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  1. Aghork

    Aghork's fanarts

    I started drawing again... that's the firs result: aghork.deviantart.com/art/Taura-Adepta-Sororitas-128834342 I'm not really satisfied, but it took just one evening, so it just can't be really good....
  2. That's an Idea! Thanks... The other thing I thought about was: 2H Shocking Hammer, Damage 2d10 I, Pen 2, Unbalanced, Shocking, Aviability Rare, Cost 1300 That would't be THAT imba^^
  3. I forgot: 2H Hammer: 2d10 I Pen 2 Power Hammer: 1d10+6 E Pen 6 2H Power Hammer 2d10 + 5 E Pen 6 And what cost/aviability would you suggest? Btw. sorry for the second Post... i didn't found the "Edit" -Button... Now I got it
  4. What Damage would a 2H power hammer do? A hammer does damage 1d10+1 I. A great weapon does 2d10 R Pen 2 Sword: 1d10 R Power Sword: 1d10 + 5 E Pen 6 Now: I would say: 2H Hammer: 2d10 I Power Hammer: 1d10+6 E 2H Power Hammer 2d10 + 5 E I know, that would be too easy and too overpowerd... but what wold you take?
  5. Do You mean Called shot? -20 BS and you don't rill the body Part but just say whrer you were shootin into?
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