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  1. Expansion ideas?

    The thing is a person like me would get no use out of 8 player colors so the extra plastic is just wasted $$$ for me. I'm fine with other people getting it, but I'd prefer to see the "7-8 player extension" separated from the rest of the expansion features.
  2. Game mat now available

    I mean, the tiles don't actually need to be touching, so it's not game-breaking or anything, but the spaces between tiles might look a little strange. Not sure how I feel about that which is sad because I was originally pretty excited for a mat.
  3. Adepticon?

    Honestly it's just super far away for a person like me. I'm not able to make a big trip just to play a game no matter how much I may like it.
  4. Game mat now available

    Yeah, I'm interested to know as well.
  5. SWD Character Partner Dilemma

    For Obi-Wan, use Maz (assuming new Obi-Wan). For Darth Vader, try Nute Gunray or Bib Fortuna. For old Rey, I've enjoyed old Obi-wan. I don't have Aphra, so I haven't really given her much thought yet, sorry.
  6. At this point, I'm pretty sure their printer is just broken or they had to delay the RW stuff to get Legion out the door. Those uthuk expansions have been printing for 3.5 months now.
  7. New upgrade idea - defensive posture

    I would make it fill the training slot since thematically that's kinda what the upgrade is. Also, if it's in the heraldry slot, you never get the option to protect heraldry figure upgrades which seems a little arbitrary to me.
  8. Charge or not charge :>

    We had a match that came down to a very close charge or near-miss. We really couldn't tell what to call it. We decided to play as if it did and as if it didn't. I won if it did and lost if it didn't. Sort of a 'choose your own ending' scenario
  9. Morale tests.

    Yeah, you can definitely use just panic tokens to trigger a morale test. Just think of them as "at-will" morale symbols because that's essentially what they are.
  10. Latari unit box sculpts

    Is this like.... unix-modeling??
  11. Exactly. It's not about being negative or positive. Major announcements and major releases have always had a positive impact on the community in my area. We advocate that we need more announcements because we want the game to continue to grow and do well. Yes, it's early and yes the game is growing, but for it to continue to grow and do well (especially in the face of Legion-competition) the game needs to being growing to new heights now, not just falling in the 3-4 month rhythm Armada is in. RW will die with an Armada pace since it doesn't have the benefit of being star wars. EDIT: To be clear, the 3-4 month cadence I refer to with armada is in major batches of articles. The actual releases tend to be a lot slower than that. I would say RW needs at least 1 article a month and needs releases every 2 months in the long-run. I'm not saying MAJOR releases every 2 months, but some faction should be getting something around every 2 months on average. They could also do larger batches of stuff for all factions every 4-6 months, and I'd be fine with that.
  12. Runewars needs the extra communication though. At least in my state, the scene is still very small and fragile. Uthuk and Latari releases helped a bunch to bring in players, so more releases and news would only further bolster our community. Unfortunately all we're getting is total silence...
  13. Yeah I agree they need to speed things up again. Been forever since we even got an article.
  14. They're both good, but it's also hard to depend on either if your opponent has a lot of accuracy. Personally I prefer weapon's master since my opponents usually prefer to prioritize it over aggressive cornicen which you can't afford to lose early.
  15. I want actually heavy infantry for daqan. I'm talking some ironbound constructs, maybe ridiculous things like 2 armor or lots of protected.