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  1. Thanks for the advice:) It is the edition with Nara the Fang, but after reading the comments, I may hold off and put my money into more Hero and Monster Packs, Lt minis, the expansions I don't own...aghhhhh....the list goes on! Or maybe Runebound.....
  2. I second that about the shading on those chaos beasts! Love em:) Can you offer any tips on how you got that shading so smooth?
  3. Hi All:) I have been a lurker on these forums for ages, but I need to ask an opinion of you. I was picking up the Heirs of Blood campaign book today, and I noticed that they had the 1st Ed Sea of Blood expansion on the discount shelf. It's sealed, never been opened. They are asking $55 for it, which I thought was a very fair deal. I have the main boxed set and Altar of Despair, and I thought that this would be a good add to my 1st ed stash. Reckon I should get it?
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