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  1. Willange

    The Land Endures

    That's such a dumb response. Like, duh, we can play it. But the game is stagnant. Basically no one in my area ever plays. The same stock has been on the local store shelves for ages now. That's the way I'd imagine it is in the majority of places around the US and probably the world. I don't like it, but it's true as far as I can see (would love to be proven wrong, btw). It's true that some games feel vibrant and alive long after production of new content stops, but Runewars never really gained enough traction for that to be the case here plus that usually happens in other genres. There are too many minis games out there with regular, substantive updates and decent rulesets for people to get drawn to. So yeah, enjoy the game all you like (I know I will), but it's still effectively dead/stagnant unless FFG have a secret plan to still release things.
  2. Willange

    The Land Endures

    I gave my feedback under Legion.
  3. Willange

    Retro engineering

    Are you trying to balance homemade/homebrew units and figure out point costs? I don't understand what you mean by "mats" in this context.
  4. So is this just LOTR Descent with the App from the beginning? I don't quite understand the differences yet.
  5. Willange

    Burn Balance to the Ground

    I think Combat Ingenuity would be really good on Outland Scouts and Leonx Riders since they chuck so many blue dice (and can easily flank for even more of them).
  6. Have others had the same difficulty in assembling these? I haven't bought them yet, so I'm wondering if I want to get lots or, due to the hassle, just grab 1 box.
  7. Willange

    Happy December! Faction Themes

    I'd love to see a suite of Daqan upgrades that encourage more rigid and regimented formations of multiple units. There would be different upgrades for different "positions" in a formation that would bolster the unit in diverse ways allowing various units to work in a given position, albeit with different benefits. For example, Vanguard: If this unit is within range 1-2 of at least 2 (maybe 3?) other friendly units, add 1 surge to its ranged attack rolls, gain impact 1, and gain protected 2 while engaged with an enemy. Rearguard: If this unit is withing range 1-2 of at least 2 (maybe 3?) other friendly units, those friendly units, do not block this unit's line of sight, gain [Skill]: "perform a 2-shift". Flank (I know this name doesn't match with the other names, but bear with me, I am not that clever): If this unit is withing range of 1-2 of at least 2 other friendly units, increase the speed of this unit's march actions by 1, and gain steadfast [Fear, Doubt]. I know these exact cards would probably suck a lot, but the idea is that you would try (and hopefully do better than I did in the last 5 minutes that I tried to articulate this idea) to create upgrades that match with certain positions in a formation but are flexible enough in their function to make most of them good on ranged and melee units. I would probably make different formation/position cards for certain factions since their formation abilities really should be a bit different.
  8. Willange

    Best and Worst

    This is obviously heavily skewed by my tiny local meta. Best Hero: Ravos, I really can't argue with this. That said, other heroes have out-performed him, but Ravos is one your opponent immediately has to change their gameplan for. Worst Hero: I'm gonna diverge and say Maegan. I think she goes down very easily considering that her ideal engagement is relatively close quarters. I've seen some Maro's do real work as a solo hero, but Maegan goes down too quickly almost every time. Plus, I like Maro's army-building ability better than Maegan's, but only slightly. Best Melee Infantry: Darnati. I haven't played a lot with these guys yet, but they seem to just absolutely wreck when built as a tarpit with Warsong Banners. Worst Infantry: Berserkers. They've always managed to underwhelm me. Best Ranged Infantry: Heavy Crossbowmen. I gotta say though I almost went with Reanimate Archers here as those guys are really fun to play with/against when you play them as a blight engine and mass Carrion Worms. Worst Ranged Infantry: None of them really stand out as bad to me, but I have yet to play with Viper Legion Archers. Best Cavalry: Leonx. They're cheap, tricky movement dials when you're creative, and I love running 1x3 Column Tactics. Worst Cavalry: Honestly none of them feel super bad to me. I have yet to see anyone really do anything impressive with Flesh Rippers though Best Siege: Carrion Worms. These guys are so good as solo units. They're nice as a 1-2-off for support and stopping enemy charges. They're also great in mass as solo units. Plus the model is really cool. Worst Siege: Amyhelin Scion. I don't totally hate them, but I find it easier to get value out of Rune Golems.
  9. Willange

    Adepticon 2019

    The only blame for this goes to FFG themselves who are absolutely terrible at communicating their long term plans for the game and have a history of dropping games without official announcements (this is true for pretty much every company, tbh, but that's why every game gets 'ded gaem' posts). When FFG does that, some people are naturally going to assume that the game will die soon since it actually happens to certain games. Moreover, how dead or not dead a game feels is largely region-dependent. The game can be effectively dead in one city and thriving in the next. Also, missing Adepticon is actually kind of big deal even though I agree that it's not necessarily the end of the world. Sorry, I just can't stand it when people blame players for something that really is the company's fault. Between the Christmas sale, lack of recent substantive news, and the Adepticon thing, I totally get why some people worry even though I don't share the same worry, yet.
  10. Willange

    Holiday sale

    I don't know that I'd trigger the alarm bells just yet. When Battlelore went on sale, it was much steeper a sale. Also, Destiny is on there and is much of the AGOT card game. I think they probably just made too much of "wave 1" for Runewars and need to sell a bunch of that off. For Destiny, it's only the older stuff that's rotating out sooner that's on sale. AGOT I suppose could be dying, but that would still surprise me a bit. If Runewars does die, then at least we got faction parity on 4 factions, so that's not bad.
  11. Willange

    Where does Runewars go next?

    I'm pretty confident we'll see Dwarves and Orcs next for Runewars. The reason I say that is that other materials for other games have kind of hinted at such and FFG just announced a large expansion of factions for Xwing and Legion. They seem to be hopping on the "mountains of factions" train.
  12. Does the podcast affect the moths' abilities to navigate? Have you found any correlation between topics and navigational efficiency?
  13. Best way is to listen while doing work, at least if you have a job that allows for such.
  14. I'm not totally sure how to do this, but I would just advise to make sure you have a clear objective in mind. In other words, why do you want to make the game last longer? What part of the fun are you trying to prolong and get more out of? Those are the kinds of questions I would ask and evaluate based on. Personally, I think doubling the wounds of each figure would be better than halving the damage. Doubling wounds wouldn't nerf mortal strikes a you suggest, at least not relative to damage. For example, 1 mortal strike against a rune golem is still 4 damage, regardless of whether the golem has 2 wounds or 4. Basically mortal strikes and damage wouldn't be changing relative to each other at all. If you just half the damage, then you effectively are doubling armor which is just a massive buff to mortal strikes and would make things like Ravos way more powerful relative to non-mortal striking units. Also be aware that by increasing game length and unit durability (no matter which route you take with that) you are effectively buffing certain upgrades (and maybe units) and nerfing others. For example, Terrifying Heraldry (which dishes out a panic token at the end phase) becomes much more powerful if engagements last longer. You also would be nerfing certain kiting and hit-and-run strategies. For example when I play elves against undead, I don't usually try to actually dominate the field. Instead, I find a weakness in their formation and try to take out their quickest units using cost-effective trades. Once I do that, I run away till round 8 ends and win because I won an early trade and then just avoided my opponent for the remainder of the match. If the game lasts for 12 rounds, that's not possible so many elf strategies and units would be much less effective due to their opponent always having the time they need to catch all their forces. Ranged units in general would be much weaker in this format since they rely on crippling your opponent's units before they arrive. If you're fine with these kinds of changes, go for it. Otherwise if you just want a longer play experience, then I would recommend trying 300-400 points armies on a 9'x4' play area. That way you still preserve most of the unit's strengths and weaknesses (although it would still change things a bit since the deployment distances would be longer, I just feel like this change would be less dramatic). In any event, I'm excited to hear how it goes in your game!
  15. Willange

    New Hero Excitement!

    I haven't bought them quite yet, but I'm excited to kill some this week!