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  1. How many players was Ronin's Path designed for?
  2. I'm looking to form a San Diego, CA group. I would prefer to play on a weekend afternoon sometime. Closest gaming store to me is At Ease Games in Mira Mesa. Though Game Empire down in Clairemont is a possibility. Does anyone know if there are any Poway Game stores or ones in Rancho Bernardo?
  3. The full image hasn't been spoiled but we know it's a 4 province that is fire and has the text: action: during a conflict at this province choose an attacking characters and remove 1 fate from him.
  4. It's weekly actually. Every Thursday night. Yeah I just figured I asked if not I might have a shot next week.
  5. Can I get spoiler's for all the neutral, Crane, and Lion clans (I think we have all the lion ones and are only missing 2 or 3 of the others) and quantities in the core set so I can build print and play demo decks to take down to my game shop tonight. Tonight is their LCG night (mainly Netrunner and GOT is what they play) I'm sure if I brought demo decks I'd be swamped with people wanting to try it out.
  6. Anyone know what that card says? It's the only Crane card that isn't spoiled yet.
  7. Is there any way to get just the cards that only had 1 or 2 copies in the core set? I'd hate to think I have to get 3 core sets just to get a playset.
  8. Cool thanks. Another quick question. For the various puzzles. Moving the pieces around adjacent means the sides touch and not corners like diagonally?
  9. 1. In story one when I play the maniac attacks card on a maniac with a stun token does it remove the stun? 2. If a goal card is revealed and the goal was for the keeper to kill x number of investigators and the investigators have to escape if the keeper kills a investigator is that still a win for him as technically all the investigators can't escape even though it's less then he needed to kill?
  10. Ah actually looking at the box for more then a split second why didn't I think of that!!!! Seriously thanks though
  11. A new game store near me has a copy of Curse of the Dark Pharaoh. It's highly likely this is the revised version but is there any way to tell on the box before I purchase it?
  12. Ok I read that there were misprinted or errated cards in the core MOM set. You can order replacement cards but do more recent printings of the game already have the fixed ones in them?
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