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  1. I've seen at least one card that might not actually be playable until a later stage in the game. If the card has a play condition to it, then you either need to hang on to it until later in the game, or decide to discard it to make room for more cards now.
  2. If they hadn't lost the licence, I could see a Warhammer 40k, Inquisitor themed game using the exact mechanics.
  3. Rapid Launch looks interesting. Wonder if it's worth using with regular TIEs en-mass. If the enemy has significant AA fire from their ships you just hold the TIEs back instead of deploying them.
  4. I'm wondering what thought people have put into advancing their deck over the course of a full campaign. There isn't much to play around with at the moment, as the card pool is small, and the campaign is short, but ideas may have started to form. At the moment, I'm pondering the worth in keeping hold of the non-class specific skill cards long-term, once other cards appears that allow you to gain a +2 to their related skill. For example, if I have Guts in my deck to help Roland out with his low Sanity, is it worth replacing one or more of them with the Elder Sign Amulet as it can pull double duty. It comes with 2 Willpower symbols, just like Guts, but could also be played for the +4 Sanity instead. You lose the card draw, but is the flexibility better? Similarly the following cards prompt the same thought process: Police Badge, Shotgun, Disk of Itzamna, Will to Survive, Stand Together and "I'm Outta Here!" When I'm upgrading a deck, do I ditch assets and events to make room for these, or is it better to view them like upgrading a Skill to be more flexible?
  5. Because I see the question asked a lot, and I'm intrigued by the possibilities with Permanent cards: Dual Wield Talent Permanent Triggered Action: After performing a Fight action with a single hand Weapon, exhaust this card to perform a free Fight Action with any other single hand Weapon.
  6. I'm wondering if Quad Turbo laser Cannons, Quad Turbo laser Turrets and Agent Kallus are worth chaining together, preferably with Warlord.
  7. Wondering if Quad Turbolasers and Warlord is a good idea or not.
  8. Anyone think the Veteran Gunners could help some of the Ion Cannon upgrades? Fishing for the crits you need to make use of them.
  9. I mean purely that we don't yet have variants where there is only an upgrade slot difference.
  10. I think I agree that the suppression version may have two experimental slots, but so far I don't think there has been a version of a ship that costs more just because it has different upgrade slots. So I'm intrigued to know what may be different about the naked ships.
  11. I'm quite tempted to try Stay On Target and Outlaw Tech. I figure he can have a lot of potential speed 2 moves and wants to ensure he's facing the right way.
  12. I listen to the Order 66 Star Wars RPG podcast on occasion, and he crops up as a friend of the show. I think I remember him mentioning playing X-Wing as well as the RPGs.
  13. have been eyeing two basic Defenders with TIE/x7 actually, they would certainly be able to rush in and cause havoc, whilst being reasonably tough. The TIE/D is more offensivly powerful, and I could see the Ion being a good option. I wonder if they might work better with Deathrain though, to ensure you get those nasty bomb hits in. Another list I was tempted to try once the defender upgrades come out, involves a couple of mid-tier TIE Defenders, with a Punisher or Bomber loaded with support ordnance. I'm also thinking I could try The Inquisitor in place of Omega Ace once he's out. I don't have space for a heavily loaded version of him, just the TIE/v1 title, but he still meshes well with Vessery and offers a long-range alternative to Omega Ace. Depending on how Adaptability works, I'd possibly be able to have everyone at PS7 if firing order/position is important, and maybe bump him to PS9 if it's useful against any aces I face. I certainly think the list options get better once you can take the more powerful Defender options. Is there anything that's viable right now though? Is it worth making Redline a pure brawler, and focusing on Cluster Missiles, freeing up a few points from Plasma Torpedoes for Autothrusters for example?
  14. For some reason I've got it into my head that I want to try a build that includes a TIE Defender, and a TIE Punisher. I had my first game for quite a while against a friend recently, and to blow out the cobwebs I threw together a strange list, and it seems to be sticking with me for some reason. Obviously I'm aware of some new releases on the horizon that will buff almost every part of the list, so I'm actually breaking it into two parts. What I took in my random test game, and what I think might work well going forward. Here's what I took: Colonel Vessery - Crack Shot Redline - Fire Control System, Cluster Missiles, Plasma Torpedoes, Extra Munitions Omega Leader - Juke, Comm Relay This original list was a bit of a case of me not having used my Punisher or my TIE/fo's since getting them, and wanting to give them a try, plus I love Defenders. What I may try once the new stuff comes out: Colonel Vessery - Adaptable, Tractor Beam, TIE/D Redline - Fire Control System, Cluster Missiles, Plasma Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Guidance Chips Omega Ace - Push the Limit, Comm Relay I've been testing the foundations of this one, by just taking the original list and switching Crack Shot to VI, and Omega Leader to Omega Ace. My major issue has been getting the most out of Redline. I've run some trial games with myself, and never seem to be able to get more than two shots off. I think it's a mix of him being an easy to hit target that is obviously dangerous. Maybe I should be flying Vessery and Omega Ace more offensivly? The coming changes certainly help, as they are pretty much a straight buff to everything in the list, but maybe this list is a dead-end, and doesn't really mesh well enough? Is there a good alternative Defender & Punisher set up that might be interesting?
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