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    I more interested in how this occurred.
  2. Both Deathwatch novels are very short and easy. You could just skim them but both lend themselves to the issues that arise from having mulitple chapters ina a single squad. Personally I refer to Special Forces, Black Ops and Navy Seal fluff and background for inpiration into the missions. Swap Taliban with your fav Xenos and you have interesting setups. Think of DW as Special Forces - Excellent troops themselves but their strengths lie in them becoming force multipliers - they make the avg soldiers even better. (Then execute them
  3. massed fire or some termies with PF/CF
  4. To get the WC Adv. Spec., a player needs 60 REN. One of the buffs to taking this is the ability to increase Ren rating by one. If a player is already Famed (REN 60), all they are getting is a boost to Hero, correct?
  5. I really love this Chapter, especially the idea of the cats. Similar to Thunderwolves. I currenlty have a Dev with a wolf, that will eventually become his mount. The plan is to allow him the mount with a HBolter. I could totally see a similar setup for your TWC, HBolter weilding Devs mounted on massive lightning cats. Throw a power-lance on there for good measure? I have an AD-Mech backed chapter I call the Dark Skulls for use in my campaign. They follow an Iron Father similar to the IHands. Their basic tacticals use GK style teleporter packs and upgraded 'Scelus' Bolters. Squad Sargeants can take Chain Fists. They use a modified Storm Raven variant called a 'Punisher' that wields a massive Hellhammer cannon. Seen here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-g9Id36NVm3w/Tz6Xd7bm37I/AAAAAAAAEO8/JyzOIcHRMeE/s1600/IMG_0985.JPG Their colors are ceramite grey, Mechanicum red pauldrons and a Black helm. Test mini: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-UENUBQggmOs/TyrJqMpCj0I/AAAAAAAAEMA/B57Dq677_S8/s1600/IMG_0858.JPG
  6. I wouldn't. If you are set on having that many, I'd break them into two separate squads, 4 man, 3 man and run two games but have them constantly communicating. Doubles the work for you which is also not good. If you are set on having that many and having them all play together have two squads with a squad leader each and have the leader keep them in line. Timer is a good idea but honestly having that many is going to be a nightmare.
  7. I've since detailed a few events and changed a couple others. The main change was after the 'Act 1' Missions, I let the players choose which Salient they wanted to tackle and in which order. My players elected to fight the Tau in the first leg of Act 2. They finished that and are on an Optional Mission before starting the second leg, either Nids/Eldar or Chaos. Act 2 Missions are as follows: 'Discoverers of Secrets' - Tau 2.1 Hammerfall - Exfil Tau Shas 'Brightsword' 2.2 Farsights Wrath - Massive Apocalypse Scale Engagement. Allied Tau and Kill Team wipe out 'renegade' Tau forces at Wrath, securing it for the Imperium, and establishing the Eyes of Wrath. 2.3 Brightswords Swath - Smuggle Brightsword through the Gate and bring him to reps in the Calixis Sector. At the climax of the mission the Players KT was 'scooped' by Kill Team 1, a ‘rival’ group of pompous Deathwatch Terminators. =) Optional Mission 1 - Operation Blackout Warp-Walk to board a warp-marooned Blackship and dispose of the escaped psykers within. Recover a Liber Daemonica. 'Betrayers of Secrets' - Chaos 2.4 Khazants Killers - Disable key points prior to the Imperial attack. (Long range comms, orbital weapons, star ports) 2.5 Cleansing of Aurum - Gain the natives respect. 2.6 Quieting the Chorus - KT leads a massive Crusade force. The Rival KT1 is lost after Deep Striking and taking massive fire, effectively elevating the players KT to Squad1/Terminator Honor Status. The players also work alongside fledgeling Deathwatch characters like Zadkiel and Kail Vibius. 'Guardians of Secrets' - Nids/Eldar 2.7 - Whispers in the Warp - Kill the Hive Tyrant, and rescue a Psy-Null 'device' that turns out to be a person. Hints at Sector Lord Helicos' betrayal. 2.8 - Return to Nadeec - Infiltrate the allied IG Hive and extract intel on Helicos. Any side quests from the Act1 Mission are still open. 2.9 - Thieves in the Night - Drop directly into the heart of a Nid infestation to instal the Psy-Null at Trypsin so that clear Astropathic Comm can be sent. Optional 2 - The Hunt for Helicos The Eldar have foreseen that things began to go awry in the Reach as far back as M37, when Dark Angels Iron Wing Master Baradiel defeats High Anarchist Potchek. Travel back in time through the gate with an Eldar force to right the wrongs, and aid Baradiel and the Deathwing in removing their Fallen Ex-Brother. 2.10 Climax - Wrath Returning to Wrath after the Imperium has claimed it, the KT must instal a 'listening device' effectively turning the Eyes of Wrath into an Inquisitorial Asset. Act 3 is still a ways off but the gist is still intact. The KT will use their Eldar leads and eventually rally a force to fake Achilus' death. I plan to leave them adrift aboard a damaged shuttle with only their Deathwatch Ruby available to them. The Ruby Eye of their =][= pauldron which doubles as a distress beacon. EDIT: Formatting Fix
  8. My team is about to board a Sisters-held Blackship that has been overrun by rogue Psykers. I'm looking for some input into what all the team would encounter. Currently I have: Blocked Door/Bulkhead that they need to tech past, or Melta. Rogue Psyker - fight Random psychic phenomena like a lost IG 'ghost' squad that keeps reappearing but has no effect on the mission. Warp-Walking from one ship to another Capture not kill orders for some Psykers Rival Inquisitor (taken from Purge the Unclean) Warp Portals that release some lesser demons environmental hazards like pipes bursting and hallways collapsing rescue/exfiltrate some IG
  9. Did you want visuals for Chapters other than IF? Id imagine the IF are aboard the Phalanx, so probably a massive landing platform or vehicle bay inside or out. Imagine something like the shuttle bay of the Deathstar in Return of the Jedi, when the Emperor shows up: Rows of Tactical marines around a brother that is being sent out, probably aboard a Storm Raven or some other unknown dropship. Or, part of the squad that he is going to join might pick him up in an unmarked OX Raven.
  10. lol, nice. Simplest example: A Tabard has gameplay effects, so a really nice tabard has better gameplay effects.
  11. I vaguely remember mention of varying qualities of cloth and clothing in the Heresy Novels, is there anything like this for DW? Does anyone remember any mention of any of the Space Marine robes or clothing that they wear? I want to offer my players the ability to upgrade their robes (Templar) and other clothing for some in-game effects.
  12. May be a dumb question, but lets say my buddy takes a Lascannon as Signature wargear for his Dev. What happens to his HBolter? Can he freely switch to it prior to a mission, as it is all part of his kit, or does he need to pay the Req. Cost to change to the new item?
  13. Command allows a player to affect a number of targets equal to their Fe Bonus. My question is, do you subtract other player characters from this bonus? For example, if my player can affect five targets, do I subtract two other PC's allowing him to Command three NPC's?
  14. Twin-Linked Missile pod, or MP and Plasma are the standard for Crisis. I would stick with those.
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