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  1. My new copy arrived this morning, also nicely packaged. Unfortunately it appears that the last section of pages has already come away from the binding as soon as I opened it for the first time. I foresee a new case being raised in the near future.
  2. I can see that they're starting to separate towards the rear of my book too.
  3. I just noticed had a look through at the force weapons and spotted a couple of unusual bits which I've seen before but never been sure of. Force weapons are listed in 2e as Best quality Mono variants of their primitive counterparts. As such they should gain +1 dam and +2 pen over the base, also losing any primitive quality. Looking at the force sword profile this is shows as expected with +1 dam and a pen of 2, retaining the balanced rule. The force staff however, only gains 2 pen and somehow loses the balanced rule. Looking back at the original rules in the IH the stats were the same as here but the staff retained balanced and also gained the ability to act as a psy focus. The same stats also appear in the other 40k books but with varying rules for weather they are BQ, GQ and mono or not. should we be added in these quality bonuses on top of those in the table or should we only use the figures supplied, in which case the staff seems to lose out. Is the change in availability supposed to make up for this?
  4. It's your campaign. Why not just pick up the Askellon sector and transplant it straight wherever you want it?
  5. A couple of the best bits of advice I was given by our groups normal GM as I found myself in the same boat. Make sure that your encoiunters make sense within the context of your story - You may have a great encounter idea but if it doesn't fit the story or can be removed easily without any impact then you should consider saving it for another time. Try to vary things a bit to keep encounters/fights interesting - Throw in items that have an impact, a ranging storm that has no effect is fluff, one that causes bad footing or poor visibility will make the action more unique and memorable That said, sometimes a straight fight is needed Don't be afraid to give your players a boost. - I tended to subconciously make everything harder for the players with a number of negative modifiers ( I still do from time to time but hopefully more when needed). Giving players an environment that allows positives - raised positions, barridcades, choke points etc - means that those who look around and think will get a nice boost and they'll remember it. As a result they'll moan less when you throw in a -30 or so a couple of actions further down the line. Other than that, trawl through the GMs forums for the various 40k lines here. I often find little tidbits hidden away in a post that hasn't seen the light of day in a few months.
  6. I like that thought. Doesn't overpower it while still giving a benefit for their training.
  7. Bascially. If you roll a natural 10 and your attack with this is enough to cause damage (past wounds and AP) then instead of additional damage you cause the affect of a d5 crit on the appropriate table. If the attack is not otherwise powerful enough to cause damage then it will do 1 damage ignoring soak. No additional rolling (other than the d5) is required for this.
  8. I know a number of us have looked into merging a number of the Black Crusade changes into our DW games. Most of the stuff I've changed, like the combat actions, are pretty straight-forward and make a lot of sense but how have people added in the Zealous Hatred / Righteous Fury rules? I understand the basic principle behind giving the crit affect instead of the additional damage but I'm curious how this ties in with the Deathwatch Training ability to automatically confirm all RF events against Xenos. Surely automatically having it succeed with the crit/additional damage negates this so have those of you doing this just decided to remove this aspect totally or replace it with something else such as d5+1 (to a max of 5) against Xenos?
  9. I'd remember at the moment that you are also using the Final Sanction genestealers which are rather tame compared to the purestrain version within Mark of the Xenos. Lightning attack, Multiple arms and Step Aside now come as standard and even with the errata'd stats they can mince your marines quickly. 8-) I sprang these on my players as we hit the spaceport bit within Oblivion's Edge. They passed the awareness check to spot that there were significant differences betwean these 'stealers and the ones they had previously killed but they were still shocked when these things charged straight across the killing grounds and tore through the remaining pdf while sidestepping significant amounts of firepower sent back at them.
  10. I second the medicae servo-skull idea. I know I was looking at one for my group until someone decided that they wanted to play an Apothecary after all.
  11. Deepstriker said: Awareness is something like spot/search skill test in D&D. Possibly its used to detect an ambush, search for a target etc. So applying it in the case of psyniscience, it would mean that in order to identify a warp event, it may take a psynicience test + a Knowledge forbidden/ Xenos to identify the occurrence right? Personally (and this is just my opinion) I would say that detecting the warp event is straight psynicience. If you want them to be able to correctly identify something particularly unusual then you requuire a test on the relevant Lore after they have detected it. Deepstriker said: Also one more question if I may. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Logically it seems to me that the Genestealer cults would be somewhat like a an astropathic call, homing a hive fleet onto a planet. Correct my understanding but it seems like there must be a large enough mass of these, somewhat similar to a waaaaargh! in order to commune with the hive fleet. So may I also assume that using a psynicience test, I should be able to sense the direction of the call and guide my team to the general direction of said emanation? Thank you. As I put in my intial response. How well this can be detected is upto the GM in question. When we played it I ruled that the hive mind link couldn't be identified until the party were close in anyway. There was a general background 'noise' across the city, possibly due to the hive fleet approaching or the link to each of the stealers to each other but the Librarian couldn't tell. When he got in close to the Broodlord I ruled that the link was there and could be felt but it caused a 'pressure' within his mind that reduced his Psy rating by 1. As he powered everything fettered anyway normally it didn't make a great deal of difference for him.
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about the 8 weeks. It probably took us as long to do - though I have a particularly fractious group and it is my first attempt at GMing. There is no particular page that says psyniscience is a passive ability to my knowledge. The DW book just says that those with the ability can sense the currents and eddies of the warp, pretty much word for word from Rogue Trader. The core DH rules however said that the test was used to extend the senses out for (Per bonus + 1D10 metres). The expanded rules within the IH though (P235) say that 'The Psyniscience skill is to psykers what Awareness is to mundane Acolytes.' From this I concluded that it is always on and allows you to detect warp disturbances within your range based upon your personal sensitivity to the warp. You detect them automatically but it is the psynicience ability which allows you to 'notice' what you detect in the same way that awareness allows you to catch the important item amongst the background sights/smells/sounds etc.
  13. Deepstriker said: Hi there, Have done a search on the forums before I made this post but have found very chunky results which do not pertain to my question. 1) Is the use of Psyniscience a skill or a demonstration of psychic power to detect psychic powers being used? 2) Can other psykers detect a psyker attempting to use the warp sense skill? 3) Can a psyker use psyniscience to detect telepathic bonds (eg tyranids hive mind link, or a source attempting to broad cast a psychic call like an astropathic choir). I'm sorry for so many questions, fluff wise it seems that psyniscience seems to border on using psychic powers but the core rules state that it is a skill only psykers with at least PSY level 1 can use. Hope that you can spare me some advice in this area. Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance. To my mind 1) It is a skill, but similar to awareness it is something innate to the person that they need to actually practice to make best use of. It requires the user to actually be able to detect psychic 'energy' and so requires Psy 1 to use it. 2) Psynicience is a passive ability and so cannot be detected. 3) Upto the GM but in my game (so far as we're just about to complete the spaceport part of Oblivion's Edge) the hive-mind/broodlord link is a general background disturbance that cannot be located effectively unless the psyker is fairly close (within striking range) of the synapse creature/broodlord. An astropathic choir may well be detectable when transmitting as Librarians are expected to provide communications of this type for the chapter (at least in the old school fluff I remember from my youth.)
  14. One thing that came up with our guy who's currently in scout Armour. Nowhere that I could find does it mention anything about photovisors or similar. This means he has no autosenses and struggles in the dark.
  15. After, but it is added to the strength bonus after the modifie for unnatural eg. Strength of 40 gives a modified strength of 60 (40+20) but a strength bonus of 10 (4*2 + 2)
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