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  1. Willange

    Presumed Dead?

    I opened this thinking it would be another "ded gaem" thread... but this was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Willange

    Maro based list

    Pretty sure my friends have said that a few times when I've arrived at parties.
  3. I don't have any stunning revelations to give either way on this issue. I think that I agree more with the "no surge" side in terms of strict rules interpretation. But, I side with the "yes surge" side in terms of what I think they actually meant. I say that because there's little chance I'd ever pick Bonecaster if it can't use the surge (it just improves the average damage so much). All I can really say is that, for now, I'm way more excited to either save 8 points or use Kingsbane Armor than I am to use Bonecaster.
  4. Willange

    Maro based list

    It's because these dead lived in north america. Some of them spoke Spanish and some English, so Maro and the dispatch runner Reanimates actually have a hard time communicating some days.
  5. Willange

    Upcoming Waiqar siege unit guesstimates

    Ah, I never played that expansion. But yeah, that would be great as long as it was siege size!
  6. Willange

    Upcoming Waiqar siege unit guesstimates

    I want some kind of big ol' bone golem. I'm thinking like Grave Golems from Heroes of the Storm or Bone Giants from the Warhammer Tomb Kings (but a bit wider in their dimensions). There's no real precedent for either in this universe, but I'd still love to see it. Oh, or an Abomination similar to the Warcraft universe!
  7. Willange

    Discussion Time: Are Uthuk too strong?

    I guess this is similar to what Maktorius is saying, but yeah. 3x1 Crossbows are much squishier than Spined Threshers. They can fire to a wider variety of targets and maybe have a bit more damage output to help make it up, but you almost always have to invest in some blockers for cross bows or have some well-positioned terrain. Honestly for me, Spined Threshers are a problem to deal with because they aren't especially susceptible to wounds, they have a ton of raw "HP" (at least 10) per tray, and they're usually fielded in small groups so you can't use your anti-deathball tactics against them. Being so durable removes most of the major pitfalls of running them in small formations. You compare them to other faction's siege units and all those tend to have some obvious weakness. Rune Golems are VERY vulnerable to wounds and only have good initiative to charge on some turns. Carrion Lancers are also fairly susceptible to wounds, and they don't generally do much damage to 1-armor targets. Amyhelin Scions lack much durability (but are fairly cheap) and their main strength is as a tarpit unit, you simply engage with small to medium units or use range against them. Spined Threshers though.... I have yet to identify their true weakness. Their dials can be a little slow if you hit them with a quick initiative unit (Raven Tabards Death Knights can out charge them), but they have enough durability that they can often take a charge fairly well. Am I missing the big weakness here? I'm not crying that they're OP, by the way, I've just found them to be a more problematic threat to deal with than other Uthuk units, but that might just be me.
  8. Willange


    Correct. I'm sure no one would be-grudge you for using some "proxy terrain". Cardboard templates aren't too hard to make and the rules already provide room for custom terrain pieces. If what you really want is the official pieces though... you may be out of luck I'm afraid. My hope would be that they'd release a terrain pack at some point containing 1 of each terrain from each hero pack and army box. I wouldn't need it personally, but it would make sense I think.
  9. Willange


    I had the same issue many times. No reason to pay more at the LGS if they won't even get the order day-of. Plus, they get the wrong quantities as often as not.
  10. Willange


    My only sadness is that I use an online retailer to purchase for the discounts... so I have to wait another week or so.
  11. Willange


    Looks fun to me. I love playing decks, but I don't always love to actually build them soooooooo perfect game?
  12. Willange

    Next deluxe boxes

    Well I was off by a week and had the wrong box.... so I was completely wrong.
  13. Willange

    Full Size Army Purchasing Advice

    I'd recommend 3 boxes of the crossbowmen so you can run two of their 3x1 formation! That's what I have enjoyed anyway
  14. Willange

    A few questions:

    Just play the way you enjoy the game. I think it's fine to do whatever "sleazy" or "lazy" start you want (I've done this myself on certain quests) if what you're in the mood for is a more relaxed and narrative adventure. Sometimes though, I want to play something a bit more intense. In those times, I want it to be hard. I crave the feeling of knowing I did something difficult and overcame a difficult challenge. I remember when I first beat "Into Inthilien" (the one with the blocking wargs and the mumak) without any crutches or help, it was a huge rush! I had to attempt probably 20 times or so and tried many tweaks to my deck, looked up strategies online, I did all kinds of things. What I mean is, I think that depending on your mood there's a place for fudging things a bit with the rules and a place for disciplining yourself to overcome the challenge. Just do what you're in the mood for. That said, I think that you'll find the craving to overcome to be fairly irresistible after a while.
  15. Willange

    Who's Excited for August 2nd?

    I'm amazed... not just at how long that took, but also by the fact that I was able to decently maintain hype about 1 new unit type in myself for an entire year!