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  1. Hardman

    Thumbs up to the new website

    I like the new design! Nice work.
  2. Hardman


    I want it for WP7 (and WP8 later this year) too! Come on guys, look into it!
  3. Hardman

    Status of Reprint?

    So this *IS* actually getting reprinted, correct?
  4. Hardman

    Release date for Volume 2?

    Sure enough, I got my copy today! Good timing with the show just starting. Volume 2 rocks! Nice selection of art. Let's get Volume 3 started.
  5. Hardman

    Release date for Volume 2?

    Today I actually got a "Your order was shipped" email regarding this book. Hopefully all of us who bought through Amazon will get their copies soon!
  6. Hardman

    Release date for Volume 2?

    Hmmmm... my Amazon order updated with: "Fantasy Flight Games "The Art of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice & Fire: Volume 2" Estimated arrival date: May 18 2011 - June 15 2011" I guess they don't get their copies any time soon.
  7. Hardman

    Release date for Volume 2?

    Sweet! Looks like it has finally come out: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2072
  8. Hardman

    Release date for Volume 2?

    I hope the Amazon date is correct. I just ordered Volume 1 & 2 yesterday. Volume 1 has already shipped, but we'll just see what happens with Vol 2.
  9. Hardman

    Space Hulk (limited run)

    I pre-ordered mine! I paid the $100 bucks because I am such a fan of the original Space Hulk and have been trying to find a decent set online for many years now. They are always going for $100+. The only shame with this set is that it is limited.
  10. Hardman

    New Penny Arcade Game...

    So wait, is this the same game or a new one? I'm confused! I have of the original Penny Arcade card game, isn't this just the same thing in a new box?