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  1. Loving that instead of a second challenge dice on Caress of Laniph it has a Crossed Swords and a Bane, thats some clever stuff. Guesses: Races: Halflings, Ogres? 12 new careers, Rank 4+5 Priest, Rank 4+5 Wizards, Daemonslayer, Runepriest level 3, Engineer level 3, high end options for Martial and Social characters?
  2. For tough opponents usually a pair of lightning claws, for hordes its melee weapon and hand flamer all the way, the hand flamer does better than most melee weapons against hordes.
  3. With all the Spiders tied in to the Haarlock imagery we had the Haarlock sigil as a Spider with its limbs contorted into a stylised capital H. Two legs for each "arm" of the H.
  4. I havn't crunched the numbers but I'd agree that not allowing seperate macrocannon volleys to combine is the way I'd go. If this nerfs pure macro ships too much I might pinch squadron fire from Battlefleet Koronos to make up for it. Run a variant like you can sacrifice one macrobatteries fire to give another macrobattery +10/+20 to hit and +1/+2 to strenght.
  5. I'd grab the Warpsbane hull regardless, that reroll is just too good unless you really like Daemonic Incursions.
  6. Considering that groups get attached to their ship and are unlikely to upgrade out of their frigate after a good deal of time spent playing I'm going to offer my players a Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser with a SP discount due to damaged or destroyed components and make the repair and upgrading of the ship part of the first half dozen endeavours so it gradually levels up into its full glory. I also love the design of the Repulsive and I'd say it can make a very effective gun platform if you want, decide between long range and short range and build your strategy around that.
  7. I thought they didn't include the Double Strike errata in the Player's Vault because they didn't want anyone to feel pressured to buy the Players Vault to get a correct version of the card. In fact I think somone mentioned that they were going to put that corrected card in a new supplement. I'd guess Omens of War. You know if they put it in the Player's Vault people would complain that they'd have to buy the Vault to get the fixed card.
  8. I think it can be used for different functions for different types of player. For example if you havea player who is poor at or has no interest in tactics, it can be used to supply tactics or suggest courses of action if the player feels "stuck" If you have an average player it can be used to check the workability of strategies or suggest alternate approaches. If you have a very strategically minded player it can be used to supply a piece of information they couldn't otherwise get or a course of action they can't actually see. For example seeing a building thats occupied with traitor guardsman, a tactics roll might let them know that the typical size of that unit is 100 men, or their doctorine states to store their fuel and ammo on the left hand side of the bulding on the ground floor. In many ways its the "Being a Space Marine in a War" skill, if the player is out of his depth or looking for options in a military situation, Tactics is a good skill to roll.
  9. Harry of the Clock said: @Hidaowin, read the First Heretic then, you'll find some info there That or lurk. @Hellebore, a discussion is a discussion. If I do not agree with something I will take part in it to show other solutions. My friend is buying a new car so I adviced him to buy an actual car and not a ****** mobile with two front seats only. Wasn't my problem but point was taken. The trick is to troll in a way that makes OP want to explore more of what is canon, and eventualy make some changs, when it is still largely unexplored istead of going for sloppy non canon as presented in his post. And to lurk for valuable info rather than going for some unballanced crap from rpg.net that makes them more like adversaries then an actuall playable idea. Yeah I might do that, if you read the OP more carefully you'd note that the chapters presented there are renegade (note not chaos) chapters. Also there is practically no hard canon or levels of canon in 40k unless anyone really thinks Space Marines wield multilasers. Every individual GMs interpretation is going to differ by degrees or by orders of magnittude, taking a dismissive attitude towards opinions other than your own is unhelpful at best and smacks of One-true-wayism and narrowminded obstinancy and trolling at worst.
  10. Harry of the Clock said: Space Marines - created from the genetic material of the Emperors clones, the Primarchs, which were obviously all-male as the Emperor was male (and it is stated in varius sources that the two lost primarches were mentioned as brothers). The differences in male and female bodily chemistry makes it impossible for a female to receive implants and all that stuff that was destined to end up in a male body. If you would like to know more then I would recommend visiting the Lexicanum or other 40k wiki. Actually there was this one thing that could allow females to become Astartes. Although very Dolph Lundgren like. The Cursed 21st Founding of the Adeptus Astartes. But I wouldn't recommend making an official chapter out of it, rather an experiment. Some forces in the Imperium and beyond could get too interested in the matter of a female Astartes. Actually the Primarchs are refered to as the Emperors offspring or children. They contain his DNA but certainly modified or mutated, and considering some of them ended up with extra eyes or wings one of them being female is not beyond the bounds of possibility. What we know about the 2 Lost Primarchs is extremely limited, they were originally intended to be blank slates for players to create their own chapters. All in all what do we know, in Dan Abnetts the Lightning Tower he refers to them as brothers, but that's not conclusive as we get no other information (additionally the editorial control over the Horus Heresy is not the tightest, Sanguinus is black haired in the books). There is some other stuff in the First Heretic but I havn't got around to reading it yet. There is material here worth putting it use, poo-pooing it is unconstructive at best.
  11. Charmander said: But an additional founding is no small feat, and it takes decades (some sources indicate 50 years or more) for them to create the materials needed to make the marines themselves. Additionally, the Empire is a bureaucracy if nothing else, which means it would probably take another 50 years for the request to get there and be processed. The Warmaster could try and petition for it, or possibly the Chamber of Vigilance or a Chapter Master. You'd have to come up with a really good reason for it, and 'protecting a proud people' I'm betting won't be high on the list of acceptable motives. In the time while your request is in process, the Crusade fleet will be landing on the planet and harvesting crops. Ah yeah but therein lies the fun bit. Have Rylus propose the idea, have it mulled over and considered to be unrealistic. Then have a player find out there was a large stock of geneseed recently rediscovered in the Jericho Sector. Its on an Imperial tithing barge, which crashed into an Ork space hulk, which is currently on track to slam into a tendril of the Hive Fleet. Also some Tau and Chaos Marines are after it, And the Sun is about to explode. Better send the Deathwatch.
  12. I'm sorry if this info has been posted before but I just spotted this preview of the Sister Hospitaller career on the GTM website www.gametrademagazine.com/downloads/SisterHospitaller.pdf Some really nice healing and Fate Point boosting talents in there my Missionary in Rogue Trader would kill to have.
  13. The cult skills are an optional rule that a GM can allow a character train skills related to the cult as career skills. In Sigmar's case its Discipline and Weapon Skill. They also apply to all careers in the priest path including Initiate and Discipline.
  14. In the adventure in the GM screen Spoilers! Hallucinations cause the Space Marines to have different nightmarish visions, the Storm Wardens visions relate to a demonic Primarch roaring at them to join him. This makes me lean towards Angron or Mortarion as the Storm Wardens Primarch.
  15. Draig said: Many thanks for the preview. I just want this one out in the Uk, pronto! Any chance of finding out the Talent sockets for the Witch Hunter Captain and / or details on the Seal of Sigmar? One each of Reputation, Focus and Tactics. The Seal IIRC adds a Fortune to resisting corruption and if you spend a fortune point to add to a roll to resist corruption you instead add an Expertise dice.
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