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  1. To be serious, it of course depends on upgrades, formation, and how the trays are distributed. No super easy answers here. Also, some of these units are better against globs of infantry and preventing flanks than they are at taking out other siege units. It's a complicated, complex question with no one correct answer which is why I initially gave my silly response.
  2. FFG wins if you have that many of any of those.
  3. I disagree that golems are overly weak. I mean, maybe they are weak in top-level tourney play (there isn't competitive play in my area so I wouldn't know), but they've always done fine in the matches I've seen. 2x2 is pretty darn tanky. You just don't deploy next to the stuff they have that throws mortals strikes and wounds all over the place. Smaller units are great tarpits with stun action + defense modifiers. For context, I mod my games to balance stuff all the time. I design my own factions (battlelore), I re-balance units (imperial assault), I even dabble in making my own games. I say this to make the point that I'm more than open to homebrew re-balancing in my games, but I just don't see Rune Golems as needing a change. Honestly until there's a lot more stuff in the game, I wouldn't re-balance anything just because there are so few units to compare things against at this point. Maybe next year.
  4. I don't see what they could/would possibly announce. Any ideas? I'm seriously blank on what it could be that wouldn't just be announced through normal channels.
  5. Weeeeellllll, I guess I have to believe that source then . I guess it's a Black Friday miracle!
  6. I want to believe, but 2 Problems - 1. It would be Nov 23rd since that's a Thursday (although I guess a change could be Thanksgiving-related since more places would be open on Friday than Thursday) 2. I've never seen FFG not move a product to shipping at least 2 weeks before its release. I guess they're people that update the 'upcoming' section could have had a miss, but this would be highly unusual. Bonus 3. That could actually be the day things ship from distributors to arrive for sale in stores on Thursday the 30th.
  7. They basically never do this, and I would dare to say they won't in the future either. That said, if you use some image editing programs, it's not hard to make your own templates.
  8. Build a game store? Next we'll all meet Budgernaut, the entrepreneur!
  9. The thing is people want more of these packs than others since they're not a 1-of pack like heroes and they don't already have the units like they do for the core units. I don't think most game stores anticipated the numbers needed for even a small number of players. My lgs only got 3 crossbow boxes and 2 death knight boxes. ... that was almost enough to cover what I had planned to buy not to even mention the other players. Game stores need to order more stock for new unit boxes.
  10. I have 10 painted up. I'm going back and revising the paint jobs soon though.
  11. At 200 points, I consistently see this game take around 90 mins from opening the box to beginning to clean up. It takes a while to put all the guys on the trays and whatnot. I could see 60 minutes being realistic though in the future. For now, many of my matches include 1 or 2 rules clarifications, lots of joking around and side distractions, and fairly often my opponents don't have their army all the way built. I'm also including putting all the figures in trays and whatnot. Many of these things could be done beforehand or done without, but I just consider them to be part of a realistic gaming experience for any game outside of tournaments. Or maybe you're including all that too and I'm just really slow at games.
  12. I remember being wowed by their battlelore model. These are just scaled up and improved in every way so naturally I'm pretty happy with them as well.
  13. No, it was definitely Shield of Margath... I'll double check when I get home tonight in case I was just skimming too much... I'm like 99% sure it is shield EDIT: Can anyone confirm or deny my sanity?
  14. From my memory of my brief peek at them this morning: Death Knights - Deathmist Banners (a new one), Heraldic Surcoats, Shield of Margath, Column Tactics, Gaunlet of Obiss... something, the new condition one. Crossbows - Visored Helms, Piercing Strike, Close Quarters Targeting, Column Tactics, Cursed Signets
  15. Okay well you can be mad then