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  1. Since I'm doing the leagues scenario, I wish to count my points correctly to compare myself to the others. I guess I should have post my question it the league thread Thanks, Lslx
  2. Hi, Reading the rules for the xxth time, I find out that the when counting victory points, rules don't specify if Gate and Monster trophies from devoured or retired investigator should count. I never do it and now I wonder. There is that text in Devoured investigator section: Discards all of his cards except unspend trophies. Why if it is not to count them? Why gate trophies and not Monsters trophies? The only other reason I found of not discard them is to force exhaustion of the gate pile faster. Any though on that? Lslx
  3. Hi! For those who understand French language, Edge entertainment have his first league start a few week ago, 4 chapter are ready and this league will be on until june 2010. Scenarios are post in their forum and also in their news feed. I just start, seems interresting enough to go through. French adaptation of Arkham vocabulary may be tricky to understand but when your used to it, it's fine. www.edgeent.com See ya on their result sheet! Lslx
  4. Hi, If you browse the wiki site given by DAM, you shall see that there is more than one version of Calvin: Chapter 1-5 use first version of calvin (an ally) Chapter 6 to 9 use second version (An improved ally) Chapter 10 use a third version of Calvin (An investigator) Have fun! Lslx
  5. Hi! I'm searching for Arkham players in Montreal / South-shore : To join an existing group or to create one from anyone interressed. Objectives in mind: To be ready when League #3 will start. I try to find up to four players to play four investiguator for a game per 1-2 week when League #3 will start [if it start...]. Else, try for a game a month... Stop feelling alone in Google player locator Lslx Futur Member of League #3 - GoF Hunters [Or Whatever democratic choice among the players]
  6. OK! I'm convinced. Most stories I remind have the plot turn around one of the monster from Monster cup that is a hell of a fight/Evasion/Etc... I even might change my strategy to be more pacific with AOs... Remind me of old Sierra games when you get more points by defeating the treat without killing it... So, I do agree that in that case, BGoTW seems sort of impossible to finish without the big battle... I read all the cards and I cannot see another way from the new stuff to reach such a goal easilly. What about the Kevin clue-spending house rules? I really don't wish to browse a the forum search engine result throught all forum threads...
  7. Hi, I know it's been only a few months I own/play the base game (+Kingsport + BGoTW)... How much till I'm no more new player, Grognard Dam? I always try to reach "High score", an old habit I have from old Pac-Man days... So I try to not to use Elder signs until I'm sure I can't win without them or when the terror track begin to rise... One point is one point! That make the sealing gates a little bit more clue-gathering pattern. So, Please enlight me, why battle the AO is not a good victory? It it because there is too much hasard vs good sealing gate planning? I could agree to that since I'm the most unlocky to dice roll, I always try not to roll dice. Lslx
  8. Hi, I find myself buy BGoTW because I like the box and then, try to find a purpose to being a member of the cult and for the herald difficulty. Well, here is my conclusion: It is possible to beat the game very easilly but it could be either a very short winning game a humiliating defeat. There is this one spell: "Call the Ancient One" using X monster thropies as a casting modifier and that will end-up calling the AO with removing X doom token. Mix that with the others spell : "Milk of the S...[i dont remeber the name well]" and "flute of the gods" to fastly gain monster tropies and call the AO with half his doom token. Clues required... Being member of the cult could give you the opportunity, if you get the good cult encouter (pick investiguator that could choose in two encounter ), you may choose one spell of your choice. Briefly, I have my team looking for spells. Another good choice: When there is too much monster on the board, hexagon ant all, Milk of the S.. can be used to put them all in a corner, sacrificing one investiguator sanity to clear all gates to coodinatre a massive "Enter the gate to seal them at the same time a few turn later"... My stats with base game + BGoTW : 2 win, 1 lose up to now using those strategies with 4 investiguators. Lslx
  9. Hi, I was in the same situation. I go throught all the news and gather all PDFs, Calvin jpegs and last cfhapters heralds... I also merge all bit of history in a word documents to put myself in the same sanity level as other players when they play those chapters... It's worth the effort. Here is the news links: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?etyn=1&ecan=10&epn=0 I play solo most of the time and I'm a beginner: still stuck to chapter one... I try to build a team and train ourselves for the next seasons to kick some score! (U to now, still solo ...) Lslx
  10. Hi, Since the google forms didn't work for me... Please add me! Lslx, Chambly, Québec Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm new too and I have the same question. Since I wish to build a team and train myself and my fellow investiguors to be somewhere in top of the list When should we expect a season 3 and how long will we have to finish it? Many thanks, thoses scenario are awesome! Lslx
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