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  1. Hi all, I heard a rumour about some fight night kits coming soon? Does anyone have any more informaiton about these and when they will be released (and how to get hold of one)? Thanks
  2. When is Tekken getting released again? I'm concerned that I might not even get a chance to see a Tekken card, let alone own any before Nats... As mentioned in other posts; my girlfriend and I have to drive for 2hours to get to our local game shop and work is a bi**h at the moment.
  3. I can only think of one form of counter-assault The epic clash of the titans... Could Prime stand a chance against MY Ragnar?????
  4. Mai Ragnar... A very clever twist. Though still wouldn't stand a chance against MY Ragnar! In the end there is only 1 'MY Ragnar' out there to fear and the owner of him sold it after claims that 'MY Ragnar' could have a completely tapped staging area and survive double Spikes (fully multipled). When I played his Zi Mei deck; I got a turn 1 double Forethought lock (and an Anti K' in hand) on him with Sophitia. Even when he couldnt' play a single card each turn he still was able to profess "Wouldn't stand a chance against My Ragnar". I'm trying to get hold of the legendary card and thinking of ebay with a reserve in the region of £700... Any character that can not only survive the games most erocious of situations and even then declare 'you don't stand a chance' has to be worth it?
  5. Firstly, Great topic idea for discussion. My first 'real' deck was probably my Iori back in the days of Fireball, running of of Water (accept for 4 copies of Absurd Strength). It was such a fun deck as it ran 6 attakcs (+ 4 clones) and everything else in the deck was 5 or 6 check that either recurred my cards or reduced damage. Came to fame by first turn killing opponent on average 1 in 4 games. Though Iori was fun; my best deck to date was probably my 2007 Void Chester. After the team nats before (won all my matches with Promo Ukyo until my last one against JJ's Tycho), I kept commenting about how Void was sooo overpowered and can build nigh indestructible decks. People disagreed, so I built void control with chester... Then realised I could build him with no attacks and mill instead of kill. Sadly I made some critical errors in play during the nats and was diversitied out of top 8 by a single point. I doubt i'll ever build a deck as good, but i'll keep trying. Lately I built new Sophitia based on pure CC hacking goodness with my favourite 'Secret Projects'. Took me to 3rd place at UK PoTM, but was just not very exciting to play with. I'm desperately trying to find a way to build a non-attack deck (that isn't US Air Base as I doubt the Dhalsim 'All your bases' deck can be topped for that combo) and relive my memories of mill Chester, but not too much luck... I am please with my current deck, but even running just 6 attacks isnt the same :'(
  6. I can definitely agree that the game is very daunting for both new players wanting to get into the game and experienced players trying to teach people the game. I have a couple of potential new players who really want to learn to play UFS as they no longer have anyone to play Yugioh against (score 1 for UFS). Only problem is; they watch me play a game against my girlfriend (as we only have enough cards to build our main competative decks) and see learning the game as a challenge (fair enough the two people in question are not the most persivering of people). They are very competative people by nature and the fact that they are eager to learn, but not learning could be a statement in its own right. The only other thing I can think of in terms of overall playerbase is perhaps a lack of promotion outside of circles who already play UFS. To play a game against more than 1 person (who I live with), I have to drive nearly 2 hours. The nearest shop that sells UFS boosters is 2 towns away and the most recent pack they have is Cutting Edge (which they ran out of when my girlfriend found out they were selling for 50p each to deplete stock they weren't selling off). I don't know if this is as much an issue overseas, but in the UK it seems that we are like a few small UFS colonies that occaisionally meet up at tournaments. Expanding our existing playerbases in each town with UFS already established is great; but couldn't we also look into perhaps holding more demonstration events in 'untapped resources' (sorry, couldn't resist)? I agree with Joe that in comparison to the past year; now is probably the best time to try and recruit new blood into UFS as it has made its way more back to its roots (no more excessive Response wars and negation). I stopped playing around the time when Blood Runs first came out and Evil was nigh unstoppable (and ridiculously expensive); I honestly didn't think I was going to get back into the game, but here I am using Forums for the first time too! Lets build an army of promoters and hit the streets, towns, halls and game shops
  7. So i've been building a new deck, but can't seem to find a way to get past the power of Ragnar? I've checked all resources and have only found a sufficient lack of ways to cater for his awesomeness. My only thought would be to run him myself, but then it's going to be a push to get past diversity at any tournaments. I therefore propsoe that the following card needs to be introduced to countermeasure his threat: Foundation: 7 difficulty, 1 check - F Commit, discard 5 momentum, commit 10 foundations: For the next 2 of your forms played this turn, negate the powers of Ragnar - At least this way, you only have to worry about his printed abilities... Are there any other cards already in existence that can combo up to stop me from having to scoop every time I see Ragnar hit the table?
  8. Thanks for the reply Thought as much, but wanted to be sure before I try my new combo to see if I could make it easier or not. D
  9. Hi all, Can you have multiple terrain cards in play? While a terrain is in play, can another be played? If yes, will the old one remain or be destroyed/discarded by the new one? Can you stack multiple copies of the same terrain card in your stagin area? Thanks in advance Drew
  10. I'm interested in running a fun new crazy idea involving using Seal's and Shops to give my character new symbols to play cards that otherwise don't share resources with my character. If/when my character loses the new resource symbol; will the cards in play that don't share resources get to stay in my staging area? Thanks in advance
  11. Wow... So glad I decided to hang up my CC hacking boots after Kula's many failures at Steve's Regional. Awesome list, but agree that BRT could have done with being on errata or ban. Rejection had to go (as much as I really like the card for ultimate defence)... Bitter Rivals could have been erratad to simple "E Commit, reveal your hand:" cost, but i'm not going to argue about a great progression in the meta
  12. Hi all, I don't normally like Forums, but since I have fallen for UFS again; I couldn't resist joining this one as people on here don't seem like 'those people' you get on Forums that just slag each other relentlessly with no context. ANYHOW. Path of the Master was my comeback into the game and my Girlfirends introduction (With a very respectable 2 win, 2 loss 1 draw result behind her after 1 month of play). I never thought I was going to get a deck together as I couldn't find anything that worked for me. Even when it clearly should have been working; somehow things never went right... Then I found CC hacking... Then I found more CC hacking... And some more. I thought back to my older decks and how the thrill of all or nothing play brought my games to life so i thought "I'll make a deck that either has control from turn 1, or loses". With this in mind; I built my Sophitia deck and found although the rule of turn 1 control worked far better than Ci could ever imagine; she didn't just lie down and die if she didn't get the early drop on my opponent... YAY! I drove up to POTM with my girlfriend Fiona, Joe (the birthday boy), Kyle and Alex. I tried not to let slip my fear of a 5-0 defeat, but it was very much there. Round 1. 1-0 Win: Vs Edie (Sorry if i've mis-spelt your name) and her Ivy With nerves up I got to go first and managed to get a complete lock out in my opening turn: Forethought, Bloodruns, Aquakinesis and Olcadans. This combined with my second and third Forethought turn 2 made her Edie's turns very short. Due to lack of Attacks finding their way into my hand (considering I was playing 4-5 cards a turn too), the game went on.... and on...... and on some more where I was spewing foundatinos and Edie couldn't do anything. I could feel her soul being slowly removed from her and felt nowt but guilt as I could do nothing to stop the painfully slow game (and nearly mill myself out trying to draw into attacks).... 38 painful minutes into game 1 I finally have 2 plasma beams in hand. I drop the check with Forethoughts and commit to pass, then go for the kill (Blood runs on the blocks)... My deck worked but was soul destroying... Sorry Edie! Round 2. 1-0 Win: Vs ? and his Sakura I had proven to myself my deck could work (Since I had only played 1 test game before POTM)! Now to see how it goes against an Aggro deck - And a SPIKE one at that. Thankfully Spike has that wonderful 7 diff and CC hacks really like that, so by Mulliganing into 2 Blood Runs and turn 2 Forethought, I was is a strong position. Round 1 win took 32 minutes and was just about to attakc when time was called in Round 2. Was a fun deck to play as a few times spike went off and nearly followed up with another. Round 3. 1-2 Loss: Vs ? and his Zi Mei I was confident and cool. I got early control of the game in round 1 and dominated after taking a few early hits, then stopping every turn short. I then thought "hmm this one could be tricky" and decided to side into Victor for Reanimating goodness.... Or not! For the next 2 games; Reanimated never came to hand, nor did any of my 20 CC Hackers... Lesson learnt: DREW, DO NOT SIDE YOUR CHARACTER EVER AGAIN! Round 4. 2-0 Win: Vs ? and her Sagat I was shaken by my loss and made some critical errors that left me on 4 HP, my opponent having more foundations than ME! NOT GOOD!... but then 3 High Plasmas with a tapped out opponent and 3 blood runs sorted that out. Game 2 I was able to dominate the field early with lots of CC control and patiently bided time for the kill. Round 5. 1-0 Win (Should have been a draw): Vs Ross and his Vega HOW MUCH ANTI-CONTROL?????? If it wasn't for double Blood runs, Forethought, Program Malfunction and Olcadans by turn 2, I would have lost before the handshake. Got the win game 1. A very slow game 2 where with some extreme amount of luck, Ross couldn't find his attacks. I had such a slim chance of defeating him with all his anti-control (Chesters, Oral Dead, Red Lotus, DESTINY [grr], Makhai High Noble), so it was me waiting on 3 or more Beams and Ross wating on his second attack.. Time was called, but Ross deserved the win of game 2. I left swiss 4-1 feeling good and didn't really expect top 8 as I never do... I was very happy when I found out I was in top 8 with 5th place... A glimmer of hope for the underdog team Drew and Sophitia! Round 6. 1-0 Win: Vs ? and his Zi Mei OF all the characters to face; why the only one that beat me! Thankfully I remembered my lesson and thought I can do this... Turn 1 hand: 2x Forethought, 1x Spirit of Athens, 1x Anti K', 1x Program Malfunction, 1x Olcadans. Got the early control and just had to wait for attacks to come... but it did take 30+ minutes. Similar story for game 2, only with Blood Runs this time. GOt my attacks together, then time was called... 1-0 will do for me to get me through. TOP 4!!!!!!! Round 7 1-1 Loss (Under 1st Blood game 3): Alex and his Chun-Li I was expecting a whitewash defeat from the Large-Thigh'd wench that is Miss-Li. I was very lucky to have an answer for her ability most turns (Either Pomel Smash or Tag Along). It was grueling and gruesome, but I got the 1st win after 40 MINUTES! Round 2 was another story... Alex got mad and the feet went flying as he revealed his secret weapon: WILLFUL! Complete surprise as he suddenly started passing attacks and doing nasty damage (No spike thankfully). It got close: I was on 5 HP and Alex had one attack left in his deck; and it was in his hand. Melancholic needed a 7 to pass. I double forthoughted and threw out an Ostrasized the check... Alex looked at his staging area, sighed... ... "Fai... ..." A handy gesture from behind "you can pass it" made him re-obtain the attack form discard and double check his staging area... Exact tap out to pass! There was my glimmer of hope for a final seat removed in untimely mannor. Horrible, but were he not a friend I would have called for Judge ruling on the end of turn... However I got to see a friend batter me round the face with 3 copies of Ninon in her spinning glory. *TIME* First blood on Game 3... First to get an attack wins! I side into my 4 Mega Spikes... Need a Beam or Spike turn 1... No attacks, so I mulligan................... NO ATTACKS! Cant afford to let Chun-Li effect kill me, but by the fact he hasn't mulliganned, I know what he has in had... Spinta! A battle well fought from both sides and my most intense and fun match to date... Revenge shall be mine next deck! Tied 3rd with Joe and his Donnovan. Alex lost out to Mark and Akuma, but we all left in high spirits. My girlfriend came in top half of the rankings after her 1 month of playing and her OWN deck (contrary to Sagat ladies prtests and testiments; Fiona had been testing against 4 of the top 8 at POTM for the whole month... who better as teachers). My first post (and a very long one).... Next one will be short and sweet - promise!
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