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  1. In combat, we are alternating attacker defender. I have several questions 1. When my defender unit has pistol damage it can attack a unit, a focus attack can follow rules, but how does it do blast damage, am i supposed to declare an objective target AS A DEFENDER? 2. If we are alternating resolving cards and I do tactics damage to a card that has NOT attacked yet, do I block his attack turn on that card? if so couldnt i do that to a bunch of cards at once????
  2. When i use an objective to generate resources, it can't generate resources until the focus tokens are ALL gone, but can the objective cards use their abilities at that time? Or are they blocked until the focus tokens are gone as well
  3. The two were playing. LS and DS both had cards with force icons galore, but there were NO fate cards to play, so no count down cards. We didnt have edge battles becuse of that. Was that right or can they stack up cards with force icons and just reveal them and biggest force icons win? Thanks
  4. do ships count towards the number of units you have on the board Ships seems to confuse the rules for us. Thanks
  5. I would like to see what i need to finish my collection but i am not sure what i am missing or needing. Thanks
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