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  1. Perhaps to get you used to account for conquest when playing RTL. It is useful for deciding how much of a victory it was to the Hero's assuming they win. Was a few quests where the hero's only had a couple of conquest left when they won, and some where they had loads of conquest.
  2. We always play the discards face up, I don't say what the card is I just discard the card and announce how much threat I am taking. The hero's can check if they want as the discard pile is close enough to see what I am discarding, having said that I don't recall any one checking up on me, or vice versa when one of them is the OL. I suppose that we have been playing together as a group for so long (various games) that it's not an issue.
  3. Antistone said: Actually, one of the good things about Trapmaster (compared to other powers) is that it only affects cards that you play, and so you have the option to wait and play those cards after you get Trapmaster out, even if that's really late in the game. You might miss out on some opportunities that way, but every other power card actually does less total stuff over the course of the game if you get it out late, while Trapmaster only does less if you've already blown your traps. Good point
  4. He rolls 4 dice and then you add 2 wounds to the tota. Trapmaster is a good card if you can get it out early enough, or if your the Spider Queen. I was lucky last dungeon and got it out on level 1, was able to hit the "tank" with 4 traps in a row as he declared a run, the extra 2 wounds, and the other wouind ignoring armour (he has armour 7) killed him, something my monsters would have serious problems with due to his armour, we are on copper level.
  5. RTL is easier in that regard, as its a party pool of money.
  6. Too many games not enough money!!! Thanks for the link
  7. Thanks, think I will pick up Doom, give it a go. Diablo is a great video game, would be nice to see a board game version.
  8. hmm looked at Doom it looks very much like Descent, but with aliens in stead of monsters, how does the game play compare?
  9. This level game up in our last game, early copper, the heros decided not to bother and when to town instead.
  10. Yes he can. but only with the hook with no weapon bonuses. I suppose its to make up for the lack of a offhand weapon bonus on normal attacks.
  11. Could be because you can get a Lt fighting the heros in an Encounter, but not in a Dungeon. Gives the Lt a bit more chance of doing something as the heros can usually run away if they want to without any penalty, but if the OL loses the heros get a reward.
  12. Never had the deck recycled twice usually not even once in RTL.
  13. the rest order is finished at the start of the hero turn so you would have all your fatigue back before you needed to spend fatigue anyway.
  14. We played the first few quests in the main game with out treachery, but as we got the expansions added the extra cards feats etc. Its would be handly to get a feel for the game and to play a few quests with the basic cards, and then add the expansions, decide for yourself if they unbalance or balance the game. I feel thats a very subjective argument, very dependent on the skill of both the heros and the OL. We now play with every thing included. But in RTL the heros start with no feat cards. we think that balances the lack of treachery at the start for the OL, as the heros quickly earn feat cards anyway.
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