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  1. Sure I would like to see a reprint of this wonderful game. As a card game even though with larger cards they should be a bit pricier to produce, it seems it would be inexpensive enough to warrant another run. and though I generally am loving POD I would NOT want to see the new expansion decks come in this format if the same differences in the originals needed to be adhered to. Admittedly I have most of the original in fact all of it but the two "Grail" races, but I will honestly say, there are a FEW people who would get this from me as gifts with a few races thrown in because it is such a unique expereince.
  2. I would second all that has been said, and add this: If you can find a copy within your budget, and have players to play it with, then go for it! It is a wonderful game and while I have confidence that any FFG produced version would be top notch, the original DoW produced game is full of really good components and is very well done you would not be sorry. Having said that, with all the rules and impressions on line it is very simple to do your due diligence and make sure that this is something that you want to get into, with that settled, then I say you should be able to get a copy for sure. As to the future of the base game, only FFG knows at this point, and as had been pointed out, they are not talking about it right now, so again, if you like what you see get the game and enjoy it. Its future, and what that really means ultimately is up to you!
  3. I own pretty much all I would have for myself with the exception of Pillar and Aqua (I know who does?) anyway YES I would LOVE to see a reprint! I too have been a bit dismayed that this one has gotten no more information than it has in that regard. I can absolutely say that without a doubt, even after I own all that I want from it, I would still purchase this, as it is a SURE FIRE great gift! I have taken to giving games to those I buy gifts for who have played with me in the past, so I can get an idea about their tastes and likes/dislikes. Christmas? Game!, Birthday? Game! my family is coming to expect and anticipate it, so yeah, this one would get plenty of purchasing from me just for that! Fantastic game that I really hope gets to see the light of day once again!
  4. Hmph, not a bad idea, but what universe? as each one (effectively, and there are some of the games I DO NOT CLAIM :/ ) is its own universe, where would you start? go all dissidia, or try to appeal to hard core fans of a few of the franchises? I suppose the option to include them all eventually would be compelling, again this is depending on the game type itself, however. Also let us remember that just becuase it has been a succesful franchise elsewhere that it will automatically translate to success in this arena. Still if anyone could do it, I do have confidence in FFG, again if the product appears and is anywhere in the ball park of a genre I want to play, I'll be there.
  5. Well Runebound is a special favorite of mine, and while it is true that it does already have the expansions (both mini and no so mini) to keep it fresh for YEARS (I too sngagged a copy of Midnight) I like the game, IF wars does in fact make Runebound redundant, then it should be retired. I do not beleive this will be the case however, as more sustainable products on a given lic. HAS to be better from a buisness point of view. Having said all that, its all conjecture on my part, what I DO know: 1) I don't work for FFG and have no real IDEA what their view on runebound as a game is. 2.) This title itself is a redo from a near 20 yr old game, so even if this DOES do away with current Edit Runebound, the precedent is set that it WILL make a comeback as long as FFG is around. So for me, with all that's availible now, and the promise of the ANNOUNCED future to come, I will just enjoy the ride, they are certainly giving us enough ammunition to do just that!
  6. I have to admit that I too really enjoy this game! It was a Christmas gift a couple years back and I even managed to snag a copy of Midnight at RETAIL in my FLGS, just cause. I really enjoy this every time I play it, and dont even mind the epic time needed to finish it on occasion, a great time around the table IMHO.
  7. lnealjr


    Hmm coming from tabletop land I am mixed on this one, I have plenty of "custom" die for my various factions in the games I play, and I find that the major manufactuers quality is very good, so a pound at a time or in specialized orders I usually find what I need. Now, having said that, for games like BL, and TI:3 die made expressely for the game would be hard to resist, but I have to stress "hard" and not "impossible" I know FFG has this in mind and with all the high level of componets we already get in their wonderful games, I wonder if adding the expense of doing "custom" die above games that require them is something they want to add, and in the end something the majority of us would pay for. Just looking at the biz side of things. In the end, would I replace my seached for die to replace all the replaceable die in my games from FFG should they produce something that was game specific? I of course would like to see such a product first, and secondly would have to see their impact on said game above doing what die normally do in a game. So the final answer for me is that they would most likely hit my "to buy" list, but I have to admit, I would not hold off on a new game purchase for them,or even a new expansion to something (hint hint?)
  8. I have to say that through my admittedely small two 100 box order, the quality of the cards and the cut has been outstanding, I have no complaints whatsoever with the product. Other than having to RE sleeve my other games as I now can't stand those flimsy sleeves used before I found Dragon shields!
  9. I have played only with my wife, but really want to get this in front of the "group" being my wife and a good friend of mine and his wife..but Alas, I am concerned that we will all be good except for those used to an early bed time! The games with my wife were the first and second ever for us both, bad rules in the beggining saw us dead a LOT, and me reading that rule book WITH my glasses! (I normally do not need them!) then when the discovery was made we made some progress, but had been at it for about two hours, we called it a day and left the board out. finished it that evening in about another hour and started another game right away, that one went about 2hrs, much closer to finish tho, and then we went to bed, sunday after church we finished....in another hour, so two games SIX hours....kinda long, I LOVED IT. the wife not so much...but she WILL play with me again (at least she SAID so....) That all being said, wow SIX players...I would like to do it (then I also LOVE roads and Boats and TI:3) so that's just me, when I get around to a four player...I will post the session..it could make for a long thread!
  10. Yes, looking forward to this one as well, I like what I have heard so far and it is high on my list of watch to purchase, as my budget this year like most will also have to be far more discreationary than in years past. But it does intrigue so far, and the lack of comabt may only mean it will hit the table MORE with my "main" group, so bring it on already!
  11. I have not found the game too easy either, and I agree with a few of the points made here already; the Role playing aspect and adventure theme of the game is pretty important, but the time CAN run on, also variations on the rules help a bit as well. My wife and I played this game right after I got it and that first game was a true disaster, after mis reading some rules we were horribly defeated in short order, once I inspected them and corrected them, we were on our way with a new game, and it was not "easy" but I WILL admit the end was a foregone conclusion by the time we were drawing Margrath. Now on the other hand including the expansions, Traps and Terrors springs to mind along with the boom track do make the game a much more manageable and uncertain ending victory wise, affair. and we both enjoyed the game with the expansions. While I own several character decks we have yet to be able to use them, so I look forward to playing with those in place. Happy Adventuring!
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