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  1. This map serves as a good frame of reference: sketchesofpayne.deviantart.com/#/d34ws3j
  2. For my players' main colony this was the process: Schmooze some nobles to help fund a colony ship. Spend a few months recruiting colonists from several worlds in the Calixis sector until they had roughly 200,000 colonists. Secure several Hab Complexes and plasma generators, as well as agriculture, mining, and construction equipment. Purchase/salvage several system monitor ships to protect the colony, as well as a transport to run supplies to and from it. They enlisted a trusted imperial navy retiree NPC to be the planet's acting governor and a trusted priest and his pilgrim flock to be the ecclesiarchal leader. Enlisted a small contingent of soldiers to serve as the planet's militia. They now check in on it every couple years. It will take twenty or thirty years for the colony to really grow and thrive, but with all the warp travel they do that will only be five or so years subjective time.
  3. Adeptus-B said: Errant said: Officers dine on soylens veridian, as I recall. "Soylens Veridian is people!" That or it's Orks...
  4. Yes, an Explorator is essentially a techpriest. Your other option is to generate a rank 5 or 6 techpriest from Dark Heresy.
  5. The areas of Terra that are open to the public are similar to a stereotypical European tour. Many holy sites, tourist traps, galleries, museums, relic displays, etc. Expect to wait in line to get anywhere and tipping service folk left and right. Also, remember to note that Terra's oceans are gone, and there is no natural/wild vegetation. It'd probably be easier to catch a pilgrim skiff from the shipyard to get on-planet than trying to find docking for their own ship.
  6. A scaled-down version of the invasion/armies rules are included in the Frozen Reaches adventure. Up until now when my group has run into an army vs. army encounter we play it out using the Warhammer 40k game rules. In other circumstances I simply narrate the battle while the PCs skirmish a key target that decides the battle's outcome.
  7. I came up with this mini-game for excavating the entrance to a set of ruins/dungeon. Download PDF Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Typically if my players are able to cripple and take over a pirate ship this is the procedure: -Rogue Trader makes a command or charm test to convert the usable crew to his cause. The rest are either spaced or delivered to a penal colony. -Ship is taken to Port Wander for reregistration (I usually do a Profit Factor check at -20 with bonuses for successful peer(administratum) test). If the ship is heavily damaged they need to take it to the Lathes for a full refit and purification. If it is a stolen naval ship I give them a Profit Factor bonus for turning it in for the bounty. -If the ship belonged to chaos reavers I always say it's unsalvagably tainted. If it's a xeno ship they'll have to fix it themselves or take it to the breaking yards at SR-651, assuming the control scheme and systems are usable/decipherable. -If the ship is an ancient wreck a trip to the Lathes is mandatory. A total refit takes from 6 months to a couple of years depending on how extensive it will be. This usually amounts to a couple of gaming sessions for us, with the time dilation and all.
  9. Just to toss out a few resources I've used: Promethium, crystalline materials, adamantium deposits, high grade acids, exotic pets or beasts of burden, ornamental stone, pharmaceutical plants and herbs.
  10. I have an Ork Mekboy in the group I run. He has his own ship and tags along with the Rogue Trader group whenever they're not in Imperial space (which is most of the time).
  11. I've always been fond of the idea that large energy weapons use up capacitors or fuses with each firing.
  12. I think the key is that using the sensors and augury requires a scrutiny check. The sensors may detect the heat from your engines, but does the augur operator notice it among all the background noise and other stellar phenomena. Hiding on the far sides of planets, great asteroids, in asteroid fields, ice rings, dust clouds, etc makes it more difficult to pick out a ships signature. I assume that Rogue Trader ships don't usually have advanced cogitators to sift through all the sensor data, and mainly rely on the trained eyes of the augur operator.
  13. Errant said: My point is not that the ranksare incompatible, its that a rank nine heirophant is objectively better than a rank five missionary. Vindicares can dodge being stepped on by titans or kiloton explosion. Well, you're correct there. On a side note, I always felt the Missionary was underpowered even compared to the other Rogue Trader careers. In my group our missionary retired his character to watch over a newly founded shrine and rolled up an Explorator. On the flip side, my Rogue Trader group is now mid-Rank 4. One of my players is playing a Rank 8 Sanctioned Psyker from Dark Heresy and is fitting in quite well. The other characters include our Rogue Trader, Archmilitant, Voidmaster, Explorator, Navigator, and an Ork Mek who tags along.
  14. Just read through Forsaken Bounty on the support page. It has a rules summary and example characters. The only large fan site I've come across is Dark Reign.
  15. It's not too complicated. Fantasy Flight Games did make it so the systems can be played together. It's just the Rogue Trader ranks being numbered differently that throws everyone off. Here's a table to illustrate:
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