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  1. Hey guys, is there high quality PSD for photoshop templates for cards like there is for Arkham Horror and LotR? Or even Strange EONS?
  2. Probable too consistent then? In my personal errata i use "Shadow: Reveal this card" for the ranger. For that card, i would probable "Shadow: Shuffle this card into the encounter deck". Another problem is I basically only include those cards in 4 players games and generally after some turns, more certain they will show up. Anyway to make then uncertain but balanced for 1-4 players?
  3. Okay, then. Scenario 1: You've already seen the setup by now, I imagine. You use the same bag from the Learn To Play booklet, and everyone starts locked in the Study. Resolution: Four possible endings. If you defeat the Ghoul Priest, you can either burn down your house to add Lita Chantler to your deck, or rebuff Lita (forfeiting your only chance to get her as an earned asset) to keep your house. If you manage to lose by agenda before unlocking the Parlour, everybody dies, and you have to choose new investigators for the next scenario (you still get Lita, since it's implied that your new team is a group she recruited between scenarios, and you keep your house--or rather you get to use your new group's house). Lastly, losing by default means you get to keep Lita and your house, but the Ghoul Priest survives to haunt you in future scenarios. Regardless, everyone gets 2 xp (unless they died, of course). Scenario 2: You set up the nine Arkham locations and start at your house. Note that there are two copies each of Downtown and Southside; You choose one of each randomly, so you won't know what you'll find there until you actually visit. Also, for each investigator past the first, one location gets a starting Acolyte (Southside, Downtown, and the Graveyard, in that order). Spoilery bits: If you burned down your house, its location is removed from the game (naturally) and you instead start at Rivertown. If you lost the first scenario, the Ghoul Priest gets shuffled into the deck. Resolution: Pretty simple. You just note which of the six cultists you found and dealt with, and whether or not the Agenda deck reached completion. Scenario 3: You randomly put four of the six Arkham Woods locations into play. You also randomly select one of four different "Agent" sets to shuffle into the encounter deck, representing the influence of more remote elements of the wider Mythos. Spoilery bits: You start with one extra Doom for every two cultists that escaped the second scenario (rounded up). If you let the Agenda reach completion last time, you discard two random cards from your starting hand. And if you still haven't killed the Ghoul Priest, he goes back into the deck. Resolution: If everyone runs away or is defeated, the alien forces conspiring against you are victorious, everyone dies horribly, and Arkham becomes even less hospitable to sane human life. If you stop the ritual, everyone gets 5 xp and two mental trauma. If you banish the AO after it's been summoned, everyone gets a whopping 10 xp and two points of mental and physical trauma. You can also sacrifice Lita to the AO; you get the same rewards (and penalties) for banishing it, plus an extra Madness Basic Weakness for each investigator. What cards makes the 2nd and 3rd encounter decks?
  4. Any rule that caught you guys attention? (beside the The Grim Rule) Mine: If the encounter deck is empty, simple reshuffle the discard into it (no specific phase as LOTR). If the player deck is empty and you need to draw, reshuffle the discard into it and take one horror. Spawn keyword enemies are discarded if the spawn location is not in play. You can attack engaged and engaged enemies. If you miss a engaged enemy with another player, that player take the full dmg (be careful with your shotgun!). Rules for Aloof and Massive enemies! Rules for starting with more experience feel very cheap (every 10xp = one weakness). Each and every basic weakness you get from expansions, go into the "general weakness pool" that you can draw your initial weakness. The same weakness you start or acquire stay with you the whole campaign. The "standalone" adventure rule is a little awkward.
  5. I think that version of Snowbourn Scout don´t add real value to the card nor a reason to include it instead of other chump blocks in faction (while also been verbose). One progress don´t do anything by itself 95% of the time, as the -1 threat. Progress to be useful need to get at the critical mass that destroy a location, but if you doing that, you best bet is playing better cards for that function. Even if you play 2 snowbourn scout same turn, you very very rarely blowing a location. What about "place 2 progress"? If you think thats too op in playtesting, maybe "After Snowbourn Scout enters play or leaves play, place 1 progress...". With that text i see reason to play Snowbourn.
  6. In the world of LotR, before he became a hero in the Smaug quest, he was basically the guy in Harvest Moon games. He would farm plants, bees, shepard a flock, build and grow his homestead.
  7. Doomed cards mostly cost 0 and are REALLY freaking powerful. If you not messing with other people threat, you can deal with your own threat more easily. Because of the doomed cost 0 (plus Key of Orthanc), you can use your resources to deal with your threat and/or also use Loragorn. And yes, that Saruman is mostly pointless in solo (beside his shared colors, high stats and being Istari).
  8. Interesting, there is some changes there. But, whats LotRLCG going to release close to that announcement? Arkham LCG is going to release October, so it is very close! For non-LOTR players, i can see that Gandalf had his cost decresead and effect changed, Thorin was in the basic core (which is is not) and had a different text, the encounter cards has some new keyword (stealth) and text, Legolas had another art+text and.... Holy ****, there is a lot of changes!
  9. I will list some ideas that I have about making investigators feel different: 1) Every investigator has the deckbuilding rules in the back, which can be used: 1.1) Because each investigator is 3 cards (investigator, special card, weakness) that gives designers ample design space, including changing this formula (like a investigator with 3 special cards +2 weakness or a investigator with 2 special cards that dont have a huge impact and no weakness) 1.2) Each investigator has a list of cards that can be used with him, considering 5 factions + neutral, we can have 10 combinations of factions, plus the combination of lvls (in the core its one faction lvl5, one faction lvl2). You can spice that with investigators with 3 factions, with 1 faction, with 2 factions lvl 5 but no neutral, with ALL factions lvl 2, etc. 1.3) If you pay attention, the decksize is written on the investigator, so you can have investigator with bigger or smaller decksize for some reason (like a 5 faction investigator has min decksize 45 cards?) 2) You can print cards that are basically made for a investigator, but don´t have the restriction. For example, in LotR we have Light of Valinor that is basicaly made to be used with Sp Glorfindel, but can be used with other heroes. It just happens that Glorfindel become super awesome with it. This can be used as a method to power up weaker investigators or to give a special flavor to some. 3) Each investigator has 4 skills + 2 Hps (meat, mental) + Text + Traits + Deckbuilding requirements + Special Token Ability. This is a lot of design space. Even traits can say a lot about a investigator, since cards can require or be better if your investigator has a trait, so it is basically one more unique deckbuilding requeriment. If you consider that we have 6 Packs+ 1 Big Expansion per circle. I think at minimum they need one every other pack + 3 investigators on the BE. So we have at least 1 investigator per faction per circle, plus one special investigator.
  10. I would like if each pack comes with a investigator. If they don´t, i will be a very sad panda =[ I also hope that each investigator incentivize a different play style or deckbuilding. I want to each investigator feel like a unique experience. I hope that all investigators are good and viable. In LotR there is a lot of useless or boring heroes (Tac Theoden, Lore Bilbo, Tac Dori, Sp Fatty, Lore Glorfindel, Lore Mirlond). If there is something to be extra careful is with investigators.
  11. Hello Investigator! I want to spur a good discursion. Most of the people here probable already played LotR LCG before, so I want to hear from you guys. Taking lessons from LotR LCG, what do you want AHlcg to improve? Ex: We all know that Locations in LotR was not as fun as the rest of the game. So I wanted they to improve on that. From the information we know, they did. Now it feels more like exploring and moving. I just hope they can find a way to make locations more "random". In the adventure in Gencon, the locations were fixed, so if you play that adventure once, you know what you will find in the cellar and in the attic.
  12. Why do you think that? Now you have 30 card limit in you deck, which make each and every card more impactful. In most other LCG you could play 1, 2 or 3 copies, so it is less granular now. Also, after you have some "experience" point, you also have to balance the which upgraded cards you going to put in your deck. Experience feel very similar to Influence in netrunner. You have a limited amount and you have to spend it wisely. The shorter deck probable comes because of the experience mechanic. The packs in the past generally had 60 cards, which means more or less 10 cards, with 3 copies of each. Now we probable have 60, of that +-30 encounter cards and each player card comes with 4 copies (2 level zero, 2 higher level) plus the 3x investigator cards (investigator card, unique asset, unique weakness). Which means 6-7 player cards per pack? I think that a pack will have less encounter cards then LotR, since this game doesnt have the shadow mechanic, also cos enemies probable will stick longer on the board (in the preview, we saw a lot of 4 health monster, also evading mean monsters dont die). So if they go with the same as lotr lcg 9 player card+hero in the pack, which means 21 encounter cards?
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