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  1. Willange

    Shipping guesstimates

    For the sake of my budget, they can wait till early July
  2. Willange

    KariThorne List

    I agree it makes sense not to in your list. It seems like the main role for the spears is as "Tank/Tarpit". Your consistent damage is coming from the archers, cavalry and kari if I don't misunderstand.
  3. Willange

    KariThorne List

    I love putting aggressive cornicen on my spearstars just for that 4 charge... basically no one sees it coming just because it's not on their reference sheet.
  4. Willange

    KariThorne List

    Remember though that when comparing the +1 def modifier that it's worth 2x as much on spearmen as on Oathsworn. Spearmen with +1 are 8 damage, 4 wounds per tray where Oathsworn with +1 are only 6 damage, 2 wounds per tray. The bonus in terms of damage is literally twice as much on the spearmen, so the spearmen formation can actually be much more durable than oathsworn when they have lance corporal and/or shieldwall. Naked, Oathsworn are kind of just better than spearmen, but find that spearmen use upgrades more efficiently.
  5. Is there any reason why you don't throw the Warsong Herald into that tarpit configuration? It's not super expensive and it synergizes well with deepwood archer and flanking leonx (especially the column tactics kind since they would get a reroll out of it). Really it just seems to synergize with most latari units in one way or another. If you can't tell, I'm super excited to finally use Warsong Herald with Darnati.
  6. Willange

    Larger upgrade cards

    Also storage. It's mildly disruptive to my storage which is annoying.
  7. Yup. If you use the surge too often, then your rerolls make you tired! Ignoring the odd link to the surges here, the way this is worded does make it seem more likely that you only remove if you reroll. However, I would never base a ruling on a preview article
  8. I see your point. They really should have either written "If you rerolled any of your dice..." or "After the rerolls step" just to remove any possible ambiguity. However if you assume the intended meaning is what you say, then we have to interpret a new meaning for "After rerolls" since the phrase would refer to specific rerolls as opposed to a step. Does that mean if I only perform 1 reroll, or only reroll exactly 1 die, that I don't have to remove a die? That's the way it would appear to be written (since they didn't say "reroll(s)") especially given that we essentially can have multiple rerolls with multiple ranks. That interpretation, to me, raises more questions. Then again, you could be correct as well because FFG does occasionally word things terribly on their cards. The "After the rerolls step" interpretation just seems far more likely to me and doesn't penalize the Darnati for bothering to reroll, which also would seem silly to me.
  9. @QuickWhit You have to remove the die either way. The removal takes place after the rerolls step regardless of whether you actually rerolled or not.
  10. Willange

    Timeline of Terinoth

    This is now my headcannon. Thanks!
  11. I just picked up the new Uthuk expansions today, and the upgrade cards are now full-sized cards just like unit, scenario, terrain and deployment cards. Has there been any official word on if this change is intended? I personally don't mind it a ton, but it is a bit harder to fit my upgrades in the tight-space known as my dining room table. Plus, you can't easily fit 2-3 upgrades vertically beneath a horizontal unit card anymore. It's nice to have more room for text though, so I'm really just more curious if any of you have heard about the intention here. I haven't been on the forums much lately, and I'm wondering if I just missed something. Happy Runewars!
  12. Willange

    Baron Zachareth

    Hooray for rune golems!
  13. Willange

    Does ffg still care about this game ?

    You forgot the Ironbound and the Pegasus Riders and the Viper Legion, and the Barrow Wyrms.
  14. Willange

    Does ffg still care about this game ?

    If you had asked before the new announcement of a hero, I would have said "probably not". Now, I have to say "probably". It was looking bad with hugely delayed product and no announcements, but with product finally on its way and a new announcement, it's hard to say the future is bleak.