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  1. Sooo, is it +1 threat to Breakout AND there side schemes? Very slow timer for multiplayer it seems...
  2. That's what finally did Firefly in for me. Bad luck run and you're looking at a 3 hour game sometimes where you have zero chance of recovering. Also, the more players who knew the game the more it was a race to certain planets to buy out the best mods/crews before anyone else. Great game for a few plays but it kinda seized up. We traded out from Firefly to Xia, much more of a game with plenty of replay in that vein.
  3. Looks interesting, love the dashboards. I really enjoyed the Firefly boardgame and this looks similar to the theme of that. Should be a lot of fun. Was there a pricetag yet for it? Might have missed it in the blog post.
  4. Yeah, I like the Skullforge stuff but the prices aren't worth it for just 2 crew models. would be cheaper to buy a full used unit off ebay. Might just do that, keep them like the rest of them.
  5. Would really like to use two generic trooper models for the laser cannon team vs. snow guys. I'm good with the snowtroopers for the Empire as mine are going to be extreme weather troopers and not specifically snow. But would really like to use two joes for the radar dish gun. Is there a site or does anyone know where I could track down a couple? Not so much worth it to me to grab a full unit off Ebay...
  6. Hello all. Wondering if the downloadable rulebooks include any rules updates or they're the same as the core books. I am thinking they're the same and only revisions are in the FAQ. Wanted to be sure before I printed out a 'new' set of rules and wasted (time/paper/resources). Thanks!
  7. Please lord tell me those are legit names and not some cruel photoshop prank.
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't even trust those. Just watch the English site for when they're off the boat. Too many years with FFG to trust anything else.
  9. I see in the Manual that we have red text and a list of updates, not so for the L2P book. Any idea what changed in it?
  10. Don't start looking for the product until you see it shipping to stores in the status updates. Then you know it's arrived and on its way. Until then anything can happen. On the Boat means nada as far as actual release times.
  11. Wish they'd been at release. Not interested in rebasing everything I've bought to date.
  12. I just wait for an official FAQ. I don't have time to chase this stuff down. When FFG's ready they'll update a book or post an FAQ. Until then we're good in our group rolling a die or flipping a coin. We don't do competitive so that solves that. Got a printed Reference book (that should have been included just like the rulebook was) and the rulebook, good to go.
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