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  1. I don't find this card that confusing, but I haven't really thought about it as much as you guys seem to have. I'd definetly say that this card is intended to add +2 to all combat that takes place in your neighborhood until the end of whatever phase you cast it during. It might just be one combat or it could be several, but it effects all.
  2. I would really like to have this app. Is it gonna be available for download anytime soon? I love making custom content for games I play and this would be great. I use Strange Eons for Arkham Horror all the time and this app would be great for my Descent games.
  3. You guys have been having a big discussion on using the Axe and the Martial Arts skill working together at the same time. Well what about Brass Knuckles? How does that card work thematically with any other weapon or skill? Say you have the Shotgun and Brass Knuckles, thematically it just doesn't make sense. I mean your shooting the monster not punching it. Anyways, I just thought I throw that in for discussion.
  4. Cimmerz said: Cimmerz said: My biggest problem with that setup is that part of the appeal of dealing with the Peddlar is having a larger choice but at a higher cost (and risk if you can't afford it). Being able to look at 5 for a higher price (and a possible Terror level increase) vs. looking at 3 at Curiositie Shoppe at list price (with no risk of terror) makes me feel less likely to look at his inventory. His inventory should constantly change. But I can look at 3 items at Curiositie Shoppe. If I can't afford one there, the worse that can happen is a good item gets discarded to the bottom of the deck. And you shouldn't be shopping there without at least $5 anyway. Granted, if the Terror level reaches 6, that shop is closed, and the peddlar may be your only reliable source of Unique items. The peddlar made it so you'd have to spend more money, but got a bigger selection to choose from. 5 is still more, but I'm not sure it's enough to make me choose him over the shop, because of his higher price and risk. There could be some way to counter that ..... like a possible way to increase the number of items you can look at. Maybe pay 1 Sanity or Stamina to draw additional cards, or something like that. Some way to get to see more of his stuff. Afterall, his items will change through the course of the game anyway by your new proposed changes, unless by some fluke, Moon monsters never move. The peddlar is a great addition to the games we played, and can be really helpful. But as we found out in our last game, he can make things too easy if he gets stacked with items. You considered making the cards change after dealing with him? If player A purchases an item, the unpurchased items are shuffled, and x amount are then discarded, and that same amount are then drawn and added to his inventory? Player B looks but can't afford anything, the items are shuffled, and x amount are then discarded, and that same amount are then drawn and added to his inventory. That might could even replace the moon movement trigger to change his inventory, since that might get fiddly or even slow the game down after a while. Either way, his items would change though, and that's what you want. Anyway, he needs a scarecrow I can see what your saying about the curiositie shoppe, so maybe drawing only 5 is a bad thing, but I think we need to try changing his iventory when he moves first and if that doesn't work out, we can try changing his iventory every time someone deals with him. The idea of paying sanity or stamina to look at more cards is interesting also. Maybe we can deliberate more on that at out next session. As far as giving him a scarecrow, no. How 'bout I just let him try to be an actor in crappy b-movies in a 3 day long game of Hollywood Movie Stars.
  5. Maybe bumb'em down to 5 and 4 respectively and give him 3 focus.
  6. Here's an idea that I come up with to keep his inventory changing a little bit through out the game. His token is a moon symbol, so he moves when a moon mythos card is drawn that way he's not in the same street area the whole game. Now my idea is that everytime he moves, you shuffle and discard either 1 or 3 spells, common items, and unique items from his inventory. Then add either 1 or 3 new spell, common, and unique items back to his inventory. Not exhibit items though (there's just not enough of those to do this with). I'm saying 1 or 3 because I haven't tried this out yet and I'm not sure how many items should be removed and replace yet. It could more or could be less. I don't know. Now combine this with shuffling and only getting to look at a fixed amount of cards in his inventory and the possibility of never even seeing all his inventory before an item is discarded becomes possible. Example: He starts with 10 random Unique items. 4 player game. Player 1 goes to the Peddler first turn and wants to buy a Unique item. He first must shuffle the Unique items, then only take the top 5 cards. He buys an item for $2 higher than list price and a new random Item is put in the iventory. Player 2 also goes to the Peddler to look at Unique items. He shuffles and draws top 5. Well, he either get's really lucky and see's the 5 item that player 1 didn't see or most likely, he draws 2 or 3 of the same items that player 1 did. Now the Peddler moves during mythos. Shuffle and discard 3 unique items from his inventory and put 3 random items back. Now some of the items that the players didn't even get to see might have been discarded to the bottom of the unique item deck, which is what I want to happen or atleast have the possibility of that happening. Also, this keeps the Peddler fresh and makes players want to keep dealing with him through out the game.
  7. Here's another character that I made. This is the third version of him. I've changed his abilities a couple of times and this is what I've got now.
  8. Mustard, I'm glad you like Chester. Let me explain a little about why I choose his stuff like I did. I didn't want him to be like Daisy at all so that's why his sanity ability is like it is and that's why he doesn't start with a tome. Also, since he can specifically shop for tomes is another reason I didn't start him with one. As far as giving him an ability to reduce movement points required to read tomes, that's an awesome idea, but my friend Cimmerz has made a character that has a movement reduction ability for tomes, and I didn't want to copy him either. So that's why he ended up the way he is.
  9. Well, the way I have him set up he only starts with three random exhibit items in his inventory and he doesn't add a new card to his inventory unless someone buys an exhibit item which cost $7. Now I know that in a high player # game this could be exploited but it would take alot of money and waste a lot of turns to do so. Also, just in case some of you have missed the text below his picture, he starts with 10 random spells, 10 random common items, 10 random unique items, and 3 random exhibit items as his starting inventory.
  10. The only reason I put Exhibit items on him is because out of the 40 or 50 games that I've played I can't once remember anyone getting an Exhibit item and I don't like to see a deck of cards just sitting there just taking up space. I payed for them, I want to use them, and this just helps them get use in our games.
  11. I had thought about only drawing so many randoms when buying from him, but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I'll give that a try this weekend when my group plays. This is still a new and fresh idea that is still going to be test played before I decide to finalize it. Thanks for the input Mi-go hunter. Can't wait to see what others say.
  12. This is just a little extra game mechanic that me and my friends have been playing around with. We like using the peddler but I'd like to see what some of you think about it.
  13. Here's a new character I made this past weekend. Played one game with him and he worked really well.
  14. Thanks for all the input guys. I thought we played it the right way, but I wanted to be sure. And Tibs, do you just have every card and all the text memorized or what? LOL
  15. Yeah, I don't think that character is really a Sniper type character. Why is Lore higher than Fight and a sniper should be fighting not sneaking. Here's one of my characters and she is a Hit Woman kind of like a sniper back in the twenties. sites.google.com/site/mcwcustomarkham/investigators/ruby-lee I still can't figure out how to get my image posted in the message. I'm doing something wrong, but the link works and I have other characters on my page that you guys can check out and leave comments on if you like.
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