiar problems? And if rebells loose a series of missions in a row, do they have a chance against the stronger imperial player in the end? Is the gap fillable even when running on "Additional Rewards" as a rebell team? Comments are most appreciated Cheers
  6. I read that part but is rerolling an effect? A reroll is an effect granted by an ability. I would go with the rules here. Attacker first, then defender.
  7. Yep, agreeing totally to this. Some of the minis have a poor standard. After all the pics I've seen on FFG I was eager to hold those detailed and crafty minis in my hands. I thought, if they have a good quality, I gonna paint them. Right after unboxing that thought was gone. I recognized simmilar issues with all minis showing fleshy parts. Still, for a boardgame they are good but in the light of a minitaure game there below standards.
  8. Page 2 of the RRG: • If an ability is “used,” it can be triggered multiple times each round, but it can only be triggered once per timing instance. For example, an ability that says, “Use while attacking to apply +1H to the attack results,” can only be triggered once during each attack. Refering to that you can only reroll once.
  9. LTP guide page 6: When performing a ranged attack, follow these restrictions: •Line of Sight: To declare the attack, the target figure must be in line of sight of the attacking figure. To determine if a target is within line of sight, the attacking player chooses one corner of his figure’s space. Then he traces two straight, uninterrupted lines to two different corners of the target’s space. These lines cannot overlap and cannot be traced through walls (thick black lines), blocked terrain (red lines), or spaces containing figures. See “Example of an Attack” below for a visual example. LTP guide page 9: When a large figure attacks, line of sight may be traced from any single space it occupies. When a large figure is attacked, the figure performing the attack can target any single space the large figure occupies. As said before, there is no ark.
  10. First of all Imperial Assault is a board game because it uses a board. It's NO miniature game like WH40k or X-Wing. Even if FFG want us to believe that. Only reason for this is that board games pieces like i.e. miniatures cannot be sold for a price like 10-20 bucks a piece. Prices for minis are open ended as GW well demonstrates AND people are willing to pay. So FFG is taking the middle row here. Yes IA is also sort of a TT but all you "paint your miniatures or leave" people out there, keep in mind it is still a board game too. It attracts board game players who might not want to paint, glue and convert and all that stuff. Forcing them into painting is stupid and offending and I hope the day will come where you Paint-nazis have no one left to play with I have some decend paintet 40K and Infinity minis in my cabinets myself and love to paint and play with them but I think I'm not gonna paint my AI minis. It is not about the time or the effort. When I paint them, I have to put them in a seperate foam-box because the coating chips and cracks when you just throw them in a bag with other minis. I like to have all pieces for a board game in one place, better jet one box. Still I can see the base game box not fittin all the stuf FFG is about to release and when the time has come to put all those minis into a seperate box, I maybe start to paint them too
  11. Amazon Germany scheduled for 22nd of December and delivery at 31st this morning. Price is down to unbeatable 65€ at the moment. With a bit of luck my pre order may arrive on 22nd. Anyways 31st is as good as well I think Finally it looks like waiting is comming to an end
  12. Does any one know about shiping process and Europe release? Can we expect it at least with Amazon by the US release date? I mean we folks in good ol'europe would die to have it around at Xmas too
  13. Sry for the double post. Didn't recognize the other one Anyways, at least I can read the rules now. Again ;p
  14. Don't know if you already know but official rules are up. HF http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=271&esem=4
  15. Someone snatched some rumors about Gen-Con? Last year FFG decided to announce the core game. I hope we're getting to hear something about expansions ths year
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