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  1. Are there any list building apps besides Battlescribe for Android devices?
  2. It's less restrictive while adding a Fog of War element. Bolt Action is bigger than RW so I guess it works I recommend you play a demo of BA or Antares to check out the order dice system. no idea what Flames of War has to do with the conversation.
  3. You do not roll to pick the action. You pull dice from the bag as an initiative system, then use the die as a reminder token.
  4. Warlords of Erewhon will be out in late January. $45 rulebook with rules based on Bolt Action. Model neutral...bot RW and AoS can be in the same army. My Waiqar, nighthaunts, and Flesh-Eater courts have found a home.
  5. Runewars models go to Warlords of Erewhon.
  6. Related Q...what does an experienced 1.0 player NEED from the new 2.0 Starter? could I get a conversion kit and a damage deck and be relatively good?
  7. I think the releases will eventually sync up. There is ZERO reason that Han and Boba can't come out the same week as well as Scouts/Commandos. I think Asymmetrical releases will hurt this game.
  8. "This is a very good point. We are very early in the life of the game, so adding a new unit now has a more profound impact on the options available than adding a new unit a year from now" MY POINT.
  9. i am talking about the current game and the current releases. Can you imagine a regional/national/world event where one faction has 25% more options than the other faction? Not conducive to a balanced environment. Having Han and Boba release the same day and then the scouts and commandos release the same day would 100% fix this.
  10. those both the same concern a game with two factions should not have 45+ days of unequal troop or commander selection...it makes competitive play unbalanced
  11. Hopefully Boba and the scouts will release closer to the release of Han and commandos...maybe even at the same time (or commanders one week, troops the next) This game should not have an unequal release schedule.
  12. the release schedule for this game is terrible. We will have 1 and half months (at least) where Imperials have more choices than Rebels and THEN we may have 3-6 months where Rebels have more options than Imperials. Not balanced and I am regretting my investment in this game.
  13. So far it's a week full of X-wing 2.0
  14. have you visited your local game store? the game is doing great having a mix of experienced wargamers and new players. In the NorthEast we have a huge X-wing meta and most of that group are on board with the game.
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