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  1. This is exactly how I feel, couldn't have said it better myself!
  2. r_b_bergstrom said: It does _not_ end the round. So if the marines use an action card that empties a blip pile, after you resolve all of their actions, you move to the new location. So you'd place new terrain cards, and if the new location has a special effect that happens upon arriving, you'd resolve that. Then, you'd draw the event card, use it's effect and spawn and move genestealers as directed. Only then would you go back to the start of the round and choose actions again. You forgot the Genestealer Attack phase. So in this scenario: finish Resolve Actions Phase place new Location and Terrain cards discard remaining blip pile then create new blip piles resolve new location "upon entering" effect RESOLVE GENESTEALER ATTACK PHASE resolve Event Phase Obviously if you've manged to wipe out all Genestealers on the formation with your Actions plus any Door Terrain tokens, then there will be no Genestealers that Attack during this phase. But if there are any hanging on - you still must have that Genestealer Attack Phase.
  3. I never said it was a perect fix, it was just a suggestion - because either by having two artifact cards, or by leaving one out altogether, your variant does make the game slightly easier, however small that chance is. But don't get me wrong, I like your idea about getting some use out of those other location cards, and I couldn't come up with anything better myself.
  4. r_b_bergstrom said: There is however, at least one issue that can come up if you mix the decks, but it's easy to fix and doesn't wreck the game in any way. Both the green and the red deck each have a location with the artifact terrain, and these two locations don't have the same number. Since the artefact goes to your hand when you activate it, it's possible to essentially need to have two copies in play. (One on the table and one in hand, or even 2 in players hands.) Given all the cards available in the decks, it doesn't come up too often. Luckily, there's an easy solution when it does come up: Just subject that card to the same limitations that reign in the Support Tokens. So, if the card is in someone's hand at the time you're directed to place it at a location, it remains in the hand and you don't place the new one. I understand you said it doesn't happen all that often anyway, but by doing this you're also leaving out a green spawning point. How about you place the Corridor Terrain instead?
  5. As long as the icon on the event card appears on any card in a swarm, the swarm moves/flanks as instucted.. (With the exception of any swarm instructed to flank that already is flanking, which wouldn't move.)
  6. I own both. While I would say that I personally would prefer to play Blue Moon if it was only one or the other, I would also say that I'd be happy to play either game with a willing opponent. Within a single gaming session, I might find myself wanting to move on after playing a few rounds of Lost Cities. However, with Blue Moon, if it starts to feel repetitive, I can just swap decks with my opponent and instantly the game feels refreshed. If you can the get a hold of other decks outside the base game, then the combinations of matchups can really keep a session going for a while without feeling too stale. So I don't believe that Blue Moon is a "replacement" for Lost Cities. I just believe that Blue Moon has more replayability.
  7. miles601 said: That way those who enjoy those Heralds would have an official release with size, and paper quality that matches the official releases. This is exactly how I feel, to be able to have matching components!
  8. I also thought about getting a custom battlefoam tray for these minis, if I manage to get them. Now I'm wondering just what other AH game components could be slotted into a custom battlefoam tray?
  9. Dam said: TheWagon said: The sleeves are quite slippery at first and the larger decks (Gate, Mythos, Common, Unique, Spell) are quite easy to topple over. It has become less of a problem over time though. Heh, my Talisman's Adventure deck is 288 cards, all sleeved, standing at 15,5 cm (that's 6" and change) tall. Hasn't toppled over once. For the larger cards, I have penny sleeves, which add only minimal thickness (though compounded since there are 208 cards in my Mythos deck), but no worries toppling it over. I understand penny sleeves are thinner than FFG sleeves, but the OP was asking about FFG sleeves. In my experience, with newly sleeved cards using the FFG sleeves, the taller decks in Arkham Horror tended to have several cards slide off the top of the deck during setup or when drawing. However, with repeated shuffling and handling, the cards now seem to 'stick' together just nicely. That's quite a feat to stack your sleeved Talisman cards so high, especially as I understand they are the smaller sized cards. So perhaps it is all down to me just being clumsy. Dam said: TheWagon said: The sleeved cards will not fit back into the box with the insert, so creative storage solutions are needed. Depends on how/where you arrenge them. You can store all components plus FFG sleeved cards back into box with insert (just base game)? Wow, how do you do it?
  10. Hello, I've used the FFG sleeves on all my Arkham Horror cards - both sizes. Pros: This may not apply to you, but I've got fat fingers and find shuffling pretty messy and difficult. I find the sleeved cards extremely easy to shuffle - and shuflle well. Again this may not apply to you, but I tend to get sweaty hands, plus I live in a fairly confined space with very young children. The risk for marked or damaged cards for me is higher than I'd like - so sleeves it is. Cons: The sleeves are quite slippery at first and the larger decks (Gate, Mythos, Common, Unique, Spell) are quite easy to topple over. It has become less of a problem over time though. The sleeved cards will not fit back into the box with the insert, so creative storage solutions are needed. Overall, I'm really happy with the FFG sleeves on my Arkham Horror cards. Hope this helps.
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