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  1. Dakkon426 said: Screw that the Farm Animals are out!!! I came here to post this… but props to you. I want Farm Animals.
  2. Its foam… like a card playmat I believe.
  3. They were the command sections in the Revised Core set for tactics.
  4. I'm beyond happy now that FFG has sleeves for Elder Sign and Infiltration. I'm hoping that more games will soon have these sized cards.
  5. Yeah, according to this: They could only join the Paratroopers.
  6. Didn't know the rules for posting session reports here so I posted on BGG. http://boardgamegeek.com/article/8963122
  7. Allies and Axis command squads can get an additional support unit per command squad. The unit can only be an observer or sniper team
  8. SGTManuel said: But cover works differently in Warfare from what people have posted, you don't roll for cover, soft cover reduces all damage by 1, heavy by 2. So in your example 4 hits on a Zombie squad 2 hits reduced by heavy cover (not sure if Zombies can use heavy cover in Warfare), roll 3 dice for Armor saves and any hits that are left are for damage reduction to handle. Checking to make sure... Yup. Zombies also decrease their cover status: Hard cover = Soft Cover to them and Soft Cover = No Cover to them.
  9. I'm still attempting to clean up my all zombies all the time list.
  10. Denied said: Additionally the chart for force org / point values assist breaks down to AP Total #of Platoons # of Heroes 150 or less 1 0-1 151-300 1-2 0-2 301-450 1-3 0-3 Each extra +1 Max +1 Max 150 So as you ramp up the point value of games you increase the amount of cool things you can bring. If I am not mistaken most competitive play will probably occur around the 151-300pt range (more towards 300 pts) Don't forget the platoon upgrade that gives you an extra hero.
  11. Soldier and Vehicles have different armor ratings, Soldier 2 gets two dice to attempt to shrug off a hit. (Two total for the entire squad). Solider 3 gets three dice... etc etc.. Think the same with Vehicle armor... but there is also a chart after damage is taken. For possible special damage done to the vehicle. Vehicle 3 gets three armor dice to try to shrug off. . . Vehicle 7 gets seven dice...
  12. felkor said: Recon Boys have no anti-vehicle abilities Please read the UGL weapon line again. 1/1 across the board.
  13. They still have the chance to clear suppression before they run. Also don't forget the Heroic Inspiration from heroes in that squad and the handy Regroup order. Supression in this game can change the tide of battles so always look to find every possible way to clear that suppression.
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