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  1. Gurkhal said: I think that I know what the TS is looking for and in the name of the Emperor I shall provide it for you. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B21AR8XP8OQtYnNWMFc3TEI0Mms/edit?usp=sharing Praise the Emperor and hallow be His name! This…this is GLORIUS! All I needed to run a proper PBF game Question: I see there are rules for all the Traitors and there are proposed skill and talent swaps. My question is regarding Dark Angels who have a lot of Forbidden Lore Skills concerning things that do not exist during the Heresy timeline. What would some of you swap their Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes), (Inquisition) and (Traitor Legions) ?
  2. Can this advancement be taken by Blood Angel Successors? The reason for me asking, is that, for example, under Flesh Tearers notable characters in Jericho Reach there is a certain Sanguiniary Priest named Jevael. Is this a typo or maybe a general term how all apothecaries of BA and their successors are named since it is clear from the First Founding that only Blood Angels can be Sanguiniary Priests?
  3. @Emperor Castaigne Wow, some good points about Space Sharks, don't know how it hadn't accurred to me. I automatically kind of accepted them being Raven Guard because of pale skin and black eyes and forgot that Curze was also pretty similar in outlook. This pleases me greatly. @Lightbringer I get what you are saying. Just because some chapter shares a particular doctrine or modus operandi like some traitor legion from distant past doesn't necessarily means they descend from them. Of course you could explain ruthlessness of Sharks by saying they come from a loyalist branch, have gene-seed deficiency etc., but at the same time isn't it interesting to speculate? I mean, it's good to speculate about fluff, at least for me, that something that big as traitor legion gene-seed (non corrupt) is present in the current M41. Just opens up great stories and possibilities in my opinion. Anyway, thank you for your input so far, it gave me just a proper idea how to modify The Shadow of Madness premade adventure in GM's kit.
  4. After reading through Honour the Chapter and some other DW books I've seen that there are many chapters of unknown descent. There are always some kind of indications from where they come from, but often there is nothing definite, probably left for players to define in their games. So, my question is - Where do, in your games or conjectures, Blood Ravens, Red Scorpions, Storm Wardens and Carcharodons descend from? In my mind, Blood Ravens do certainly have ties with Thousand Sons because of their high amount of psykers. Storm Wardens are kinda always implied to have descended from some of the traitor legions since they can have visions of their 'daemonic primarch' calling to them (maybe World Eaters?). Red Scorpions am not sure exactly, but since they are more than obsessed by their gene-seed purity, they kinda remind me of Emperors Children. Finally Carcharadons are implied to originate from Raven Guard, but I haven't delved too much into them from some other sources to say otherwise, but their brutality somehow reminds me of World Eaters also. The reason for me asking this is two-fold. Firstly I am generally curious about what other people think since I love fluff, and secondly is because I would like to incorporate some of those mysteries into a campaign so I scavenge here for ideas Thanks for any replies.
  5. A friend of mine will soon (I hope) GM a game of Rogue Trader. Currently I am devising a character and some background of sorts, but that's beside the point. A question was raised by my friend who played couple of sessions of RT and didn't like it. And while I cannot say that I share his fears and problems with the game itself, he did raise some good points. Mainly: How do you, the PCs, no matter what career you are playing go about certain things.One good example would be; why should Astropath, Navigator and Rogue Trader go on an away mission together while on a ship with 15k+ crewman? I mean, it doesn't make any sense, as their demise would cripple the ship and everyone on it beyond belief. Simple solution is to sent some lackeys to do the recon and then maybe go yourself down there. So, how do things function with your playing group, concerning mundane as well as some major objectives in a mission? I can certainly understand that while there is a ship to ship action or some kind of boarding, people would have something to do. What do players do in between missions or during some down time as most of them aren't on the same spot most of the time? Thanks for any replies.
  6. Horus Aximand steps in and leads a new Black Crusade.
  7. Wow, this is great, good work. I assume we have your permission to download this and use it?
  8. Thank you Adept Orcadius and Tom Cruise for help and input. I will discuss with my players on what to do rather than just modify it and risking an argument I can see this adventure becoming a RT/BC hybrid if they keep the ship and get some loyalties from those aboard the vessel. Let's hope for some corrupting fun in the upcoming weeks. Happy New Year to all you heretics out there!
  9. Hey, thanks for replies all. I was wondering how to balance the combat, because if it's on par for marines, it probably means that 'mortals' have to make way in the cover or that they should have some good weapons like meltas or plasma guns. Still, Black Crusade is couple of weeks off, currently I am engaged in a DW campaign as a GM, so there is plenty of time to see what kind of a group will my players form. Its definitely easier if they are all marines or mortals, mix is a bit tougher, but I guess only running the adventure itself and seeing where did it go wrong, if it goes, can I properly adjust it. One more question: How do people usually run purchase of new items? Personally, I don't like the RT/BC way of getting stuff as it's sometimes pure luck based, so I am thinking of combination between acquisition and/or thrones, infamy etc.
  10. Do the Betcher's Gland and Mucranoid organs function in Raven Guard marines? Because, according to fluff, they don't. I am asking because the rules in First Founding don't say they aren't functioning, like it does for Imperial Fists in Rites of Battle.
  11. Nice, thanks for replies. Confirms my thought about some things, specifically that it can be great for 'how did you all meet' and it can give a great follow up adventure on whatever planet or place they end up in the end. Also, they can retain some allies from the adventure also who can become maybe part of the ship? Anyhow, this should provide some good fun and great follow up if need be.
  12. ak-73 said: Question: how do we reconcile the noble Paladin aspect then with the arrogance? Is the arrogance something that only afflicts individuals or a common theme throughout the chapter? Because that is how a number of internet people perceive the Ultras as. Alex I would say that arrogance is something the individual is struck with. Although it could be manifested more or less within the kill team, depends on the characters around him. Maybe he taught other chapters to work more closely together and form carefully planed actions thus removing the friction within different chapters and making himself a great leader (tactical genius). Or maybe he was already stubborn within the chapter, his company captain taught that they are Emperor's favored sons, giving more chapters than anyone else, having more victories to their name through teaching of the codex etc. I mean, it could be like a dual personality thing, depending on set of circumstances around the battle-brother and his training. Good example is Leandros from the game Space Marine and his constant adhering to Codex, while Titus and Sidonis know that Codex can be interpreted differently to suit their current needs in a mission. It is in the first scene of a game. Arrogance is probably prevalent mostly in youth and dissipates with experience or becomes even more persistent because the battle brother had most of his victories through strict adhering to Codex Astartes. I guess if you talk to Tyrannic War Veteran and someone that was on Armageddon, then in Deathwatch, they would interpret things radically different although they are from the same gene-seed and chapter. Internet people perceive things according to hate towards GW, I'm sure. Ultras are just fine and can be played equally interesting as any other chapter providing the player has the slightest imagination.
  13. I was wondering how good does this stand on your radar as a potential adventure for the introduction to BC? I've read it and it seems ok. With some modifications it has potential, I think. Players know the universe quite good and system isn't new to them. Experiences, thoughts? Good/bad? Has potential or better to make a homebrew adventure?
  14. Charmander said: The part from the core book that I read that seems to encapsulate what I *want* to view them as is "Noble and virtuous, self-sacrificing and stoic, and truthful and just in thought and deed." The Paladin's Paladin. I will agree though that some of the wordings of their powers comes accross, as is said, as ZOMFG ULTRAS RULEZ! Favoured Son doesn't truly bother me *if it's RP'd out* by someone who fills the description above. Consider the friends, co-workers, managers, supervisors, sergeants and officers people have worked with in actual life, and pick the ones that people have an easy time dealing with. They tend to have some humility, confidence, work well with others, and try to be just in the application of whatever is happening. It could be just me though. The problem I have is so far most people I have seen playing the Ultras play them like they're the coolest kid at school becuse their dad got them the sweetest shoes. I agree with not playing up the glory hound aspect of it- it does seem to me as well that an Ultramarine would forgoe personal glory and instead seek to accomplish what needed to be accomplished, being the pneultimate lead by example. Though the Insanity still seems to fit, even with that. They toss the humility aside and look back at their history and think ULTRAS RULEZ!11. Charmander said: The part from the core book that I read that seems to encapsulate what I *want* to view them as is "Noble and virtuous, self-sacrificing and stoic, and truthful and just in thought and deed." The Paladin's Paladin. *snip* The problem I have is so far most people I have seen playing the Ultras play them like they're the coolest kid at school because their dad got them the sweetest shoes. *snip* Something along this lines. Players tend to think that if they're playing Ultramarines that they must be the boss or the leader of the group. Which is just fine, as it can create some interesting conflicts from a roleplay perspective. Somehow, playing them 'over the top' can be successful and is ok in certain situations. They are kind of glory hounds (maybe that was their name in Unification Wars), but it is not as important as the mission itself and I would argue that they are maybe ultimate arbitrators and peacekeepers amongst brothers to cool off and focus on objectives. I had a player once who played an Ultramarine scout, or rather, a marine in scout armour, and he was declared leader for the mission. Which was kind of lame, as he was always in the trees or shadows sniping. But he was best with command and had greatest cohesion if they went to squad mode. And that was a powergaming point of their choice. But, on the other hand, he was quite ruthless and unforgiving, siding with some extreme solutions for people of a feral world where they had the mission plus he really detested unsanctioned psykers going to extreme length as to executing a ship member of a Rouge Trader just to demonstrate that you cannot take Imperium's laws for granted, summoning Inquisition later for inspection. So, I guess it depends mostly on player involved, as a friend of mine demonstrated. Noble and virtuous sometimes, if people abide to some 'civilization' principles implanted in his mind spending time on Maccrage. Sorry if I derailed the topic.
  15. How about apothecary? It seems to me that Blood Angels fill that role more often than not. Especially now that Sanguiniary Priest is available. But, as far as holding secrets go, DA can make good apothecaries, so can BT for good melee orientation, Storm Wardens are good for durability, Ultras can be anything... I guess what I want to know is; is there really a good reason not to be Imperial Fist assault marine? I mean, in the end it doesn't matter if you enjoy the game, but some choices are 'too obvious' sometimes.
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