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  1. a measure of sucess ?

    Yeah, the game totally died out here in UT especially with the release of Legion (though honestly Legion hasn't been quite as hot as I had thought it would be, but still much hotter than RW ever was). I still have it. I'll still play it when I can, and I'll still play with family. The complete and utter lack of releases makes it a moot point since there hasn't been anything for me or anyone else to spend money on to support the game anyway. We haven't even had actual news to be excited about though I admit that there is some sense in that part of it since they haven't released their previous announcements on time.
  2. New Content?

    They're fairly tech-y in like Rune Age. I mean, they have Digging Machine (name?) which is presumably steam-powered. I guess they could always just 'retcon' that kind of thing out. I wouldn't really care if they did.
  3. House Arryn

    How so? Adding an extra faction to a game like Starcraft 2 is much more difficult due to the fact that the 3 factions there each have a much larger design space. Adding a new faction would mean finding 33% more design space. Adding a 9th faction to a game only calls for 12.5% of design space. I'm not meaning to say that adding an extra faction would be completely trivial, but relative to many other games it could seem so. That's especially true in a game like this one where cross-faction decks are allowed because the design space isn't as strict (though cross-faction decks also carry the potential for more un-thought-of combos, but this game also mitigates that effect through many of it's deliberate synergies). Granted, this does assume your game doesn't leave obvious massive design space 'holes' where you know more factions have room to be added (for example, x-wing had a lot of relatively obvious mechanical gaps that scum slid in to fill).
  4. House Arryn

    They're probably not going to bring them in right now. Knights theme can overlap since it's a theme shared by Lannister as well (to a lesser extent). I wouldn't worry about it killing balance though. When you already have 8 factions, what would one more be?
  5. New Intro Decks Article

    See, I wish they would include the power and coin tokens in these somehow. I got out of the game because I had no one to actually build decks against. My family would play, but only if I built both decks, so it was never a challenge. I would totally pick up these pre-made decks though just to get some games occasionally.
  6. Future Future Development

    I'd like to see the uthuk/darnati get on a boat with a March-4 -> Warsprinter Special dialed in on a month with 4 unstable runes.
  7. Same rarity, less printing

    How do you know it was printed more? I'm actually curious. I would assume they print an equal amount of every card within a rarity for a set.
  8. Leading from behind

    Being a ground vehicle, yes.
  9. Runewars Versus: A Farewell to Arms

    I'd be surprised to see a new unit announcement next week already, but in the next month or so I bet we'll get it. The battle reports were filler, so I doubt the filler exactly coincides with their next batch of real news. Happy to be wrong though!
  10. Just got my'thuck

    I still haven't painted my Uthuk because I can't decide on a scheme for them. I've been going between a yellow-black-tan (yellow for armor plates on the the rippers and such, black for spikes, and tan for skin), and orange-white-umber (same order). I've also wanted to incorporate purple into a scheme, but I haven't been sure how. Maybe purple cloth for the orange scheme?
  11. At the Printer!

    Sweet! Now they can sit there for 7 months never making it to the boat!
  12. Runewars Players Global Map

    I live in Saratoga Springs and usually frequent the Utah Valley and southern Salt Lake Valley stores, so that would explain why I didn't know. I'd be fine to head that way sometime, but I can meet more easily if it's a little more south than the stores you mentioned. Otherwise, I can probably do a Saturday sometime up in SLC.
  13. See it's secretly a mercy on your wallet because in Runewars you sit there and wonder "Should I buy 3 packs of Darnati or 30? How many will I use?" Well in Legion you know you should just stop at 6 because that's the most you could ever field
  14. Runewars Players Global Map

    I didn't know you were in Salt Lake Valley. Have we met IRL? Wanna play Runewars
  15. Noob Question on Card Distribution

    To expand, the starter sets do usually come with a few cards that ARE found in legacies packs, but those are always the same and they're mostly commons. As RJM said though, there are a bunch of cards that are exclusive to starter sets that you will only find there.