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  1. The Uthuk aren't elves but there are evil elves who a long time ago discovered/brought forth the power of the Ynfernael (spelling?). It was basically those elves' fault that the Uthuk became demon corrupted. I guess her father may have been one of those or involved with that somehow.
  2. Are we missing any other elf articles? Did we have the Leonx one already? I'm trying to figure out if next week is more elves or possibly the new uthuk unit (in all probability the viper legion archers).
  3. My brother's going to be so happy that more elves are coming out just as he finished painting the core elves haha
  4. It's not doing great as far as I know in the Utah County area of Utah, but there are a few of us that play. I end up playing whenever I like because of family, but if you lived here it probably wouldn't look great. That said, other areas of the country seem to be doing a lot better. I trust that a larger community in other areas will eventually result in a surge here. That being said, Utah is known for being a hive of star wars fandom, so I'm sure Legion will hurt Runewars locally despite the fact that the games are nothing alike.
  5. As a single, I would also say stun. I lost a game because of that once since a charge got cancelled and I missed out on a victory token. Immobilize woulda done it too in that case.
  6. I hadn't even realized the potential for this.... Dang. Are there any other evil combos I've totally overlooked in this game?
  7. It would be, but cavalry often charge from their longest ranges. This card is only for range 1-3. The cavalry would have to be in a fairly wonky position to hit them and your opponent will plan charges around this upgrade. Also, it does strip Daqan boon-stacks, but if your opponent sees that you have this upgrade, won't they just not boon stack and move in more quickly? If you do land an immobilize on Daqan, they have the easiest time getting rid of it with a Hawthorne or whatever. I say this is much meaner on Reanimates who, short of the uncommon Cursed Signets upgrade, will sorta just have to take it.
  8. I'm sorry if these concern threads tend to Demoralize [Our] Forces. I just couldn't hold my thoughts Steadfast.
  9. It seems like too many people are excited about the new expansions, and we're overdue for our weekly concern thread. What will happen if people (like me) want to buy all the factions but can't afford it? Will we just have to sit and be sad? Will we have to proxy stuff until we can afford the real thing? Will we finally have to cut X-wing purchases out of our lives? What if we don't have enough money for destiny singles? So many concerns.... EDIT: Title was supposed to say 'for the game' but oh well, I tried.
  10. You're probably right from an analytical point of view.... BUT THIS IS THE THUNDERDOME!!!!!!! NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE RESULT!! In seriousness, I run Hawthornes very often. His damage output truly is crap from his rolls, but he wins his duels just about every game. However, so far he's pretty much only dueled Ardus and I think Kari, maybe. I'm the only one I know who bought the elves so far, so I've yet to see the Aliana matchup. The other heroes aren't out yet, so we haven't played them. What I do typically see is that using the 2-init attack with +1 def is the way to go. That's mostly because it forces brutal 1 heroes to either roll mortal strikes or get at least 3 hits. Typically, only one of these 2 things happens. That means I took 1 wound and then bounce 5 damage back at them dealing them 1 wound as well. Then on my turn I sometimes do another wound (or 2 if my luck is crazy). Overall, even trades on their activation and gains on my activation usually means victory for Hawthornes. I'm sure that with newer heroes that could change though. He does well against non-heroes as well for the same reasons basically. I'm guessing that Might/Reaping Blade would work too, but I like Shield of Margath too much to give it up.
  11. Hawthornes every time... unless it's against maro
  12. Anyone wanna translate unnatural growth for me? Sidenote: FFG please stop including blurry cards in pictures. Either obscure them, or show a proper picture of them. The whole blur thing is just adds a totally unnecessary barrier to my hype. EDIT: I think it says, "After defending against a [melee attack], the attacker suffers 1 damage"
  13. It's large enough when you can make all the armies you will realistically use. I have a dream to try an army composed entirely of single tray rune golems, but will I use that more than once or twice? Not likely, so I won't spend another $150-200 on Rune Golems.
  14. Rain could reduce archer's range. You could do sunrise kinda like solar corona in Armada. I'd do snow for slowing marches down. Lots of cool stuff you could do. Golf-ball sized hail that randomly kills infantry haha
  15. Wind rune may be the better and more consistent option, but Fire Rune is way more fun on the 1x2's . I run that regularly and it's funny because when the red runes show up they don't know if you'll charge across the battlefield or just shoot at them. The list I like for this is Hawthorne with a 4x1 Cav, a couple of 1x2 Golems and then a 2x2 spearmen with Uncontrolled Geomancer. The initial reaction I get is hilarious every time. EDIT: And I build Hawthorne for the full Hawthorns build also, obviously.