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  1. Just couldn't find a group to play with and just don't have the time to look that hard. So I want to sell it all and get something that I can use. Here is what I have:
    2x Core set
    1x Princes of the sun (not the reprint)
    1x War of the Five Kings
    1x Ancient Enemies
    3x Sacred Bonds
    1x Epic battles
    1x Battle of Ruby Ford
    1x Calling the Banners
    1x Song of Summer
    1x The Winds of Winter
    1x Change of Seasons
    1x Raven’s Song
    1x Refugee’s of War
    1x Scattered Armies
    1x City of Secrets
    1x Time of Trials
    1x Tales of the Red Keep

    The cards are used but well cared for. I always use sleeves so the cards all near mint condition.  I would prefer to sell it all as a lot but I would consider breaking it up.  However with shipping costs getting out of control expensive it doesn't seem many people would want a small chunk.

    This would be a great place for someone to get a lot of cards to start building their collection and begin deckbuilding.  If you think you want it make an offer, all serious offers will be considered. 

  2. This is something that I am coming to think is very important for this game. Especially for me. I am having a hard time finding people to play with, which means I must teach people to play and must make sure they have a good time playing their first time. I found a list of four decks for the main factions using only 2x core sets, not sure they are the best ever but they do seem like they are more straightforward than the tweaked and tuned decks.


    Do you have any decklists that are good learner models?

    How do you go about teaching new people to play the game and enjoy themselves?

    Start with joust then move to melee. Melee is one of the reasons I really like the game so I always look to move to melee.

    How do you get new people to agree to play?

    Some people have a Pavlovian distaste for anything that looks like a CCG. It's like a CCG abused them in the past, which is possible, but still a little disconcerting when you are trying to get them to play and they end up huddled in a corner rocking back and forth saying "Bad touch bad touch"

    Others are avid CCG players but of another game and will not hear of playing anything other than their chosen game. I understand not wanting to buy into another game but why can't I get them to try playing a game that to my mind is essentially just a board game where I have everything needed to play in the box. It is a hard sell for some reason.

    How are you doing at getting a play group in your area?

  3. schrecklich said:

    1. The stealth passive effect only initiates for characters declared as attackers.

    2. Deadly asks for a character participating in the challenge as a defender to be killed.  If there are no defenders, no character has to be killed.  (So, it's often better to let a military challenge go unopposed, even if you could win it, if an opponent has more deadly characters than you since you will lose a character either way).

    Well if they have more deadly than you it can be a good idea to block with the person you were going to use to satisfy claim.  No unopposed challenge and no on to satisgfy deadly because they have already been killed for claim.

  4. I think that in general the Kingsmoot game is much faster paced than a regular melee because there is no extra step of selecting roles.  Plus you are always looking to get the card so the more cards you have the bigger the target.  Our game ended with my getting the needed 15 power, but the winner was always up for grabs no matter how much power one person had.  A good conerted effort can ****** the victory from a player even if they get 15.

    I enjoyed the faster pace an alternate win condition.  I am going to play a couple more games before I am sure, but I think Kingsmoot is the new melee game of choice for me.

  5. Just tried it tonight.  We had a three person melee game and I was teaching the game to the other two people and I thought that Kingsmoot might be a little more staright forward because it didn't have the extra step of pick an icon.  I was pleased with how much easier it was to teach, still hard but any CCG like game is hard to teach, there are a  lot of moving parts to explain.  But the Kingsmoot win condition was pretty cool.  No one got all six cards but it was definately fun and made you rethink your strategy of hwo to play because you wanted to keep the cards.  I can't wait to play a full four person kingsmoot or if we can fenagle it a 5 or 6 person.  I think it will be more possible to play 6 with the kingsmoot.  Plus a lot more fun. 

  6. Arma virumque said:

    Deathjester26 said:


    Except, in this case I would argue that it seems like the people most upset are casual players who want to be competitive without spending too much money.  Most true casual players should be happy for the reasons you mention, and most competitive players were expecting to buy three in the first place (even if the price is a little high).



    Don't forget the casual players who are trying to keep four (or soon, five) balanced decks for their playgroup.  They don't fit neatly on a linear spectrum from "casual" to "competitive." 

    These players (and I'm one of them) are not trying to be "competitive" in the sense that I think you're using the word, but they're finding it hard to take advantage of the most compelling new additions to the card pool.  For example, everybody in these forums has agreed that the game needs some location hate and event cancels, but with 1x "Condemned by the Council" and 1x "The Hand's Judgment," I would have to buy 8 copies of each chapter pack to be able to put 2 copies into all four of the decks I maintain.  (Okay, I admit I wouldn't put "Condemned by the Council" into a Stark deck, but you get my point....)

    These players may be a new type of customer base, for whom the CCG model had little interest but the LCG model appears to make sense.  To really enjoy their deckbuilding, though, they would be well served by an expansion pack that had multiple copies of key neutral cards, including not only the new, exciting ones, but also core set cards like Bodyguard and Milk of the Poppy.

    Well if you are trying to have 4 balanced decks it may be that you need other people to build a certain houses deck.  We have three players and we share the cards quite well.  Some of the nuetral cards are needed for lots of decks but I have never felt put out because of it.  We have a good solid deck for each of the 4 houses from teh core sest and will have a solid greyjoy deck ina  bit.  We are competetive in that we all want to win, but we don't take it to extremes.  We buy what we can and build what we can.  I don't see much of a difference between this and when I was playing CCGs.  I just didn't always have all the copies of a certain card that I wanted.  I coudl spend a lot of money to get it or do without.  I did without.  Now if I want it no card is really worth more than $10.  $30 if it is in kings of the sea.  But I doubt that I will just need one more of a certain card I would guess some of the other cards in the pack will be useful as well.  In the end I think it is a win for me.  I still spent money on the game but always come away with exactly what I wanted with no need to trade or hagle.  I am not a child with all the time on my hands to haggle with my friends.  I am adult who likes to play with cards, but don't have the time or inclination to trade cards or spend a lot of money on one great card.

  7. My biggest disappointment is that I can't buy it yet.  Can't complain about distribution because if I want a card I can buy it.  No ebay no secondary market just buy the pack it is located in.  How can I complain when they have made it easy to buy exactly what I want.  They did let me buy as many as I wanted?  Seriously, can you expect them to anticipate exactly how many you want and put that many of each card in.  I bet if they did there would be people who would complain because now they have cards that were packed 3x that they only wanted 1x of.  Some people are never happy.

    FFG - releases GoT as an LCG but has no Greyjoy

    Players - Complain becuase they love Greyjoy

    FFG - hears the complaints and releases the Greyjoy expansion

    Players - Complain becuase they didn't get enough cards they wanted for their money, becuase they want to be competetive and need 3x of each. 

    Casual players - not that upset because they will spend what they can and build with what they have. 

    FFG - You can't win, they will be upset no matter what.  Try to make a buck because if you don't you will cancel this game and I like being able to get new stuff.  Even if I might have to buy a few extra chapter packs to get all the cards I want.

  8. The solution is simple, just proxy the missing locations with some of the extra ones from the core set.  My budy and I split a 3rd core set and it wasn't that expenzive leaving us with some extra fiefdoms and gold producing locations.  Proxy until you want to play in a real tournament.  We play mostly casually around here.  So no problem.  There are already chapter packs that you want three of, I see no difference here.  We are already pooling cards and resources here with each of us building one main house.  So the split is pretty equitable.  Some of the unaligned stuff gets a little scarce but it is after all just a game. 

    So far we are having a great time and finding that this is a much less expensive alternative to the CCGs.  Seriously everyone raise your hand if you have had to shell out big bucks for one copy of a power rare, lets say $30.

    Or who has bought a booster pack that was utter crap.  Spent your money and went away unfulfilled or worse downright PO'd.

    Raises hand for both questions.

  9. If you do normally go big with things, you may find that you want another core set to get some cards in multiple copies.  A third core set is nice but not necessary if you and your friends get really into deck building. 

    A couple buddies and I have bought between us three core sets and most all of the chapter packs. Not sure about the chapter packs because the purchases of those have been very haphazard.  But we are having a great time buidling decks and playing.  But there just don't seem to be enough cards to build Greyjoy or Martel.  One of my buddies is chomping at the bit to build and play Greyjoy but the expansion is necessary.  I want Martel, but looks like I will be waiting awhile longer.

  10. Still new and trying to figure out all the subtle timing issues.

    You've killed the wrong dwarf - can you play it in response to a challenge after the attcker has knelt his characters to attack -or- do you have to tap them before the attackers are decalred and knelt?  What is the order that challenges are declared?  I kneel my attackers and declare a target or declare a target then kneel attackers?

    Titan's Bastard - An opponent put him in to play after Valar saying one of his things had been put in the dead pile, which would allow the bastard to come into play.  However everyone else at the table had things hit the dead pile as well returning the bastard to his hand.  How does this situation play?

  11. Had an issue come up while playing melee. The bara attacked me, I was playing Targ.  The stark player at the table played leathal counter attack killing all the bara attackers.  Was this legal.  We allowed it because nothing said it shouldn't work but still thought I should ask because it seemed a little odd. We laughed, well not the bara player, but me and the stark player laughed real loud because the bara player had the lead at the time.

  12. I second the recomendation for Rothfuss' the Name of the Wind.  Can't wait for book two

    I would also recomend the First Law series by Joe Abercrombie.  I am on book 2 and it is so far a great book series.  Well developed characters and most have real character not just your standard archetypes for fantasy series.  There is a barabarisn but very human and a torturer that make you real care about him, I don't know why but I like the torturer.  Which spells literary gold to me.

  13. Can you select a character to fulfill a military claim that you can save from some other effect?

    For example Pentos: Kill character for claim save by discarding attachment for pentos.  Legal?

    Or the power of blood plot:  Select a noble for claim but can't be killed hence saved, Legal?  or only legal if you only have noble characters to select.

    Those are two different examples but kind of the same type of thing.

  14. Can you attach mulitple bannermen attachments by fullfilling the condition one time?  For example you have two bannermen attachments in your hand and you statisfy the condition are you allowed to attach them to two different characters?

    Then another question, specific to the Baratheon Banner, it grants vigilant.  Does the character it is attached to get to stand after it is attached?  I asked because its condition for attachment says you must win a challenge which would allow the vigilant character to stand.  This question seems to be mostly a question of timing of the effect.

  15. Lars said:

    Interesting, it sounds from your comment that you build one deck intending to play it in both melee and joust. I can never get that to work.


    My melee decks usually start slow (to not be a threat early) and build p some kind of combo with minimal control elements. My joust decks often forgoe combos and can be as quick as needed (but built with an eye towards consistiency). Rarely do i find myself building a deck that is equal in both, htough my lanni shadows deck is close (but still better suited for melee).

    I build mostly for melee because that is what we generally play around here.  But I would be willing to play my deck in Joust if the need arose.  But with a very small play group, read me and one other friend who have bought into the game and whoever we can get to play with us on a given night at the game shop, deck building is just a fun activity to do at home before game night.  The game is fun and so is deckbuilding.  It is like a two for one special when you buy the game.

  16. As a player of many games, miniatures and board games.  There is just that one itch they never seem to scratch.  I know you can build an army but there just aren't that many options for miniatures.  Board games are set to go right out of the box.  But there is something about being faced with a pile of cards and trying to build a deck that will knock your friends deck in the dirt. 

    All the options you could put in.

    Everything looks like it could work but does it work in the deck you are building.

    The agonizing decisions.  Perusing the cards.  THinking, thinking, thinking.

    Decision, no not that one take it back.  The back and forth of which card is getting the axe to make it a lean mean 60.  Or do I add that one or two more cards messing with my draw probability.

    What is my buddy doing with his deck?  How can I counter it?

    Is there anything quite as wonderful or agonizing at the same time?

    One of the reasons I am liking this game so much is that the deck building is much easier in regards to getting the cards you want for the deck.  And the game has two different styles of matches you need to build for, both great.  However I favor melee.  This game rocks multi player.

  17. I am sure I am missing something that is good about it and I have my face palm ready for the answer to the question. 

    The reason I can't get my head around the new plot thing is that a lot of the cards that allow you to do it happen latter in the turn.  I think the rookeries are all during the challenge phase.  Why would a new plot be a good thing at this point in time?  You wouldn't get more income.  You could concievably up your claim by one, but why would I want to put a card like that in the deck.  I am just not seeing how a new plot is doing great things for me.  I can tell that someone thinks it is a great thing because of the cost associated with the card and using the ability but I am obviously missing something.

  18. The search function here is very bad so I appologize if this has been asked before.

    I am very interested in the vigilant Bara deck.  I have tried Tzumain but a lot of the decks there use older cards from before the LCG and I am only playing with the LCG cards.  People mention that vigilant is a good build for Bara but I don't seem to understand or know where to get the cards that make it a vigilant deck.  My buddy and I are splitting chapter packs and have several btu I am still not seeing what would make a bara deck a vigilant deck.

    THe bannermen charecter seems like an integral part, but is there something more to it than that.

    Lightbringer has the key word vigilant but that is the attachment not the charecter.

    What cards should I look for or where should I look for more vigilant people for Bara?

  19. I know you need to keep a seperate pile for discarded and dead.  My confusion comes from cards like the Pentoshi Guildmaster.  He says you can take him out of the discard pile, but what if he is dead.  Is dead just dead and his whole coming back thing pointless and won't work from the dead.  ie no zombie guildmasters.

    The reason I ask is because there are several cards, I can't recall the names, but they allow you to get stuff out of the discard pile.  However I have not been able to see the utility because most of the things in our games don't hit the discard pile they are dead. 

    Does dead only count for uniques?  Are the armies and whatnot able to come back, they are the same only different?

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