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  1. Rules are posted as well: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/12/bd/12bd1a50-5ff6-4a04-b527-69b2ad85a257/lota_rulebook_forweb.pdf
  2. Sweet! I'm happy it's finally here... disappointed you can only play as the rebellion... Was really hoping they would have gone all in with sweeping campaigns for rebels, imperials, and scum factions... Always can hope for updates to bring though!
  3. The steam page actually shows - so even sooner release? Available: August 3 This game will unlock in approximately less than an hour
  4. This is part of how we are feeling in our group. We have about 8 of us in our community who intend to play - hopefully more once elves are out and we start doing a few events. As we talk about the game - we just think "Hey - it's awesome, it fun and quick to play - I can't wait to start playing until the Spring!" Only a couple of us have bought in at this point - because we wanted the humans and the undead... the elves and Uthuk players are obviously anxiously awaiting the next several months to get their armies - but we aren't pushing anything until after they are all setup and really ready to roll with their armies. So for now - as an undead player - I just have ALL the time in the world to paint my minis - get a game in now and again and make terrain etc. 6-8 months from now - when we can all play - it'll be great!
  5. The other "big" thing in my mind is what is coming for organized play regarding official support. I could see this being the Gen Con announcement if all 4 factions were officially announced by then. Specifics on escalation groups (although this one can be done easily.) What are the recommended league specifics? All we have right now are 2 posters and an army list... Will Runewars get the sweeping campaign type of treatment that is coming to Armada? A campaign style game where factions are fighting on a larger map of Terrinoth for control? Events, grand battles, quests etc?! Would be amazing for here as well.
  6. HA! I actually came to make this same dang post... I truly hope they do... I think the longevity of the game really hinges on there being 4 factions and I want to start getting more hype with my group of buddies who are holding out for a 4th. We have a couple playing the current factions. 2 waiting for elves... and another 3-4 waiting to make a decision on a faction. They want to see 4 and choose then.
  7. Yeah - I saw this on BGG. I typically play on my iPad (but have a Lenovo Yoga this could work on... so I'll likely nab it.) Official support would be awesome for the other devices... BUT - I like it - thanks!
  8. Also - I think it would be pertinent to maybe only have the side quests as playable in the quest picker. This would just enhance the over all bonus of getting that next Hero Monster pack. If you and your buddies pick up the new pack - you can crack it open and have an encounter with those monster groups right away... not hoping to have to wait for the quest to randomly show up in the course of a campaign.
  9. Love the app - really well done - thanks FFG for breathing new life into this game. One suggestion that I would REALLY love to have would be a quest picker. There are nights we want to get in and play one quest - not need to start a campaign. Or maybe I want to introduce a few people to the game... I would love a one off to do this. Additionally - maybe I played a really awesome quest and want to run through it again with another buddy... I can think of several reasons this would be fantastic. There is also the chance - I never get to see some of them as they are displayed randomly... I could play the campaign 10 times and not see them all. Please consider a Quest Picker! Also - one other idea would be to have the chance to pick a couple monster groups that would be in that quest... Would be fun to choose the quest - and maybe there are 6 monster groups that would be spawned through the course of the quest - maybe the option to choose 3 monsters... just an idea.
  10. Perfect - exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  11. Anyone find a rulebook in the app? I didn't see one when clicking around. Been wanting to read the rules before I get my copy on Thursday.
  12. I found a couple things help. Here is a bead box I found that is perfect for the condition cards and the bits you use a lot. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/3015893/descent-journeys-dark-second-edition Then all my monsters are in planos with alphabetic labels lol... (The small ones at least.) I just got so tired of searching. Lastly - my map tiles are in accordian file folders labeled 1-5, 6-10, etc... Spread out enough to make sure they do not bend etc. Can see it all here... The monsters were pre-alphabetized and before I pulled out all the stuff I didn't need for RtL... Overlord decks etc. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/2945570/descent-journeys-dark-second-edition I'm traveling - otherwise I would send better pictures.
  13. I guess I'll just chuck my original copy of Descent in the bin to buy all of the same content again - despite already buying a kit that apparently meant that none of that content was obsolete. Yeah - Imagine being 'mad' at them for that?! Way to support your long term fans FFG. I get the frustration - but at the same time - those conversion kit heroes needed some tweaking. That tweaking was done with the Hero/Monster kits. At some point they just needed to move forward and call it. 2e came out what - 4 years ago? So 4 years of support for the previous edition isn't bad. Additionally - you can still use them all you like with non-app content - no one stopping you there!
  14. That's it, official confirmed, Road to legend release date and time, official confirmed, Half Life 3 release date, Wolverine to debut in Avengers Infinity War, confirmed. You're on the hook now SoylentGreen... Ha! I will do my best! And wait - what? Half Life 3 release date?!!? Link!!!!
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